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  1. boiliebasher

    Charging a new battery

    +1 Agreed
  2. boiliebasher

    Is there still such a thing as a dirt cheap e34?

    Agreed. I'm currently in the process of attempting to register a car in France and it's a right p.i.t.a Personally I would buy a Spanish E34 rather than import a rhd car over there. Firstly as mentioned it's a pig to change documents over and secondly, it's going to be a hell of lot less corroded than most UK car of similar age/price
  3. boiliebasher

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Probably best to start your own thread in the project section with photos etc
  4. boiliebasher

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Nice. I like that a lot 
  5. boiliebasher

    530d touring in beige!!

    Bargain!! That won't hang about long at that price.....
  6. boiliebasher

    Guess the mpg

    For me it's bonkers how some consider an E60 as an old car now but then again some are 14/15 years old now which is crazy! I'll bite, 48.9 mpg
  7. boiliebasher


    Good effort. It's not that bad and you you've done a great job of repairing it. Take your time and it will be good for years to come
  8. boiliebasher

    Good afternoon everyone.

  9. boiliebasher

    525tds and 525d flywheels and clutches

    Indeed. Interested myself in this project as an M51 6 speed is pretty unheard of. Good luck and please keep us updated
  10. boiliebasher

    E34 M50B25TU Bosch Alternator

    I think I managed to fit an E36 starter motor on my M50'd E34 a few years back. Had to swap some parts over as it wasn't an exact match but it got me out of trouble as I was in France at the time and the local motor factors wanted ridiculous money for a new one!
  11. boiliebasher

    Valves like this?

    Wow that's impressive. Never seen one "eaten up" like that before
  12. boiliebasher

    E39 530i on eBay

    4k for "race manifolds". Wowsers...
  13. boiliebasher

    Newbie but had the car a while

  14. boiliebasher

    Lucky driver - Lorry wheel v car

    Lucky man. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured.
  15. boiliebasher

    E34 M50B25TU Bosch Alternator

    Just out of curiosity what's the issue with your alternator?! Depending on what exactly is wrong with it, they can sometimes be refurbished.