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  1. Vlady

    Main Dealer Service Price

    Last Saturday I checked the price for a Full service at Lexus Glasgow, this includes spark plugs change (6-off) and rear diff oil, the price is £700! You can do Essential Major Service (basically an oil change and lots of checks) and that would be £440! I will be buying all the parts from Lexus (comes at £210, including spark plugs and rear diff oil) and will be doing service somewhere privately! So BMW £750 seems there on a par with other brands but I guess there is no spark plugs for you so that might be expensive. What will they actually do for Major Service at BMW?
  2. Vlady

    E39 540i/6 sport individual

    Also it could be hoovered inside before pictures are taken! Apart from that the car looks really clean but £8.7k a bit much for e39 imo.
  3. Andrew, on 18th of December I too struck a pothole in Glasgow but I wasn't lucky as you are as a front tyre got a side cut and started loosing air, so I had to stop and put a space saver on, thanks Lexus has it! So I had to order a new tyre and last Friday changed it at Lexus Glasgow and did a wheel alignment too! I just put 4 new tyres on 1.5 months ago, these deep potholes are everywhere! Shocking! I contacted Glasgow council but not heard from them anything yet! The pothole I it was fixed 2 days later, looks like it was reported before that! Grrr!
  4. Vlady

    Some early thoughts on new G31

    @Mav how is your fuel consumption with x-drive? Thanks
  5. Vlady

    MPG Difference between Pre & LCI 525d?

    When I had my e60 525d Auto LCI my average was 35-37mpg and on constant run at 80mph I was getting 46-48mpg no problem. These numbers from filling the tank from brim to brim.
  6. Vlady

    "So long and thanks for all the fish".

    I agree, it is still an interesting forum to read with nice bunch of people. I sold my e60 16 months ago but I am still reading BMW news and this forum on a regular basis! Anyway, good luck to you @pidgeonpost!
  7. Vlady

    Just scuffed my wheel.

    I used a few times Powdertec in Glasgow, Houston Street and don't have complaints, David was very helpful and even suggested a nice colour to suit my old blue e60. Prices were very reasonable, I even got one of my friend get the wheels done there and she was happy too! I got couple of wheels scuffed as well which need to be repaired but I am not sure if I want to go for a full refurb or a touch up. I was even thinking to buy a kit and do it myself. SO still thinking what to do. Keep us updated @Mijmap Also a few owners did full refurb somewhere in Hamilton and really happy, I phoned the guy but the price was to high for me!
  8. Vlady

    Potential F11 buyer- Winter tyres

    If I can add my 2 pennies in, when I had an e60 I had 2 sets of wheels, one with summer and one with winter (Nokian M+S) tyres and there was a time when winter tyres helped me get home when other rear driven cars were struggling big time plus I also felt more confident when it was soaking wet. Now, having another car I decided to go another route, my tyres will need changing anyway before the cold season comes so I bought myself a M+S Goodyear tyres, they are not on the car yet so I can't comment on them but reviews are really good! I wanted to go for CrossClimates but paying £30 more per corner made no sense to me as I can spend these money for a proper wheel alignment and tyres fitment.
  9. Hi Andrew, thanks for a good news. The car was ready last night but I couldn't pick her up and I am working today, so the earliest I will see her is after work, I can't wait! I hope the job they did is a good one! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks
  10. @GStarrr and @Cribert thanks for a good news and sharing, I checked google as soon as I found out what garage it would be, I saw that they are approved by BMW, MB and Audi which calmed me down a bit but I didn't know that they also Lamborghini and Ferrari, this is even better! It's still all down to human factor, how much they care. I had 2 cars fixed by Parks in East Kilbride and both times the job was badly done! And they are also BMW and VW approved body shop I think. Anyway, hopefully I will hear a good news today about my car - they said they will call me on Monday, which in most cases never happens! lol!
  11. Hi Duncan, the value of the car probably £15k, I didn't expect it to be written off and luckily I received a text from them today saying that they ordered new parts and once they get it they will update me on how long it will take to fix it, so the car is not written off, thanks God! @pauliexjr The garage looks fine on paper (online and some mixed reviews, mostly good and the worst one mostly due to luck of communication from them and rude receptionists) but the work they do is good so fingers crossed I will be the lucky one and my car will come out good! I am planning to call them this afternoon to find out what exactly they are doing on it. Driving Qashqai now, diesel in manual form, God it is different too my GS!
  12. Hi all, long story short, my neighbor hit my car while my car was parked, bonnet scratched and dented, radiator grill cracked in a few places, bumper popped in one side slightly, radiator cover clips sheared and not sure what the damage behind the bumper! Anyway, my neighbor admitted the fault, contacted his insurance this morning, they contacted me and I can use one of their garage for a repair and the garage is Mitchell Inglis Ltd. Insurance assured me that hey are Lexus approved body shop but I can't find this online but they are approved body shop for BMW, Audi, MB and Jag, plus I saw a few pictures of the cars they worked on and they look pretty smart. Scottish owners, has any of you used them? Are they any good or I need to watch our for something? Also, does anyone know if bonnets are being repaired, i have 3 small dents at the centre of the bonnet close to the radiator grill or usually they are swapped over? Thanks all. Vlady
  13. Once you get a new TPMS will need it need to be coded to the car? I had this issue on Lexus, installed new valve and had to take it to Lexus to code it! Pain in a neck and not cheap!
  14. This is the same reason for me as someone mentioned they are illegal but I really want one!
  15. Never heard that before but this is so true! lol!