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  1. Vlady

    Newbie intro

    Oh! What a beauty! I still love e34 shape!
  2. Vlady

    New E39 owner

    Very nice! Welcome!
  3. Vlady

    Pics of Lci cars

  4. I let my wife drive the car, usually when I had a few drinks, and as in case with the e60 and with the GS she always says - it is too fast for me! She loves her Citroen C4! When I am a passenger, I do comment on her driving more than I used to, she is not avoiding potholes as much as I would, not slowing down as much before speed bumps and the last one she has bad planning ahead and bad observation. So if I can I will drive either her or my car when we are together travelling or I need to have a few drinks so I do not pay so much attention to the above!
  5. That is not a bad outcome for you! What about tyre swap cost, wheel balance, wheel alignment? Luckily my alloy wheel seemed fine, but I had to buy a new tyre (£150) obviously, change it and do another wheel alignment (another £75), the damaged tyre was only 1.5 months old!
  6. Andrew, I got an email yesterday confirming that the council has received my email! I wanted to attach email screenshot but the site doesn't let me, weird.
  7. I am having the same saga with the council, it is going on since December last year! I took photos of the pothole and and damaged tyre, filled the form and sent it to Glasgow Council, 3 months later I got an email saying: The existence of a defect in the road, does not, in itself, establish negligence on the part of the Council. We can advise that, in line with the above, the location of your accident is subject to inspection 12 times per annum. In accordance with this inspection regime and prior to your accident, the locus was inspected on 22 November (I hit the pothole on 18 December) 2019 and, at that time, no actionable defects were noted at the area! Funny enough, that pothole was fixed 2 days later!!! I emailed them back saying I disagree with their refusal and want to see reports of the road inspection and planning on how long it takes to fix the road once they know there is a pothole, so far I heard nothing from them, probably due to virus situation. Last email I sent them was end of March 2020. Andrew, I hope your claim will be successful! Keep me update please. I spent more than £200 to fix the car after hitting that pothole!
  8. Vlady

    E28 525e - Opal Green 89K Miles

    Yep, the price is high and it is automatic gearbox, I would rather have a manual.
  9. Vlady

    E28 525e - Opal Green 89K Miles

    Indeed! Very nice!
  10. I think this is what I paid in February. Also, this stuff smells real nice!
  11. +1 for Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner, great stuff! I also power wash the wheels before applying wheel cleaner.
  12. I got mine (CTEK mxs5) from Amazon as well, it arrived last week, took a day and half to arrive. I reconditioned my motorbike battery (the main reason i bought this as the battery was getting weak even though it is only 2.5 years old) and then reconditioned my Lexus battery. I should have bought it long time ago tbh! great equipment!
  13. Vlady

    F11 550i!!

    It will be a future classic one day!
  14. Vlady

    F11 550i!!

    What a lovely car! I want it!
  15. Vlady

    New G31

    Uau! Must be a great car, four wheel drive, 6 cylinder engine, not an SUV, a dream car! Congratulations! Add some photos!