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  1. Once you get a new TPMS will need it need to be coded to the car? I had this issue on Lexus, installed new valve and had to take it to Lexus to code it! Pain in a neck and not cheap!
  2. This is the same reason for me as someone mentioned they are illegal but I really want one!
  3. Never heard that before but this is so true! lol!
  4. Vlady

    Newbie From Manchester

    Nice collection you had there Townley! Welcome to the forum if I may say so, I am not a BMW owner for now you see but i had an e60 525d, it was the most reliable car so far! Any plans fro her? Good luck!
  5. Dan your 7 series was a good example, after looking at yours I had to go to Autotrader and see one but it is a bit big for me. This e39 in very nice, congratulations Dan! keep us us updated how it goes! By the way, what you didn't like in 7 series/ looked like a nice barge! I am catching myself sometimes thinking if I can go back to diesel and at the moment I am not ready to do that! :)
  6. Vlady

    Excellent Winter Tyres for the Money

    Don't put summer ones on - it will defo snow then! lol!
  7. Vlady

    Excellent Winter Tyres for the Money

    How these tires are doing in warmer temperatures and when the roads are damp? I remember I had Nokian tires that were great in cold temps and a snow but rubbish when asphalt was a bit damp. Thanks for updates @Ram Rod
  8. Mine will tick 38k miles next week, not bad for 7 years old. 40k is the big service in Lexus, not looking forward to it, £495!
  9. Vlady

    What do you all get on full tank?

    Shouldn't put my penny in (not a BMW owner just now) but I do about 400 miles on mixed roads (cold season though) on one tank and that is 55-57 litres of petrol.
  10. Vlady

    Shaken not stirred.

    I need to do this test on mine, very curious now! lol
  11. Vlady

    Farewell and thanks

    Congratulations on a new car! Enjoy! Friend of mine has a Superb SE, diesel, manual and it is a fantastic car, I found it being quite, very torque and actually very economical. I was too at some point looking at these but at that moment the money they were worse (4x4, DSG, 190bhp and very well speeced) it would be a BMW territory.
  12. Quite a few Lexus owners complain about it - when at full lock you get a "skipping" effect like a drag (understeer). I usually have it at work underground car park where the surface is damp and cold, once on the open road car holds the road good without understeering effect. People say it is a suspension geometry set up, not convinced though.
  13. Vlady

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    What cars some of you had! Fantastic collection gents! I am jealous here but happy for you! My history is much simpler, our first BMW was an e34 520i in manual form, my dad still has it! Next one was a 320d Auto, good car to drive but very unreliable, lots of money was spent on it and at the end I p/x for Honda Civic and thought will never go back to BMW: But 10 months later of owning a Civic I just couldn't resist and p/x for a nice e39 525d manual, it was a nice car and I had it for almost 4 years! After I sold an e39 I bought myself a Passat and was happy with it first month and then wanted to go back to BMW, finally I convinced my wife that she can keep my Passat (she loved it) and I will get another BMW so it was this time an e60, great car, the most reliable car I had so far, loved it but little rust started appearing and I had to get something else! I am sure I am not done with BMW yet, I am really tempted by g30 x-drive 530d probably!
  14. Vlady

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Hi Dan! How do you find a diesel engine after such nice 6 cylinders petrols you had before?