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  1. grapefruit

    E39 M5 headlight adjusters - MOT failure

    Like DH, I cut an 'access hole' in the top of the units with a hobby tool, and glued the piece I removed back in when done. With the headlights are in-situ, you can't see the cuts. Note that the hobby tool melts the plastic, so the piece you remove ends up smaller than the hole it came from. I just filled in the gap with successive applications of glue.
  2. grapefruit

    Poor MPG 540i

    High-OBC: http://mr-fix.info/bmw-e39-obc-hidden-menu-diagnostic-mode/ Low-OBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5veJgY3yGI If they don't adequately explain it, just do a YT search for "E39 secret menu" or similar.
  3. grapefruit

    Poor MPG 540i

    Have you checked the thermostats - via the hidden menu - to make sure it's getting up to temperature?
  4. grapefruit

    Car stalled. DDE (diesel preheat) light showing.

    Cheers, Dan. Yeah, it is a diesel, although the part I'm referring to is the same (which makes sense given what you've said). As I said, there was a clicking coming from that area, and, with that part having 6 pipes, I wrongly presumed it was fuel-related. Incidentally, I did a quick search for ABS pump and it took me to bimmerforums: apparently, the solder in the electronics fails due to heat-cycling and vibration., so the advice is to wrap the unit and replace the mounting grommits. Worth doing?
  5. grapefruit

    Car stalled. DDE (diesel preheat) light showing.

    It is with cold hands that I write this. The fuel pump is making a slight whine. I'll just avoid letting the fuel level too low and sort it when the weather warms up. What is the part on the suspension turret, with the fuel(?) lines going into it, and why might it have been ticking?
  6. grapefruit

    Car stalled. DDE (diesel preheat) light showing.

    Thanks for your replies - I'll check it out today. With any luck, it's just the relay but it doesn't look like a difficult/expensive job to change the pump. (Famous last words and all that!) Clav. That the car doesn't have a TPS was the conclusion I came to, after much digging. I stuck to 50 because that's the typical speed of the inside lane (due to the HGVs); I wanted to be close to the hard-shoulder in case the car cut out again.. Once I'd put fuel in, it drove fine, and would go faster.
  7. '01 530d auto Yesterday, without warning, my car stalled. Fortunately, I was just slowing down to come off the motorway, having for 12 miles before been in lane 3 doing 70-ish. The DDE light was on. I coasted onto the hard-shoulder, and, after a few unsuccessful tries to get it going again, had a look in the engine bay. There was a faint ticking coming from the left-hand side, either from the square thing with the 6 pipes coming off it, mounted on the inner wing, or somewhere below that. (The noise of the motorway traffic made it difficult to isolate.) For some reason, at the time, I was convinced it was fuel, as the starter was turning strongly, and I was close to empty, although no lower than I usually let it get to. I decided to wait, and, after 5 minutes, the car started again, and I got to my destination, a few miles down the road. Unfortunately, it happened again on the way back. I'd already made a decision to put some fuel in it and, after another few minutes wait, I got it to the garage, filled up and got the rest of the way home without incident, albeit sticking to 50ish in the first lane. When I got home, a search suggested a faulty Throttle Position Sensor, bur I can't find the part on RealOEM, nor can I find one to buy. Thoughts/suggestions?
  8. grapefruit

    Front suspension.

    Mine's an E39 3.0d on 102k miles so may or may not be relevant. Symptoms: a very slight shimmy at 60-70 and a 'squirm' of the car if ever I went over a join in the tarmac, or raised white lines. Also, what I didn't realise until I had it fixed, was that it was pulling to the left, and I was subconsciously compensating for it by steering slightly to the right. Yesterday, I had the big control arm bushes replaced and everything seems good, although I've only done 6 or so miles in it. #5, here The bushes were genuine from BMW (£70) and labour was about twice that, from Ashcroft Autocentre in Penketh, if that's close to you. (For the record, he diagnosed it as the front bushes - I thought it was the rear - and, also, when I took it in for the initial assessment, I asked him to trace a fuel leak from one of the lines near the tank. It turned out to be a split in the little bit of flexi-pipe just in front of the nearside rear wheel - he replaced it for free. He's BMW-trained, too, and one of the techs there runs an E39.)
  9. grapefruit

    2003 530i Sport to B10 V8S 4.8L engine conversion

    My first thought was: excellent. My second: why on Earth didn't you put it in a Touring?!!
  10. grapefruit

    air bag red icon warning light

    Gin? With all these issues, you seem to be the unluckiest owner in the world. Is this the result of the car being in such an unforgiving environment? Adding to what others have said about doing a search first, what you might want to do is just have the one thread for the questions that a search doesn't answer. Also, some feedback might be nice - you've been given a lot of advice but you don't tell us if it help you fix the issue or not. To help with your question: in your other thread about something, I mentioned that the fault may lie with a dodgy ignition switch. This is what I meant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYqI6sCKVD8
  11. grapefruit

    What's being worked on today?

    Why am I so fascinated by this thread?* It's pictures of little black boxes, and numbers that mean little to me, and yet here I am! Have you had any issues with gearboxes after any of these maps? What advice would you give to owners of older cars that were considering a tune? Have you ever refused to tune something? What 'n' why? *I do know why...it's geek stuff. I like geek stuff.
  12. grapefruit

    18” staggered genuine style 37 m parallels

    What are the tyres like: make, tread depth, rubber condition, age?
  13. You posted as I was writing the above. In light of the new evidence, you might want to check the pressure release valve. Try some soapy water around the white cap: If you do take it apart, be aware that behind the cap are 2 springs and, below them, the valve itself, which is the size and shape of a 5p piece. When you undo it, the springs will try to shoot the white cap, and the valve, into the atmosphere, so secure it as you twist. I used a tea-towel (the second time. ) Notes: the valve has 2 sides, one rubber, one metal. Note which way is up before you remove it. If you look closely at where the cap locks, there are 2 'levels' - twisting it on one way creates a more secure seal than the other. Again, note which way it is before you remove it. Replacing that cap is a pain. A ring-spanner to apply pressure, and another pair of hands to turn the allen key, helps. Incidentally, I've been through this myself recently.
  14. If they've both dropped then it won't be an airbag. Check the 2 fuses (30amp and 7.5 amp). When you replace the 7.5amp, you should hear the relay 'click' on. One problem I have with my car is that the solenoids stick when it's cold, meaning the compressor doesn't work. The way I solve it is to lift the compressor about 4" and let it drop; this tends to free it enough to work. If it doesn't, I have to undo the 'lids' of the solenoid slightly. The 2 silver cylinders are the solenoids. For safety, pull the fuses Undo the four screws slightly (if there's air in the system, it'll escape when you break the seal, and the car will drop) 2a The screwdriver in the boot-flap tool-kit fits. Take the 'lids' off completely to check the condition of the insides (take care that nothing falls out). Reseal, replace the fuses and it should fire up. (I've been told that if the car has dropped too far, the system will think there's a problem and the pump won't switch on, so you may have to lift the car up somehow - jacks or maybe just grab the wheel arches and lift.) If nothing happens, the solenoids are the place where the air flow splits. Because both sides have dropped, it makes sense that any leaks are before the solenoids, unless you're very unlucky and both bags have gone at the same time. Obviously, none of the above will exlain why it dropped in the first place, but it may help get you going again.
  15. grapefruit

    Fading in and out interior lights, speedo, radio

    A dodgy ignition also throws up weird and wonderful problems like this.