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  1. nashdm2

    F10 door corrosion

    Thats good then, great news.
  2. nashdm2

    F10 door corrosion

    I think that what you have said there is the long term concerns. I remember earlier in this thread somebody talking about what causes the issue, so, it will be interesting to see how the repair weathers given time.
  3. nashdm2

    BMW 535D F10 brake discs Warped

    It might be a trick of the picture Sandeep, but, the tyre seems too narrow for the wheel in your picture above?
  4. nashdm2

    iDrive Rebot Cycle - Any Advice?

    Driving since easter without entertainment?. Get it down the dealers to get it sorted sir.
  5. Get it booked into the dealers to sort for you.
  6. nashdm2

    bmw connected

    My Lux is nearly 5 years old. Most of the (useless stuff) is still working. I have added an extension to RTTI, but thats it. Search on google for BMW's connected drive portal. Sign up, add your car and it will tell you what you are subscribed to and gives you the option to extend anything that you want.
  7. My Sep 2014 520d F11 also was done 2 years ago but I have been told to expect it recalled again due to them finding something else wrong with it. So, waiting for the next callus, but nothing yet.
  8. nashdm2

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    Am I right in thinking gizze that your sensor would have thrown a code for you to consider changing it? Or, did you take a punt and do it? thanks..........
  9. nashdm2

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    All over the used car site are examples of high end vehicles having lost over half their original RRP, within a year. When you think about it, your car has actually lost £29k over the original RRP which is another example of chronic depreciation. I have never purchased a used BMW before, but, I am looking now as there are some earth shattering depreciation going on out there, and I don't want it to be me that falls foul of it.
  10. nashdm2

    F10 offside scuttle drain point clean out

    Will do, I am sure they connect into some of the screws you took out already. I seem to remember removing 3 or 4screws that hold the liner on, then attaching the mudflap then putting the same screws back in, something like that.
  11. nashdm2

    F10 offside scuttle drain point clean out

    Thanks Andrew, just purchased the three different parts needed on eBay by typing in the BMW part numbers. Also, mine has mudflats fitted which I guess will need to be removed before starting?
  12. nashdm2

    F10 offside scuttle drain point clean out

    Also Andrew, looking at the RealOEM picture, the wheel arch liner comes in two parts, I guess you just took off the one bit?
  13. nashdm2

    F10 offside scuttle drain point clean out

    Superb Andrew, jobs like those give such a great level of satisfaction. Also, being able to clean all the areas behind the liner. Did you have a stock of the expanding rivets and the other one with a flat head (the recessed one) to be able to fit is all back? Also, as water collects in these scuttles, there is no issue washing it out when you get the flap out? Also Andrew, can you tell me how many of each connector do you have to take out please as I want to order some spares before I attempt this.............
  14. nashdm2

    Air dryer rebuilt

    Flames, humour me sir, what does this bit of kit do in the air suspension please?
  15. Where is yours being done Mike?