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  1. Hey Iddz.. writing from the US... Someone broke the tabs on my 08 550 headlight just like you showed in one of your posts..  Were you able to repair it with a new tab kit?? These headlights are stupid expensive!


    Thanks for any update.

  2. Iddz

    E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    Just to let you know, yes had this done last year and has been driving well since. Still have the car and planning on keeping it now after the spending I have done on it. Going to be doing another gearbox oil change later next year to be on the safe side, i would recommend using Automatic Transmissions in Preston, dude called James knows what his doing.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, Guess I won't be using that garage anymore, I believe it may well be dirt on the pads or something as I have had a look around the car and only the on sticking has yellow type of dust on the brake disc where the pad touches, the rest of them are clean...
  4. Cheers mate will be going back and gonna get them to take the pad of and re-do the one side that is sticking and make sure that they clean the carriers and apply plenty of lube! My caliper can't be sticking though could it? As he did say if it was sticking they wouldn't have been able to change the pad?
  5. Thanks for the reply and giving me more of an insight of the braking world :D! The brake defiantly feels warm to the touch, the sticking side warmer than the non sticking one. Also I did jack up the sticking side up and tried to spin the wheel by hand and it wasn't freely spinning it was like something was holding it back, maybe the pads..
  6. Hi guys, So just had my front pads changed by a local garage, these were Mintex pads which he insisted are "Better than Brembo" so I went for them. Anyway the first day a got it back it was making a little humming noise as though the pads are touching the discs constantly. So took it back to him and told him, he said "They are just bedding in, if you only change the pads and not the disc it will take a few miles for it to adapt". So I kept driving it for a few days and the noise went away, however I still feel that one of the side is sticking, you can still hear a little bit of rubbing (being a 5 series 3L it's hard to notice when driving). Any you guys experienced this? What could be the fault? I called him again yesterday and told him that I need them checking over so will be going to him after work today but need to know what to look for as I have never changed the pads myself, could it be needing grease? Maybe something loose? Cheers
  7. Hi guys, Looking to buy some new tyres, I have had my car on 240/40/18 on front and 245/40/18 on the rear. Not sure if these are the correct ones but this is what the car has come with since I baught it so always changed them to the same size. Have been using branded Alphine Pilot PA3 for two year (changed once a year) and they last me a whole year! Can't really fault them apart from being hardcore winter tyres. I need to know whether the size is correct for my MV2 or it should be something else? Also this time I am looking for all year around tyres instead so that I do not loose performance throughout year and a long lasting quality brand. Any information welcome!
  8. Iddz

    Plasti dipping my alloys

    Thanks for the replies guys, It definitely is cheaper than getting the wheels refurbished where you are looking at £50 a side. I have worked it out and can get 3 cans for that much which I believe should be enough for the four wheels and if i do not like it can always peel it off..
  9. Hi guys, Thinking of plasti dipping my current MV2 to matte black or grey. Anyone tried this before? Anyone got pictures of theirs done ? Only wanting to try it out as it seems like an easy enough process to do and can easily be reverted back. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, So I am after some bright LED number plate lights, considering 6LED 5050 SMD ones. Not sure on what size they are, I have a facelift 525D M Sport. There are two different sizes looking at ebay links: 36mm and 39mm, which ones to go for? Also are 3 better or 6? Cheers
  11. Iddz

    PDC problem

    Ouch the brother in law must want your life right now !
  12. Exactly what I like as well, having just had the baby serviced with a new pair of shock absorbers I think it now need a good run. And as I've never been to London before I thought it would be a good idea
  13. Thanks guys a lot of valuable information! Reading from your topics it defiantly does sound a totally different type of driving , guess you got to be on the ball all the time! Somerset House parking sounds good! Just googled it and seems to be very close to Big Ben etc.. Is there a lot around there? Parking cost isn't too bad either looking @ justpark website. Cheers!
  14. Hi guys, So we have planned to drive down to London from Manchester on the weekend. Will be setting off at 3PM'sh. Have driven to the outskirts of the capital but never been inside! By walk or in car! So this is going to be a first for me! A little nervous as I have always heard that London driving is totally different to everywhere else? Is this correct? Anything I should be vary of? I have also heard about the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) which u have to pay? I have typed in my reg on the gov website and they said that my car does not qualify for the LEZ charge (525D LCI). I will be driving around Big Ben and Harrods spotting supercars and just viewing London in general. We will most likely be getting there at around 7/8PM ish on Saturday evening. Anything else I should be vary of? Any sorts of charges or anything you guys recommend to go see?
  15. Iddz

    F10 Angel Eyes

    Wow that looks nice! Is it the facelift F10? Is it the one with LED indicators?