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  1. P 5UML

    Carbon Black ///M5

    looks incredible! fair play to the maintenance carried out on this beauty!!!
  2. P 5UML

    E39 M5 Evolve charger kit

    it is a great bit of kit but for the charger, plenum, headers and exhaust + fitting you're looking at £15k plus! that is a stonking amount of money!!
  3. P 5UML

    E39 M5

    there's no hope about it bud, prices are definitely on the up! the Range is a great daily, but the M5 will keep you young
  4. P 5UML

    E39 M5

    stunning car bud and fair play to you for keeping it in such great condition as well. really hope this finds a good home - try and justify keeping it if you can, as mentioned you might have some more time to drive and enjoy it now it's been well maintained so enjoy the hassle free driving for a couple of years!
  5. P 5UML

    Buying an e39 M5.

    I dont think this is the case at the moment - you can see most M5's now over the 10-11k despite being pre/facelift the ones that are a little less than 10k have rust and work needed doing to it so again would need a good amount of money spent on it - there doesn't seem to be good examples out there that will costs you less than £12k and that's irrespective of the miles....as despite miles, finding one without rust and had work such as the Vanos/rod bearings done is what people are looking into and what's holding their value... keep an eye on the prices- they are creeping up more and more than you would expect - i've 2-3 friends looking for examples at the moment and they are struggling to find ones in budget around £11-12k mark that do not need a lot of money thrown at them to bring them back to their former glory... which is a good thing for all of us M5 owners!
  6. P 5UML

    Buying an e39 M5.

    at the same time as it being amazing to see such a car in beautiful condition and low miles, it also just seems such a shame to have such an EPIC car just stored away.... I'm sure you have plenty of cars to play around with but it's an E39 M5 - one of the best M5's built - enjoy it! lol
  7. P 5UML

    x2 Nankang 265/35/18 NS-20

    sorry - these are now SOLD
  8. P 5UML

    Style 65 Refurb

    @NuckingFuts Wow that's some work that needed doing to them! how much did they charge for the refurb? also, i'm assuming that's a paint finish and not powdercoat?
  9. P 5UML

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    @benedwards64 Wow what an update, work looks incredible and fair play to you for getting all those "while you're there" bits done, i bet it feels awesome to be back in it especially knowing you've had so many bits replaced! nice work bud! keep us posted on the progress from here on.
  10. P 5UML

    Carbon Fibre Roof Pics

    wow that's impressive really looking forward to seeing this progress mate - nice work! Any reason you'd choose parallels over the style 65's? or is it because the Parallels would show off the brakes better? lol
  11. P 5UML

    Buying an e39 M5.

    @AlexGSi2000 congrats on the new toy! stunning colour and looks great from the pics! sure it will need money/time spent on it but when you get in and drive it - it all seems so much more worthwhile!
  12. P 5UML

    M5 purchase potentially

    hope it goes well bud - keep us updated
  13. P 5UML

    M5 purchase potentially

    @falcodub when you posted this i had a feeling it was Mario's old car, he carried out most of the mods himself and it is definitely one of the most heavily loaded M5's around which includes the caramel heritage leather and Full alcantara pack inc parcel shelf! one of the highlights being that it also has 9.6J square setup on the Style 65's which in itself is quite rare. It's been well maintained, mileage is high but if you continue to look after/maintain it should still last a very long time... best thing would be to take it for a spin and see how you feel, if it pulls hard which i am sure it would then it's a great car! Rodney's a good guy - just hardly gets the chance to use it now that he's moved away...
  14. P 5UML

    x2 Nankang 265/35/18 NS-20

    £80 is anyones interested! cheap pair of tyres