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  1. Vlady

    F11 550i!!

    It will be a future classic one day!
  2. Vlady

    F11 550i!!

    What a lovely car! I want it!
  3. Vlady

    New G31

    Uau! Must be a great car, four wheel drive, 6 cylinder engine, not an SUV, a dream car! Congratulations! Add some photos!
  4. Vlady

    Should I ditch RFT’s

    The best decision I made when I had an e60 - ditched run flats!
  5. Vlady

    Project Lexus LS460 - SOLD

    Forgot to add, the rarity of GSs on the roads, I like that too!
  6. Vlady

    Project Lexus LS460 - SOLD

    These are exactly my thoughts - it will feel like going backwards if I choose diesel again, 530e overpraised I think and I want 6-cylinder engine so may be one day I will buy 540i x-drive but with my 20k miles per year it will be expensive to run, oh well Vlad, stick to the Lexus it is an amazing car - that I keep telling myself. Knowing me even if I buy BMW, I will want something else in another 1.5-2 years. @Jay_w I like GS, I get an average 36-37mpg and about 400-440 miles per tank, not too bad considering performance and comfort and I actually like the shape of it and the size is just perfect. I have had it for about 1.5 years and so far nothing serious happend (fingers cross it won't), next months I am planning to do a Major service that includes spark plugs and diff oil on top of oil change. So, no issues, it is just a man thing - wanting a new toy, i probably end up buyong a newer motorbike may be not, my wife will kill me as we just moved into a new house 6 weeks ago!
  7. Vlady

    Project Lexus LS460 - SOLD

    Don't sell it! You will regret it shortly! The car looks lovely, it always did! I am thinking to change mine (this is how i spend my spare time - Autotrader, pathetic may be?), may be go back to BMW 5 series, would love to own G30 530d but can't justify paying so much more as I do for Lexus, big plus that Lexus GS does everything I need the car to do, I guess this is just man nature - get something else!
  8. Vlady

    Main Dealer Service Price

    Last Saturday I checked the price for a Full service at Lexus Glasgow, this includes spark plugs change (6-off) and rear diff oil, the price is £700! You can do Essential Major Service (basically an oil change and lots of checks) and that would be £440! I will be buying all the parts from Lexus (comes at £210, including spark plugs and rear diff oil) and will be doing service somewhere privately! So BMW £750 seems there on a par with other brands but I guess there is no spark plugs for you so that might be expensive. What will they actually do for Major Service at BMW?
  9. Vlady

    E39 540i/6 sport individual

    Also it could be hoovered inside before pictures are taken! Apart from that the car looks really clean but £8.7k a bit much for e39 imo.
  10. Andrew, on 18th of December I too struck a pothole in Glasgow but I wasn't lucky as you are as a front tyre got a side cut and started loosing air, so I had to stop and put a space saver on, thanks Lexus has it! So I had to order a new tyre and last Friday changed it at Lexus Glasgow and did a wheel alignment too! I just put 4 new tyres on 1.5 months ago, these deep potholes are everywhere! Shocking! I contacted Glasgow council but not heard from them anything yet! The pothole I it was fixed 2 days later, looks like it was reported before that! Grrr!
  11. Vlady

    Some early thoughts on new G31

    @Mav how is your fuel consumption with x-drive? Thanks
  12. Vlady

    MPG Difference between Pre & LCI 525d?

    When I had my e60 525d Auto LCI my average was 35-37mpg and on constant run at 80mph I was getting 46-48mpg no problem. These numbers from filling the tank from brim to brim.
  13. Vlady

    "So long and thanks for all the fish".

    I agree, it is still an interesting forum to read with nice bunch of people. I sold my e60 16 months ago but I am still reading BMW news and this forum on a regular basis! Anyway, good luck to you @pidgeonpost!
  14. Vlady

    Just scuffed my wheel.

    I used a few times Powdertec in Glasgow, Houston Street and don't have complaints, David was very helpful and even suggested a nice colour to suit my old blue e60. Prices were very reasonable, I even got one of my friend get the wheels done there and she was happy too! I got couple of wheels scuffed as well which need to be repaired but I am not sure if I want to go for a full refurb or a touch up. I was even thinking to buy a kit and do it myself. SO still thinking what to do. Keep us updated @Mijmap Also a few owners did full refurb somewhere in Hamilton and really happy, I phoned the guy but the price was to high for me!
  15. Vlady

    Potential F11 buyer- Winter tyres

    If I can add my 2 pennies in, when I had an e60 I had 2 sets of wheels, one with summer and one with winter (Nokian M+S) tyres and there was a time when winter tyres helped me get home when other rear driven cars were struggling big time plus I also felt more confident when it was soaking wet. Now, having another car I decided to go another route, my tyres will need changing anyway before the cold season comes so I bought myself a M+S Goodyear tyres, they are not on the car yet so I can't comment on them but reviews are really good! I wanted to go for CrossClimates but paying £30 more per corner made no sense to me as I can spend these money for a proper wheel alignment and tyres fitment.