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  1. nemo mk2

    518i owner says hi

    I should've read the instructions - it's taken me this long to figure out how to reply... Cheers for the welcome guys. Yep, it's a cruiser rather than a sports sedan - but it carries speed well once you get up there and is lovely to drive. I like the current wheels too, but style 61s look very good...
  2. nemo mk2

    518i owner says hi

    Hallo, I currently drive an e28 518i lux. I know snobs will probably look down on it for only having a tiny M10 it but, as I use it for my daily and cruising around town, it's probably the best option for me! Plans include Style 61 wheels [if I can find some], keeping rusty bits in check and getting it through winter in one peice. I help run the BMW Fans UK facebook page, but my BMW knowledge is by no means encyclopaedic, so I'm hoping the folk on here will be able to help with questions and queries from time to time. I've attached a pic of my car. Cheers, Neal

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