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  1. boiliebasher

    Roof rack.

    You may be able to retrofit a modern generic roof rack if you get the dimensions right but unfortunately having never fitted one myself, can't advise you which one would work properly. Maybe Thule list one?! At the time I believe BMW made a special OEM roof rack system for the E34 Tourings and you occasionally see one crop up ever now and again. It does look waaaay better than the generic ones you find nowadays but they usual go for mega money.....
  2. boiliebasher

    Interior mirror fell off

    Well at least they were good enough to rectify the situation! Unfortunately it's not always that easy with certain companies, so pleased that you got a decent outcome!
  3. boiliebasher

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    Hahaha! I'll bring back an extra bottle for you next time I do a booze cruise and if your anywhere near Hampshire its yours mate!
  4. boiliebasher

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    Right okay guys just a follow up from above; Many thanks to all those that have chimed in with the help. Very much appreciated guys. I decided that the easiest way forwards would be Chu's brilliantly simply and effective idea to just re-rivet the mounts on the bottom on the rad where they should of been in the first place...... Unfortunately things are never that easy, and the mounts on the Nissen radiator seem to be either spot welded in place of held in place by some super-duper special glue. I tried drilling and enlarging mounting holes, chipped at it slowly with a chisel by they just simply won't budge. I gave up as aluminium being such as soft and malleable metal, it doesn't take much to twist and distort it. Essentially what I ended up doing was cutting them off and using the ones from my old radiator as they WERE riveted on in place so much easier to remove and relocate. Luckily I had kept my old radiator and hadn't thrown it out yet so I still had them to repair the new Nissens one. As I had to remove the radiator, I thought I'd take a photo of the obvious MANUFACTURING DEFAULT of the brand new Nissens rad vs old one: So I ended up cutting and grinding the new nissens shroud mounts completely as they had to be removed in order to successfully fit the OEM cooling fan shroud. I'm still a little pee'd that I had to do this as essentially waste my time and effort having to correct someone else's cock up, despite it being a brand new out of the box radiator. Luckily all went back together successfully and back to how it should be. What's even more annoying is the fact that my defective nissens radiator can't be the only one floating about out there. It's not like Nissens built this specially for me. There must be loads of them out them and it must be I known problem with that particular batch. I took a closer look at the radiator and sure enough it's got a date and batch code sticker. If the Nissens UK representative hadn't of been such a complete and utter tosser, he would of simply asked me for those numbers, relayed it with Nissen HQ in Denmark and they would of been more than likely aware of this faulty batch and corrected the problem ASAP without me having to prat about correcting THEIR mistake or even having to fart about with the supplier in order to wait (weeks/months?) in sending my one back, then confirming there is indeed a problem and then eventually sending me out one that actually fits properly. Long story short its sorted now. But thanks to ignorance and incompetence of the Nissens UK after sales representative, I was forced to modify and D.I.Y a brand new out of the box radiator and waste my spare time making it fit properly. This matter SHOULD of been easily and promptly dealt with. No excuses from Nissens. Everyone makes mistakes but its the way you got about correcting them that makes the difference in this world. I will now think twice next time ordering a supposedly "quality after market replacement" from the likes of Nissens and also ordering goods online. Thoroughly disappointed with Nissens after sales and it will more than likely be the last radiator I will ever purchase from them. Not a happy customer and let hope it doesn't spring a leak anytime soon..... I've driven with the new setup and all seems to be well for the minute with no further apparent defects. Thanks again to all those chimed into this thread with helpful suggestions, again I thank you all for help in this issue. Special shout out goes to @Chu for simply relocating the mounts idea. Thanks mate, I owe you a beer for that one
  5. boiliebasher

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    Good shout Chu! In fact that's probably what I'll end up doing. But then again why should I... I've paid good money for a supposed good quality radiator from a supposed reputable company that can't even be bothered to build the damn thing correctly in the first place let alone deal amicably with the customers in after sales... I hear what you saying, and that's probably what I'll probably end up doing but I shouldn't even be in this situation in this first place...
  6. boiliebasher

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    No yet, just sent them out an email explaining the situation. I'll look into a bit further over the weekend. Thanks Sandip. You've got to admit though with indisputable proof of such an obvious manufacturing defect that he could of at least got in contact with Nissens HQ to raise the issue on my behalf. Sorry but it's simply too easy just to shrug it off and say "its not my problem" as easy as that. I'm still disgusted with the guys attitude and would be happy to name and shame this particular representative if you let me.
  7. boiliebasher

