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  1. These are still for sale due to the usual eBay issues. Any interest for a fine set of winter wheels which still have some life in them. Cost: £500.00 Kamal
  2. FLASH SALE Price drop to £575 ono for 4 wheels and 4 tyres in very good condition. Kamal
  3. Winter Bump and price drop to £700. Will be going on eBay this weekend. Kamal
  4. I have here 4 x BMW Style 328 wheels for sale. I used these as my winter set on my 5 series which I no longer have. The wheels have Nokian W3s on them: 245/45 R18 100V XL. They have about 6-7mm tread left on them all round. They are non-run flats and really made the car drive smoothly and quietly. I would like to point out that one of the alloys has a small crack in it. This developed in the 1st year I had them and resulted in some air loss at the time. I had it welded (see photo) and there have been no further issues subsequently eg air leaking. I am aware that some people prefer not to run a welded alloy, but I just want to be as open about this as possible. There are also some minimal scuffs on one of the wheels and the BMW hub caps have some signs of weathering. I actually didn't use those ones, opting to use the ones that were on my lease car instead as they were brand new. I am based near Uxbridge, London. I don't really want to get involved with getting such large items couriered so these are for collection only please I am looking for £750.00 £700.00 £575.00 ono NOW £500.00 Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Kamal
  5. f10kamal

    Siri integration found by accident

    It works! Long press of voice button launches Google Now on my Xperia Z3 running lollipop. Very impressed! Kamal 518d Luxury LCI
  6. f10kamal

    Siri integration found by accident

    I wonder if this works with Google Now on an android phone? Will check tomorrow and post back. Kamal Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. f10kamal

    Help-headlamp washer question!

    Wish I had more control over this. Nothing worse than a mist of windscreen washer fluid all over the bonnet just after the car's had its weekend wash! I suppose the xenons need a more regular spray. Slightly off topic, do you remember those miniature wipers BMW used to do for their old separate double headlights? Kamal
  8. No news I'm afraid. Dealer disinterested and I'm just too busy at work to be badgering them. I guess that's playing into their hands. BMW Customer Services and Alphabet remain equally impotent especially as they have been informed that the car is of 'production standard' by the dealer. At present I don't have answers to the following: Is this a faullt? Even though I have it in writing that there is a discrepency, do the dealer truly believe it is a fault? Are BMW aware of it? Are they working on a fix? Do they even care? How should I play this? So far I am being the understanding customer.Kamal
  9. Yes same here. The air flow to the left/right centre vents mirrors the temperature on the passenger/driver vents respectively. And that's been the nub of the problem. Despite setting identical temperatures on the dials, one side of the car is considerably hotter than the other. The dealer who is liaising with BMW UK has been told that this allegedly only affected a small number of cars in my production run (mine was delivered soon after build in October 2014) but if pre-LCI cars are affected that doesn't ring true. I got the impression BMW know there is an issue but haven't a clue how to sort it.
  10. Update: The dealer could not find a fault and so I have got the car back and the situation has been escalated to BMW UK who are said to be liaising with the factory as to the possible cause. However, the status of the incident has been somewhat clouded along the way by the partial assumption that the way my car behaves might be a 'design feature'. Please could any F10/F11 owners post here if their centre vents behave anything like mine?? I've driven a fair few Bimmers (7, 5, 3, X5, X3, X6) and none of them behave like this. I am pursuing this with BMW Customer Services who are really only liaising with the dealership. I'm not sure where I stand with this car which is business leased via (Alphabet) BMW. Although not a mechanical issue resulting in breakdowns etc I am not happy that I am paying for a product which I believe is obviously faulty. It's a shame as it is otherwise a fantastic car and I really love it. What would you do in this situation? Kamal
  11. Update: So my car remains with the dealer. Head tech is personally investigating the issue. Pleasant chap who initially agree it was a bit odd after a joint road test and that on testing there is a 12 degree difference between the driver and passenger face vents with the driver's being cooler. However all checks on the car seem to be fine i.e. no fault codes and no problems with flaps as far as he can tell. I was a little disappointed when I was then told that he thinks it might be a "feature" to ensure the driver doesn't feel sleepy. I told him it it was strange that I had never driven a BMW with this feature and wanted him to show me another with it. So for now he has agreed to investigate further.
  12. Thanks for your replies. Wifetronic has been standard on every car I've had since I got married! But on this occasion I concede there is definitely a problem. Car booked into the dealer on Wednesday so I can demonstrate the problem and they will hopefully investigate and sort out the problem. Will, keep you posted.
  13. Took delivery of this car a couple of months back, have been scanning the forums for a while to help make my purchase decision. First up thanks to all the contributors for what is an excellent resource. For me it boiled down to either a 520d SE with a few extras or a 518d Luxury with even more extras. I took the hit on the engine power as I don't race for a living and my driving style is fairly subdued. No regrets, it's a lovely car and a big step up from my VW CC. Bit of an odd issue. I am aware of the how BMW implements the centre air vent air distribution and how it can be changed from hot to cold via the centre dial. The problem I am facing is that the temperature of the air from the driver side is perceptibly cooler than the air coming from the passenger vent. I tend to keep it on Auto at all times to prevent misting, the temperature is set to 22 for both driver and passenger and all vents in the front and back of the car are fully open. Today was a typical example of the problem. Outside temperature 6 degrees. Start journey, centre dial on hot, temperatures set to 22 on both sides. Get hot air after around 5 minutes. After around 10 minutes as the car warms up further, the air from the driver's centre vent starts to get slightly cooler whereas the passenger side is still blowing hot air. This is in itself a little irritating as on a very cold day I don't want cold air on my face, hence the dial is kept on the red side. I did have a recent issue with the 'engine air compressor' failing and needing to be replaced. This issue was there before that and my local dealer insisted that when they road tested after the repair it they could not see an issue, but I am sure the problem remains. They apparently also reset the car software which showed that the passenger side sensor was 1 degree lower than it should be. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks, Kamal