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  1. nashdm2

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Can the 520d owners that have reported their figures, please let us know what engine they have please, ie, B47 or N47? Thanks...........
  2. nashdm2

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    So, I have driven just over 200 miles today, back from north Norfolk. I put the car in Eco Pro mode and used CC as often as possible. A roads was set at 50 mph, motorways at 62. I gained 4.6 miles in eco pro, most of that on A roads. I ended up with 55.6 mpg. Am I pleased with that? well, yes and no. Its the best the car has ever done, it was a very relaxed drive. I cannot get away from the fact that an N47 would have done considerably more. But, oh well, move on from it eh? I love the car still, 14k miles in 5 years of ownership. Its a cracking car, leather still smells brand new, car is in unmarked condition. I keep looking around for something else, but why? I have what I want.
  3. nashdm2

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Yes, there was a huge thread on a forum once about it. IIRC, there was a symbol on the dash somewhere that told you when your car was coasting, but can't quite remember what exactly.
  4. nashdm2

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    The coasting feature was added to new builds about 6 months after mine was built, so, my F11 does not have that feature. I have set mine to eco pro on many motorway journeys and it does not make a great deal of difference. However, country roads etc it does. I wish mine had the coasting feature, but, alas it does not.
  5. nashdm2

    Bolt Size question

    never taken that much notice to be honest........
  6. nashdm2

    Bolt Size question

    Thanks Andrew, I had no idea that the cruise only uses the rear brakes. Interesting..........
  7. nashdm2

    530e Digital Dash Completely Blank

    I guess its still under warranty? If so, get it into your dealer for them to check it out.
  8. nashdm2

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Although not a G31, but F11, eco pro makes no difference on fuel economy on the motorway. It will make a difference on A roads etc, albeit very little, but you can see it.
  9. nashdm2

    Bolt Size question

    Thats a good video Andrew, enjoyed watching that. It will take years before I need to do that I guess with the low mileage of my car!!!!
  10. nashdm2

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    ok, understood Andrew. Just a curious question really trying to make sense over those that do get it and those that don't. In the longer thread we have on this matter I think somebody mentioned the scientific reason it happens. Just curious really, there must be an answer.
  11. nashdm2

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    Just out of interest, those that have had the rust issue, do you use a jet wash on your cars at all?
  12. nashdm2

    E39 M5

    When I retired, I purchased the car of my dreams and you are planning to sell yours on retirement. Where is the sense in that? Look at the condition of that beautiful car!!! Sorry if I am being a little strong, but, there is absolutely no way I would sell that if I were in your position. I would keep it in mint condition for years to come!!! Cant remember if you mentioned why you are selling it, but, think again sir...............
  13. nashdm2

    What are you doing now?

    I am quiet sure that if i tried to lift that stone, that some part of my body would break or fall off.
  14. nashdm2

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Yes, I like the 1 better also. I have also been tracking the discounts for my boy, wow, really great numbers if you are happy to have one of the last cars in that shape.
  15. nashdm2

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    So, if you take a risk Mike and not do it, you are immediately up to the tune of £1950 should anything go wrong.