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  1. r0ryb

    Ista connection problem

    Sorry for late reply. The problem was I had the switch on the lead on the wrong setting. Switched it over and all was good
  2. Morning all I have a problem with my headlight washers not working. When you hear the pump for it to work the headlight jets don’t come out but the water for them pisses out from under the car. Any idea what this could be
  3. r0ryb

    E60 535d fumes in car on start up

    What the clamp is no good or has become loose
  4. Good afternoon and happy new year everyone. Right when my e60 535d engine is cold on start up I seem to get fumes in the car for a few minutes. Anyone know what this could be as been told the 535d manifolds don’t crack/break like the 530d do
  5. r0ryb

    ABS pump bleeding with Diagnostics

    I know on INPA you can do it for each wheel. Last time I did break bleeding I used ISTA and did all 4 wheels while car was up on axle stands. Always best to bleed all for as air will be stuck in the system
  6. r0ryb

    Autobox oil change

    Ordered that kit today. Was a double bonus when eBay sent me a voucher so got the kit for £96. Happy days.
  7. r0ryb

    Autobox oil change

    I will be don’t worry lol
  8. r0ryb

    Autobox oil change

    Morning all looking at doing oil service on my 535d and seen this kit. Has anyone used it before
  9. r0ryb

    Ista connection problem

    Afternoon all, I have just got the ista software and I connected it to my old mans bmw e53 to bleed the brakes. Anyways I Decided before doing the Briggs I would check for codes which there were a couple for old lightbulbs being out. Anyway after deleting them I went to connect to the car again and then got this error sign come up while connecting (the vehicle could not be identified successfully. check vehicle interface and 'pad active'.) What is Causing this
  10. r0ryb

    Rose bush removal

    Tbh mate the circlip came off fairly easy after a tug or two with a pair of pliers
  11. r0ryb

    Rose bush removal

    All sorted now. Did what you said GoNz0 put loads of heat to it but the removal tool on and pop it came out
  12. r0ryb

    Rose bush removal

    Evening guys need to take a rose bush out but it seems to be seized into the hub carrier. What’s best way to get it moving. It’s on a e53 x5 but seems to be same as e60/e39 etc
  13. r0ryb

    AGM battery replacement

    Jason thanks for that much appreciated just wasn’t sure if the cca needed coding
  14. Afternoon guys hope someone can help me. I need to get a new battery for my e60 535d as the old one has had it. Anyways the old one says it’s a 95a with 760cca. New battery is 95a and 900cca is this ok or do I need to code the cca to a higher number