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  1. r0ryb

    Bit of a detail

    looks good that
  2. r0ryb

    E60 parking sensor problem

    I think the e60 don’t like wet weather lol
  3. r0ryb

    E60 parking sensor problem

    Did anyone manage to sort there PDC out?
  4. Afternoon all as bored I thought I would ask who’s from the southwest on this group. I’m from Devon Exeter area
  5. r0ryb

    PDC Failure Help

    Did you find out what your code ment
  6. r0ryb

    E60 parking sensor fault

    If your talking about spraying wd40 on like bmw doctor says he’s talking out of his ass
  7. Good day all. This has been an ongoing problem for last 18 months or so really. Anyways in dry weather the sensors work as they should but soon as there is rain etc they fail to work. Anyone had this problem before
  8. Evening all I need a new headlight washer pipe. It’s the long one that goes though the front crash bar. Anyway does anyone know if this job is a front bumper off jobby. Thanks
  9. r0ryb

    Under Body Painting

    Wouldn’t red oxide paint be better then primer for under the car
  10. r0ryb

    Who's on Instagram

    My instagram is bm_e60_535d
  11. r0ryb

    Ista connection problem

    Sorry for late reply. The problem was I had the switch on the lead on the wrong setting. Switched it over and all was good
  12. Morning all I have a problem with my headlight washers not working. When you hear the pump for it to work the headlight jets don’t come out but the water for them pisses out from under the car. Any idea what this could be
  13. r0ryb

    E60 535d fumes in car on start up

    What the clamp is no good or has become loose
  14. Good afternoon and happy new year everyone. Right when my e60 535d engine is cold on start up I seem to get fumes in the car for a few minutes. Anyone know what this could be as been told the 535d manifolds don’t crack/break like the 530d do
  15. r0ryb

    ABS pump bleeding with Diagnostics

    I know on INPA you can do it for each wheel. Last time I did break bleeding I used ISTA and did all 4 wheels while car was up on axle stands. Always best to bleed all for as air will be stuck in the system