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  1. Luton E34 man 2

    E34 Passenger Rear Door

    Prefer color Petrol Mica (blue) but any color considered maybe be able to pick up depending on distance or delivered to Luton Bedfordshire
  2. Luton E34 man 2

    Wanted: Late E34 Steering Wheel

    May have mine for sale soon as I have an AC Schnitzer one to go on I just need boss kit to fit I'll give mine a good look over for condition and get you pics If you are still after this ? My E34 is 1995
  3. Luton E34 man 2

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Put my Angel Eyes in
  4. Luton E34 man 2


    not sure mate I got it from GSF don't remember the brand I'll take a look at that as well when I start taking her apart I have done quite a few miles in the 6 weeks since I fitted it tho
  5. Luton E34 man 2


    It over heats when at idle or faster when driving I've tried putting rad weld in to seal any leak it may have had and it is now gushing out of somewhere onto the belts under the thermo housing although i can't see a crack in the housing I will be taking it apart and having a look round it and more than likely replacing it again.
  6. Luton E34 man 2


    That's where I hear what sounds like a pump or motor whining and grinding Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Luton E34 man 2


    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Luton E34 man 2


    Hi all I have a e34 520 she was over heating bout 5 weeks ago so I changed the water pump the thermostat and the thermo housing and she's been fine since but few days ago started over heating again I have an idea I may be wrong but there is a motor of some kind right near the fuse box with three pipes close to it they get very hot and become quite hard the motor sounds shot making a whining grinding sound I have no idea what the motor is called or if that's what could be causing the over beat any help would be appreciated as I don't want to blow my engine and I'm starting to miss driving my car whenever I want Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Luton E34 man 2

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Your thread just went up on FB group Strictly E34 - Uk
  10. Luton E34 man 2

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    I do hope you never ever intend to sell this after the state it came in to the amount of work you've put in .. I'd sell my soul before I'd even think of selling that car
  11. Luton E34 man 2

    Wanted: E34 Dark Roof lining with Sunroof & Door card trims

    My brother had a go at re trimming head lining in a suede type material went pretty well but a little saggy in places as it was windy and he needed more hands, over all looked good IMO but he managed to find a black one and replaced it now I'm thinking I might try to fix the saggy bits and nick it off him hehe
  12. Luton E34 man 2

    My ACS E34

  13. I was hoping to have a few scuffs touched up before this and wheel refurb My poor old girl needs a tidy up but we will be there
  14. Luton E34 man 2

    Part ID please

    cheers fellas
  15. Luton E34 man 2

    Part ID please

    1995 e34 520i