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  1. ali240

    Any breakers/suppliers?!?

    Will give them a call! Thanks very much!
  2. ali240

    E60 545I Red Gear Syncro warning ?!?!?

    I used my Indi to come and check it out, been using them for years and they work next door to me so trust his word! He basically said it was dead and needs a box! Unfortunately, mine is on constantly and the car doesn't even move once gears are selected. I can put it in drive or reverse or flick through the gears and nothing happens!
  3. Hi! Im looking for a gearbox for my E60 545i The Gearbox required is: GA6HP26Z Part Numbers: 24007536931/24007547886/24007526401 Does anyone happen to have one stashed away or know a breaker who has one in stock?? Many Thanks
  4. ali240

    E60 545I Red Gear Syncro warning ?!?!?

    Im not actually sure whats gone wrong with it! All I know is, I will need a new box!
  5. ali240

    545i Coilover help?!!!

    Hi Guys + Girls! Does anyone know if coilovers for the 545i are the same as for the other variants, such as 535i coilovers?
  6. ali240

    E60 545I Red Gear Syncro warning ?!?!?

    Unfortunately, the box has failed and will need to be replaced! Box will be sourced over the next weeks!! In the meanwhile, does anyone know if 545i Coilovers are the same as the rest of the variants?
  7. ali240

    E60 545I Red Gear Syncro warning ?!?!?

    Im trying to get somebody with a code reader to come out to me, unfortunately not many people want to! Hopefully get it to my indi this week somehow!!
  8. Hello! Recently took delivery of a E60 545i with a red gear syncro warning on the dash? Anyone able to shed some light and point me in the right direction?