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    Yes, as of yet, zero response
  8. boiliebasher

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

  9. boiliebasher

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

  10. Just thought I would share with you how annoyed I am with recent discussions with the Nissens UK after sales representative. (Can name and shame if mods allow) Essentially, I was in contact with a UK Nissens automotive after sales representative recently with a problem I had with a brand new Nissens coolant radiator I bought for my 1996 E34 540i auto V8. I couldn't work out why the radiator coolant fan shroud mounts where completely wrong on this brand new, out of the box heavy duty Nissens radiator for my 540i. (not cheap) So naturally, I got in contact with the UK after sales representative and after an exchange of about half a dozen emails and photos I came to the conclusion that my coolant radiator had been BUILT UPSIDE DOWN FROM THE FACTORY!!!!! Having sent off all the relevant photos and measurements to back up my argument with indisputable proof, said represent duly accepted that I had indeed unfortunately ended up with a faulty radiator from the factory. He sent me out photos of a brand new replacement one in stock right there in front of him in his office that he promised he would be sending out to me asap to me. However, as soon as I mentioned that the radiator had been bought from Mister Auto, a company based in France, he simply washed his hands of it all. I said that writing in French was not my strong point, hence my decision to contact a Nissens UK based after sales team having no other option but to contact them with this issue. In no short terms he basically said it's not his problem and refused to have anything further to do with it. I was absolutely fuming to say the least. I pleaded with the representative that Mister Auto had ignored my repeated requests for a replacement radiator and to top it off, he didn't even have the politeness or courtesy to respond to me, despite several further attempts of communication. I argued that Nissens Automotive Radiators were based in Demark, an international company, and to please, please get in contact with HQ in Denmark to highlight my case and help me resolve the situation. Nothing, zip , sweet F.A. I am absolutely horrified that this UK Nissens representative could just shrug this off so easily having pleaded and explained to him that I could even dismantle the radiator (currently fitted to car) and sent it off to Denmark ,UK or even France for a replacement, but nope, NOTHING. Not at all the type of deplorable attitude or behavior I would expect from a well known company like Nissens. So I am now stuck with an expensive POORLY BUILT UPSIDE DOWN RADIATOR that I can neither exchange for new one , nor refit the original cooling fan radiator shroud. I'm fuming to say the least. I am left completely frustrated by this representative's actions and gobsmacked they could treat customers in this way. Simply disgusted, no other word for it really. Just in total shock of this particular representatives actions and how he could so easily weasel his way out of this situation because he simply couldn't be bothered to help me further despite acceptance of a very obvious manufacturing default. I'm just flabbergasted and frustrated of the whole situation to be honest.
  11. boiliebasher

    Part prices are a joke!!

    I too had issues with autodoc in the past and absolutely refuse to use them again. I'd rather pay a couple of quid more and get a decent after sales service then put up with the shocking behaviour of autodoc. Once bitten, twice shy as they say.
  12. boiliebasher

    When BMW Raced a 7 Series

    Not to mention the Sierra 5.0L XR8
  13. boiliebasher

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    Not for me. Mine has been garaged most of the time since then and it's still went again. Honestly if there is a solution I'm all ears but others on here at the time said there is nothing you can do to prevent those rails going and a few years down the line I wholeheartedly agree with them. I'm considering a roof rail delete in the future as other than custom made set from a different material I can't see a way round it. Agreed cracking effort by the O.P, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I've yet to hear of remedy for the age old problem of E34 touring roof rails paint flaking. My apologies to O.P. didn't mean to put a downer on his project and he could well get lucky and it may hold up longer you never know.
  14. boiliebasher

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    That's great but trust me, it won't last. People told me the exact same thing when I refurbished me a while back. I didn't believe them at the time, but I do now. I even went to the effort of sanding down that fibreglass type material so it was a clean, fresh layer then primer and 2k top coat and it lasted 3 years before it went again. Sorry to piss on your fireworks mate, but trust me, it just won't last. As others on here with the same experience and they will tell you the same thing. Sorry but that's just the way it is.
  15. boiliebasher

    Ow much!!! e34 520i

    Fairly sure I went to view this car a couple if years ago when it was advertised at around 5k iirc. If it is the same car, it's not all that.... The one I went to see had rust appearing on front jacking points and wings. I told the seller he was taking the biscuit and his car wasn't even worth half what he was asking!