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  1. Good morning all. I want to clean my inlet manifold to get rid of all the crap inside as I’m doing the vacuum lines. What’s best way to clean this as I googled it and didn’t really find much. One person said about using foam oven cleaner
  2. r0ryb

    Antenna problem

    No I didn’t. Why’s that
  3. r0ryb

    Antenna problem

    Jason yes happens with both keys
  4. r0ryb

    Antenna problem

    Good morning and bank holiday. Right well for the last 2 weeks or so I have been having problems with my central locking on my e60. The only way to lock and unlock the car is to hold the keys at the rear windscreen so I believe this is a bad antenna diversity. When getting a new one do the part numbers have to be exactly the same
  5. r0ryb


    Mark where about are you so people can give you advice of a better garage
  6. r0ryb

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    I want to stay away from silver tbh as I love the black wheels
  7. r0ryb

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    Just found this picture in on my phone to show you the black that’s on there now. This looks like satin black doesn’t it?
  8. r0ryb

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    Cheers dan will look into satin black
  9. r0ryb

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    Thanks Mike. You got a picture to show your beast
  10. r0ryb

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    Thanks Dennis. I have found a place where I want to get them done as he’s the best person in my area. Here is a picture of my car with the black wheels which tbh I think suits the car better then silver wheels
  11. r0ryb

    E60 alloy wheel colour question

    Hi Dennis yes sorry there genuine mv2 alloy wheels. I was told they were black from factory but that’s all I’m going by the last owner as I’m the only 3rd owner from new. Think I may need to look into it
  12. Right I need to get my alloys refurbished. They left the factory black but does anyone know what sort of black they would of left the factory
  13. r0ryb

    Alloy wheel refurb

    It was £200 to get them painted with the tyres left on at lot of places I went to. Then went to a proper wheel refurb place and they quoted me £280 to do them properly at will take 2-3 working days
  14. r0ryb

    Alloy wheel refurb

    Yes they are getting done properly with tyres taken off acid dripped etc.
  15. r0ryb

    What tyres

    That’s good advice from as you said a tyre snob lol. Big heavy car needs good grip in the wet