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  1. barracuda

    Front Heater Not Working

    Evening i am working away the now so this is second hand info. My wife text me to say that there is no hot air coming from front of the car but my young son says there is hot air in the back. Does anyone have have any ideas thanks mark
  2. barracuda

    Hit n Run

    I've ordered a replacement second hand door, supposed to be exact same colour and in perfect condition for £110 delivered. Should arrive midweek, hopefully get it fitted soon as. I was actually walking down my road last Saturday night quite late on and i saw my neighbour and his brother walking passed my car, they both stopped and looked at the dent then i heard him saying that's the dent there, then he saw me and quickly walked away. I was speaking to another neighbour and he says he saw him late one night lifting up window wipers and pushing in wing mirrors on other peoples car. The guy is a loony
  3. barracuda

    Hit n Run

    I know its too late but i will be getting CCTV soon, There is no CCTV in the area but i noticed a scuff on his bumper which would of been the side he skelped the door with and i checked two days later and it was away. He was physically shaking and stuttering when i pulled him up, so that alone signifies his guilt to me anyway. I think i will get a 2nd hand door and see what happens, i know a couple of detailers who might be able to blend it all in Thanks for all the input Mark
  4. barracuda

    Hit n Run

    Evening All Ill start with a stupid question, i checked my VIN and it says Colour CARBONSCHWARZ METALLIC (416) Now i have found this one on Ebay and wondering if its identical Mouse over image to zoom Have one to sell? Sell it yourself BMW E60 5 SERIES DRIVERS RIGHT SIDE BARE FRONT DOOR SCHWARTZ BLACK
  5. barracuda

    Hit n Run

    ive found one on ebay same colour and says perfect condition but only door no internals how easy is it to swap over internals and window to replacement door
  6. barracuda

    Hit n Run

    Anyone know any good sources for a car door lol
  7. barracuda

    Hit n Run

    Will a 2nd door and respray not be well over £250 tho thanks
  8. barracuda

    Hit n Run

    Evening All I am after some advice on what to do about my car, last Sunday around midnight someone reversed into my drivers side door and proceeded to piss off. I know who the guy was but i have no proof it was him. I confronted him about it and he blatantly lied to my face denying it. Its a 2007 E60 535D and i love my car. I am now just looking for advice on what to do next: Option 1: I have full protected no claims insurance, its a £250 excess i would have to pay straight away. So do i just go thru the insurance or Option 2: Try to source a 2nd hand door, get it sprayed and fit the door with my mate who is a mechanic Thanks inadvance Mark
  9. barracuda

    Glow Plug Issue

    Thanks for the reply, I replaced the glow plug nearest the front bumper. Do you know if this issue will cause any problems Thanks again Mark
  10. barracuda

    Glow Plug Issue

    Good Morning. I have found the following error code " 4212 Glow Plug, Cylinder 1, Activation " on my 535D. Whilst i removed / cleaned the EGR and replaced the throttle actuator valve i replaced cylinder 1 glow plug with a brand new one. Cleared the codes etc but this one keeps appearing. Any ideas Thanks inadvance Mark
  11. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    ok thank you
  12. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    Is there any type of additive i can add to help clean the DPF
  13. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    ok thanks for the reply, i am about to change out my faulty throttle actuator so i heard that can give regen issues
  14. barracuda

    113 grams of Ash

    Good Morning Yesterday i met up with Grizzle and mucked about with my car for a bit, he plugged in the carly and it showed i had 113 grams of ash in my DPF. Is this normal amount or not, thanks

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