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  1. dicky.hillary

    Rattles and annoying noises

    I've been following this thread with interest as my car has been rattling from around the left rear door since it was new. After 5 visits back to the dealer they diagnosed and repaired it. The replaced the top mounts for the rear suspension. Car is silent now! For info it was Coopers Durham.
  2. dicky.hillary

    520D Mileages

    Just managed 808 Miles on 62L which included a round trip to Edinburgh from Durham, to and from work then some pottering around the region. Car managed 138 Miles of coasting too.... That was around 57-58mpg. The trip computer which I'd reset when I filled up recorded 60mpg, so not too far out. I did do nearly that entire tank in Eco mode... this tank, I'm not switching that on ;-) hahah
  3. dicky.hillary

    TFT screen clean

    I just use any good phone / tablet screen cleaner.. works a treat
  4. dicky.hillary

    How long before good discounts?

    I went in with a quote from Drivethedeal, broadspeed and carwow and my local dealer matched the discount level of 20% back in September. Mine is an 520D SE.. .I think if you go for a 530(d/i) MSport then you may get a better discount. Best thing is to go in armed, don't show your quotes until they have spent a wee while trying to sort you out a "good price"
  5. dicky.hillary

    Diesel - full tank range thread

    I've managed 790 on a tank s far. I'm still getting the hang of Eco Pro mode on the G30 and it's coasting feature which I did 95miles on if it's to be believed. Not really had chance to go on a properly long motorway run as yet. Oh and the car only has 4000 miles on the clock so it's nowhere near ran in yet.
  6. dicky.hillary

    Difference between N47 & B47 Engine sounds ?

    Yep my B47 is much noiser when a DPF re-gen is in progress. It varies from just a droning noise to a "Boomy" noise..... I contacted the Dealer the first time it happened and they had to check with BMW HQ as mine was one of the first out of their doors with the B47. R
  7. dicky.hillary

    New 520SE B47

    That's better
  8. dicky.hillary

    New 520SE B47

    Yeah that is a wee bit low. I know we're on Winter Diesel at the moment which I find is never as efficient. On a recent trip to the in laws in Scotland the whole trip including shopping trips etc I averaged 53mpg. I find that ECO mode on winding, hilly roads uses more than Comfort. On my previous N47 3 Series they both started off barely hitting 50mpg, they ended up in the high 50s without trying
  9. dicky.hillary

    New 520SE B47

    I've notice that too... the first time it did it I thought the exhaust was broken!!! hehe I've seen 56mpg (as measured by the car) on a nice traffic free 100 mile run which is fab considering the car only has 1500 miles on the clock
  10. dicky.hillary

    Latest 520d M Sport reviews

    The new engine and gearbox are a joy. I had the N47 in my previous 3 series and it was prone to running out of steam. The B47 has significantly more pull. Even though I've only got 1000 miles on the clock its smooth and fairly efficient. On the drive back up from Nottingham (where I bought it from) it averaged 58MPG in normal comfort mode. I don't have the VDC option as I just wanted normal comfort. I can say that the HK Sound System which I think you'll get as part of the M-Sport Plus pack is well bloody brilliant . Its safe to say you'll enjoy it.
  11. dicky.hillary

    Latest 520d M Sport reviews

    I think Autocar had a review on the one I have... 520D SE Auto with the new engine... trust me.. its good
  12. dicky.hillary

    New 520SE B47

    I didn't think it had that... I didn't see it as an option!? and Thank you
  13. dicky.hillary

    New 520SE B47

    @Uber Tramp : Cheers! @baus : Pictures attached - hopefully they've come through. R