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  1. r0ryb

    E61 535d pre loci Front Springs

    But your vin number in shop.bmw.co.uk it will tell you the part number and information you need
  2. r0ryb

    E61 535d pre loci Front Springs

    You can get sach springs from euro car parts for a good price. Much better then waiting weeks for AUTODOC to turn up
  3. r0ryb

    535d exhaust flexi connection

    Before and after when I got mine done by a mate. The flex is from a Impreza
  4. r0ryb

    Rear bushes?????

    I’m hoping to do the same this year and while I’m at it rear do the brake lines to save me time in future. Way I see it if u want a race car go power flex but if u want the nice comfort from the 5 series then stay with OEM bushes. Yea there quicker at fitting then standard ones but don’t take much longer with right tools etc
  5. r0ryb

    Battery impact gun

    Unfortunately I don’t have battery’s for any tools like that mate
  6. r0ryb

    Battery impact gun

    Morning guys, Hope someone can help me here. I’m after buying a good battery impact gun but don’t want to be spending silly money on one as I won’t be using it every day. Anyways does anyone know a good one to buy for like £130 Mark
  7. What software you using?
  8. r0ryb

    Front wiper arms

    Morning all, Since I had my front windscreen replaced whenever I use the wiper blades they never sit right. Iv adjust them and when I use wipers again they go back to same position. Any ideas on this as driving me crazy now
  9. r0ryb

    535d oil catch can

    Afternoon all. Has anyone on here fitted a catch can to there 535d/m57 engine. If so where did you fit the catch can too
  10. r0ryb

    535d oil catch can

    Ok thanks mate will do
  11. r0ryb

    535d oil catch can

    Afternoon all. Has anyone on here fitted a catch can to there 535d/m57 engine. If so where did you fit the catch can too
  12. r0ryb

    E91 318i coolant lose

    Hi there I have a problem with my coolant. When I got the car is was losing coolant from the radiator tank so I put new cap on and changed the thermostat as it was stuck open. Now when I drive the car it’s fine till when it warms up and I lose coolant again from the radiator tank. I flushed the radiator out and getting nice water flow though it I changed the engine oil and had no water in it what so ever. I have noticed when the car starts to lose coolant the car starts sounding abit weirded like the exhaust is knocking. Could this be the radiator tank at fault?
  13. r0ryb

    E90 318i coolant issue

    Hi all hope someone could help me with a friends car. It pushes coolant out the header tank at the cap, only so much though and then it's fine. Like there would be a little bit left in the bottom of the tank. Runs fine never had an issue there. It would just warn you that tanks empty, never overheated either. Done a gas coolant test on it and it came back clear. Sometimes you could drive for couple of hundred miles and it would be okay other times it would spit it all out within 5 miles. It's really random. Think that's the best way I can describe it really, had it running for an hour yesterday and she was mint. done an emissions test and it came back good
  14. Afternoon all, In next few weeks I will need to replace my front brake pads but which ones have you guys have/had and would rate them.
  15. r0ryb

    E60 535d brake squeak

    Did you grease up the sliding pins