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  1. Vlady

    The world's most British car crash

    Not a pleasant experience but could be easily avoided without the crash. Seems like BMW was almost fully on the right side of the road when Yaris approached it, also Yaris could use the brakes a little.
  2. Uau, Andrew, I must have missed that above we were talking about engine outputs and thank you for pointing out that BMW engine is more powerful than fancy Toyota, I think BMW engine is more powerful than anything in its class or used to be, but hey, good knowledge of exact engine outputs. I was just sharing my thoughts from my experience, but if you do not want any input from the guy who owns another car brand (at the moment), go ahead - exclude me from the forum, you are admin afterall, right?
  3. On my e60 I changed both - main thermostat and EGR, temperatures were up to normal but the car was still warming up long enough, it was taking about 16miles on motorway to reach 80-85deg! This is might be a BMW thing, I noticed that my current car (3.5ltr petrol) warms up probably 3-4 times faster than an e60 did. Another thing is, GS working on another engine cycle (Atkinson) that warms engine up much quicker.
  4. Vlady

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Mark the same to you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with all the best coming your way in 2021! Same to everyone else! Vlad
  5. Lovely! I wish I could buy it! Always liked e34!
  6. Vlady

    7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Hi, this is just a 2.0ltr diesel version, not even the most powerful one, this one is 218d, so about 150bhp, which is totally fine for my wife, the car nippy enough, looks great and handles fantastic but it is a bit harsh ride on run flats. So far we don't do big mileage but we average about 40mpg, I expected better tbh, may be colder weather has an effect as we have heated seats and steering wheel on. I didn't consider a 2 series as a hybrid, we do bigger mileage and need a diesel and as you said any PHEV is so much more expensive than a normal engine! I do fancy though a new 545i as a plug in hybrid.
  7. Vlady

    Tyre Pressure Sensors

    Hi, thanks for a reply. I am expecting a warning on a dash as well, as long as it's not a sound warning while I am driving I will be fine.
  8. Vlady

    Tyre Pressure Sensors

    I think I have a pressure sensor in each wheel as when I go to sub menu I can see all 4 tyre pressures (similar to my Lexus), I am wondering what will happen if I put wheels without pressure sensors.
  9. Hi all, may be someone can answer my question below. I recently bought a BMW (2 series Gran Tourer) which has 18 inch wheels with decent tyres, the thing is, I usually put on winter wheels set and I am not sure how it will work with the car Tyre Pressure Monitoring system as winter wheels do not have PTMS. I think all modern BMW are the same so it shouldn't be specific to a 2 series. Once I put my winter wheels on will I have an error or any other message popping up on a dashboard? Did anyone came across this problem before? Thanks in advance everyone.
  10. How do you know what package you have? Or it doesn't matter, you get what you pay for?
  11. Vlady

    7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Hello! I am (my wife) back in BMW fold with 2 series Gran Tourer! 218d, Auto, 69 plates! So far it's great! Citroen was not bad, comfy, quite, we had some issues with it but luckily the car was under manufacture warranty and the issues were fixed at no cost to us. At 31k miles anti roll links started knocking which is a bit early based on a mileage. We would go for another C4 (7-seat) but there was none on the market that we liked or it was without our price range. Checked again VW Touran but dealer let me down again, it was the same dealer as above, the reason I cam e back to that garage as it was closest to me to take the car for a test drive. I had to leave the garage fuming and left a 1 star review on google about them! The salesman was a joke! Then, this 2 series was on the market, my wife is not a BMW fun (because I am) but we went to see the car, took it for a test drive, numbers for PCP were barely above what were paying for Citroen so we agreed on a deal! Love the 8 speed gearbox (Citroen had a 6 speeder and it was a bit slow), engine is quite, M-sport seats are very supportive (compared to Lexus and Citroen), only bad thing is a road/tyre noise, I blame run flats and 18 inch wheels. Will throw om it 16 inch winter wheels this week and see how this will affect the ride. The main thing is that my wife likes it!
  12. The CVT is either you learn to live with that or buy another car. Most people prefer it actually because it is smooth but a lot of drivers don't get it, especially during harder acceleration. Andrew, even new ES not as powerful for the motor size (2.5l) but it is economical, smooth and again, pretty reliable engine and the car. BMW and Lexus just have different views on what car owners want. I am not convincing anyone to quit BMW and buy Lexus, I still love BMW and I am still very disappointed to see it at the bottom of the list when it comes to reliability, it does upset me! I was always worried when I had one that something one day will go wrong, I was saving £200-300 for every service and then for every MOT as I knew something will need to be fixed (sometimes there was a nice surprise and I only had advisory repairs), now I do not have that thought on back of my mind, I just drive the car, saying that, BMW is much nicer to drive. Lexus doesn't provoke me to drive fast and aggressive as BMW was and my GS can go fast!
  13. I agree, it is nothing to drive like a BMW and Lexus not even close, heavy and comfortable car that is pretty reliable, I do miss though the way BMW drives.
  14. I remember I used to be like that! lol! I had an MOT last week, not a single nerve! The car 8 years old and 51k miles. Gents, get yourself a Lexus!