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  1. boiliebasher

    wtd, E34 moon roof mechanism.

    I think the OP just means sunroof mechanism on an E34 touring. Some people refer to them (possibly incorrectly) as moon roof as they're so bloody huge
  2. boiliebasher

    Manual pedal box for e34

    Try Tims on here. He usually has a decent selection of spares in stock
  3. boiliebasher

    E34 Brake Pedal Spring Noise

    Maybe abs module is playing up?! Sorry can't be more helpful but it's not something I've come across all that often but know what you're experiencing if that makes sense. Maybe someone more qualified than I will be able to chime in with more relevant info
  4. boiliebasher

    E34 Brake Pedal Spring Noise

    Had the same issue with my old XR 4x4 Sierra and was told this was perfectly normal?! Not experienced it with any BMW's but maybe a brake fluid fluid flush may help?! Not sure though as it's not something that I've experienced very often in recent years
  5. boiliebasher

    BREAKING 1999 V 540i Auto TOURING E39

    I think the shell was shipped to China from what i gather
  6. Or even say cheap used parts from recycling plants/ scrappy?! Say maybe a good, used sound autobox with low mileage from a car that's been rear ended?! Nah, probably not. Best pull it all apart and cock it up worse than it was to begin with......
  7. boiliebasher

    E34 in Coatbridge

    Haha could be my old e34 tds. Was a very clean shell, but had 265k+ miles on it and that was probably 5 years ago now!!
  8. boiliebasher

    Fuel injection pump 525TDS

    You can also buy a "box of tricks" cheap on eBay which essentially runs the glow plugs and in tank pump every time the ignition is switched on and off regardless of engine temp. It definitely helped my hot start issue anyway IMHO, the chain driving the pump slackens over time, leading the timing to be ever so slightly out and coincides with age/ mileage and causes starting issues. Could be wrong but that's my theory. I'm not 100% convinced on the whole 'fuel vapour lock' theory myself regarding the HP pump which is well publicised on the net as a an explanation for the infamous tds starting issues.
  9. boiliebasher

    auto gearbox repair guidance

    I don't think that the car is the problem here My old e34 tds was sold with 265k+ miles and I happened to spot it a few years later on. Still running strong. Two particular clichés spring to mind : 1. If it ain't broke..... 2. You can lead a horse to water....
  10. boiliebasher

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Tread carefully with autodoc. Ordered parts from them recently and as long as they actually have parts in stock, all is well. When they don't, regardless of what will be shown on your screen, be prepared to wait..... Efficiency and customer service in my experience is not their strong point. They've gotten a hell of a lot of bad reviews on line. It can be a bit of a lottery with them...
  11. boiliebasher

    auto gearbox repair guidance

    He's going to crack on regardless of our incompetent and misguided advice so I wish him all the best with the gearbox overhaul
  12. boiliebasher

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Woke the 540i up after her winter hibernation. Went for a short blast to clear out the cobwebs... Nothing quite like the sound of a V8 on a Sunday afternoon....
  13. boiliebasher

    E34 540/6 Orient blue (Ireland)

    It's probably worth 1k or so for the engine and six cogs. Rest is scrap......
  14. boiliebasher

    Special nano liquid addons to engines and gearboxes?

    Actually on second thoughts, just try it. You are not necessarily obliged, nor encouraged to inform of us of proceedings and subsequent waffle related to above experiment
  15. boiliebasher

    Special nano liquid addons to engines and gearboxes?

    Go for it. Try it and let us know how you get on.