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  1. rad22

    faulty dynavin n6 (bmw e39)

    Thanks Dennis! I'll try the second address ( I think I've used the first one already )see if they get back at me! If not I do know a place in bristol, local and although they were a bit reluctant they will look at it and maybe they can fix it! I've had it for over an year now and it worked fine till Nov last year
  2. rad22

    My e39 540i/6 touring

    the alloys...superb 17"???
  3. hello My dynavin n6 unit i had in my e 39 stopped working all i get is a white screen! tried to contact them via website nothing ...i dont have a warranty anyhow...but i was wondering if is something fixable anybody opened one up ?or if u know where to ask for help i want to fix it if possible as new ones are v expensive! im back to my old cassette deck thanks
  4. rad22

    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    can i just say: don't go dynavin either, They look close to oem but to pricey i have an n6 unit and stopped working recently all i get is a white screen and some lines ive looked on their website and they don't come back at you i don't know where to fix it if possible so atm i just went back to my stock cassette deck
  5. rad22

    E39 restoration project.

    i've put them on eBay and got some decent money for them! all about taste btw great car keep the pictures coming
  6. rad22

    BMW E39 Electric Power Folding Mirrors Titan Silver

    ive got the switch and the module i just need the mirrors
  7. rad22

    E38 / E39 mirror covers (power folders)

    does anyone have any black ones? id love a pair
  8. i did noticed the exact thing! the folding ones do look bigger and they might not fit! ive only looked on eBay myself and im reluctant to buy any
  9. rad22

    BMW E39 Electric Power Folding Mirrors Titan Silver

    still have them?? im desperate for a set in black if possible
  10. rad22

    Folding mirror owners

    hello guys im interested in a pair of power folding mirrors! if anyone can point in the right direction ! thanks
  11. hello

    sorry if this is not the right channel to contact you guys

    but i was wondering if u can help me with some new power fold mirrors 

    thats for my bmw e39 03 reg

    i dont think i can fin any oem so i just want to know if u guys can help

    i looking to buy a pair

    many thanks


  12. rad22

    Bmw e39

  13. rad22

    Style 32 for my e39

    did send u a msg on ebay are they 17 staggered? let me know how much thanks
  14. rad22

    Style 32 for my e39

    Hello I'm looking to get some new alloys for my car! I'd really love some type 32 17 staggered ! If anyone can help do contact me asap! Regards Rad
  15. rad22

    bmw e39 alloys type 37(para)

    south west Bristol