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  1. Jim Bob

    Remaps on an V8, are they worth it?

    I've recently had my V8 remapped by GKR Performance. I knew I wasn't going to be gaining bhp like I did in my 530d, but the remap IMHO was worth it for me. Not only did the rolling road show that it was over-fuelling at the top end of the revs, Glen managed to do an incredible amount of fine tuning to it and it's transformed the car. The initial pickup is sprightlier, mid-range punch almost stupid now and the top end doesn't drop off a cliff after 55-5700 rpm. On the final run I'd improved from about 275 WHP to over 345. Gen only measures WHP so he suggested it's somewhere around the 390ish at the engine. I know this is a E39 forum, but this was done on my N62N 4.8. Same rules apply. Don't have unrealistic expectations with NA engine remaps and you won't be disappointed. Makes drive-ability much better.
  2. Hoping someone can help. In need of the hydraulic cylinder for the NS of the powered tailgate. Part number is 51247163662 Also, does anyone know of a company that can recondition these as mine's leaking fluid badly. PFA
  3. My 2007 LCI 530d Touring feels wallowy and soft so am thinking about doing the top mounts, springs and shocks. Any decent recommendations for standard height replacements? My area has too many speed humps to lower, even though I'd love to. My front splitter catches on everything as it is. I'm not really one for coilovers, and have previously loved my old B12 Pro Kit on my old E39, but I can't afford to lose 35mm ride height. Advice greatly appreciated. PFA
  4. Jim Bob

    WANTED BBS LM 19" Alloys for E61 fitment

    Exactly what I have sitting in the garage awaiting some rims. I'll take your advice on plastic ones, as my E39 metal ones did that exactly. #copperslip
  5. Jim Bob

    WANTED BBS LM 19" Alloys for E61 fitment

    Any idea on spacers/spigots needed for E61 fitment? I'm thinking 15mm rear and 20mm rear.
  6. Jim Bob

    WANTED BBS LM 19" Alloys for E61 fitment

    Thanks Dan. Seem to remember you have/had these on yours? Interestingly, CB 74.1 which is unusual. I'll need spiggot rings to bring back down to 72.6 size. Thanks for the heads-up though.
  7. Jim Bob

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'm pretty sure Bimmec do these
  8. Jim Bob

    WANTED - E61 M Sport Towbar cover

    Any link? I must have missed it.
  9. Jim Bob

    WANTED - E61 M Sport Towbar cover

    Is anyone selling a detachable tow bar cover for my Sport Touring rear bumper? If you happened to also have it in Carbon Black that would be most excellent dudes.
  10. Jim Bob

    Removing DPF from 530D LCi.

    I'm getting my DPF removed quite soon. Mine's the LCI with the CAT/DPF combo, and have spoken to GBW Tuning who put me in touch with a guy who supplies DPF delete pipes. GBW will then supply the map file to release a few more ponies hopefully. I'll report back when it's done.
  11. Jim Bob

    E60 intercooler upgrade options

    Wagner-style. Heard good things about these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tuning-Performance-Intercooler-For-BMW-635d-E63-E64-525d-530d-535d-E60-E61-04-10/153181362603?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  12. Jim Bob

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Newbie here, to the E60/61 scene. Had E39's for a loooooong time. Had my E61 530d for two months now, and after the first week of ownership I did the full service on it. I was absolutely gobsmacked to find that my OS was full of water. After much draining with hose pipe, I shoved the largest screwdriver through the grommet and it fell through. I feel I got about 5 litres out of it. Too nervous after reading this thread now to check the NS one, but I know I should.
  13. I'm after some wheels for the new bus. Have settled on BBS LM style. 19x8.5J and 19x9.5J sizes. Anyone have anything for sale, or know of a really good deal somewhere? Pics for attention.
  14. Jim Bob

    Bonnet release

    I'm going to suggest the catch handle is catching the grille. Aftermarket grilles caused this on mine. OEM fit perfectly.
  15. Jim Bob

    BMW E38 Contour Seats To Fit E39

    Hi, yes they did.