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  1. nashdm2

    Best comparison site?

    Its absolutely brimming with new car prices, I have used it for years as reference prices then gone to dealers. Take another look, top left, drill down into the brand, model, spec, its a brilliant site for new car discounted prices.
  2. nashdm2

    Best comparison site?

    broadspeed is my go to place for reference prices.
  3. nashdm2

    Hard wiring dashcam, F31

    Recently installed the 522 in my Audi, very impressed with it.
  4. nashdm2

    Sport/comfort switch retrofit

    Yes, that's my understanding also, its all to do with how aggressive the engine, and gear change is, ie, it will hold the revs for longer in sport mode. It has nothing to do with adaptive suspension I don't think. If you have adaptive, I think the button layout is different. Somebody will be along soon with a greater knowledge.
  5. nashdm2

    2014 F11 530D Msport

    There must be something "common" about this. Are they all the same brand, have the tyres ever been used in their "run flat" capacity? Something like that. Perhaps a manufacture issue if they are all the same brand? Also, I wonder what age the tyres are in combo with what miles they have done?
  6. nashdm2

    Noise from back of engine

    Too early to say for sure, but, it does sound like timing chain to me.
  7. Foxwell 530 here also
  8. nashdm2

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Yep, they sure are!!! Some people like me got a new one a year ago and then got another new one 10 months afterwards.
  9. nashdm2

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Same here, back to Snows for a second one.
  10. nashdm2

    AUC and Brake Fluid

    oh ok, roughly what mileage are you doing a year for it to get dirty please Mike?
  11. nashdm2

    AUC and Brake Fluid

    Those of you who do your own fluid changes, how do you know when the new fluid has arrived at the bleed nipple if you use the same fluid each time. I watched a number of vids last night about it and it looks a really nice job to do, very satisfying, but in each video they used a different fluid with a different colour to it?
  12. nashdm2

    Alloy Corrosion - Warranty?

    I never quite understand some dealers who stand in the way of Customer Service. Do they get paid by BMW to order and replace the wheels? Yes, will the customer be happy? Yes, provided it is all within the process, what is the issue. I know many people on here have mentioned the importance to build up a good report with the dealer, or, a SA. I have had the same SA since I have had BMW's and I KNOW that really works. So, guys, if you have a BMW and its gonna be a keeper, build the relationship.
  13. nashdm2

    Alloy Corrosion - Warranty?

    I have had quite a few alloys from BMW and Mini replaced under warranty in the past, but, each one was immaculate around the rim etc. So, they have either changed policy or your dealer is not being very helpful.
  14. The one thing you notice on that police video is how slowly those police cars accelerated compared to modern cars.
  15. Yep, same here, that would need to be dealt with........