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  1. Impromtu

    Avoid suspected clocked E39 Mora M5 on gumtree

    I think its the same Mora M5 mentioned in this thread? http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/118005-2001-le-mans-blue-e39-m5-ap-racingmilltekgruppe-m-build/#comment-1274970
  2. Impromtu

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Hit over 100k miles this week, fitted new oem light bulbs. Next on my list is to fix the dent in the passenger door then get sorting out the interior and finding the right leather dye for my aegean :).
  3. Impromtu

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fixed ABS Fault with reconditioned module and re calibrated the steering angle sensor so eventually Passed MOT with no advistories. Woo hoo! Disadvantage living on Shetland waiting for the parts to arrive. Now to get the parking dent out the rear door and fix the crack in the rear bumper... xD
  4. Impromtu

    Hello, E39 530i Owner

    Yeah you could say that but to be expected this time of year severe gales and the odd bit of hail! No floods thankfully so count myself lucky. Thanks, and thats good to know wouldn't have known that! Will see what happens probably just stick with OEM.
  5. Impromtu

    Hello, E39 530i Owner

    Hello, I am Anthony, been a lurker for ages thought id make a post and introduce myself and my E39 530i Sport in Aegean Blue. It used to belong to my father who unfortunately passed away at the start of this year and I decided to keep it and get it back to the way he loved it. It's recently had its CCV system replaced as it was smoking badly and had a fair bit of airleaks. At first a mechanic told me the engine was nackered and it needed a new one thankfully I have more sense and went to another mechanic for another opinion and they fixed the CCV system and shes back running splendid! (touch wood) I live in the north of Scotland, infact as far north as you can go on an island called Shetland. The car only has one rust spot I need to get sorted, a dent thanks to a mindless fool who can't park and a crack on the rear bumper. Also plan to tend to the interior as the front seats have seen better days, plan to get get a leather kit and do them up. Shes just about to hit 98,000 miles so hopefully will keep going for another 98,000+. Also looking to upgrade the angel eye LED's but can't decide if to stay with the yellow colour or get the white ones? Also have an ABS fault which the mechanic thought it was down to two faulty abs sensors. Photo of the car below, as with most days on Shetland weather isn't that great rather windy!