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  1. *jimmyj*

    E39 Titan Silver Bonnet

    After the above please. In good condition with no rust, (as I already have one with rust, ha). North of England preferred and help with swap over if possible, when the world gets back to normal.
  2. *jimmyj*

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Told the E39 that she's staying in the family, and I'm not getting rid of her.
  3. *jimmyj*

    2003 530i E39 sport for sale £1800

    Definitely, been writing out a list of things I need to get to mark her perfect again. When things settle down I'll be booking her in at a bodyshop. When I worked out, what I'll likely get for her in her current condition, it just didn't make sense to sell her for so little.
  4. *jimmyj*

    E39 530i

    I know who
  5. *jimmyj*

    2003 530i E39 sport for sale £1800

    Car no longer for sale. I've decided over the weekend to throw some money at it and get all the rust sorted, (even in the places I can't see), full respray, wheels refurbed. Had quite a few people interested in buying her, and when I thought long and hard about it, it didn't make sense (as you could tell from my ad) my heart just wasn't fully in it. Will still be getting the other car I had my eye on, which will make the rebirth of my e39 possible. Thanks to all those that showed interest.
  6. *jimmyj*

    2003 530i E39 sport for sale £1800

    This is something which I have been putting off for a while, as I really love the E39. However, something has come up which I really fancy getting into. I got the car from a forum member off here. Car has been looked after, but there are some age related issues,as to be expected. Silver, 145k miles on the clock, it's still being used but not as much as I work from home now. Automatic gearbox. MOT until Oct 2021 6 Disc CD changer in boot. 2 Normal Keys. Service history Original BMW tool kit on boot lid Climate control  Sport Pack Tape Deck Sat Nav Electric windows all around Black leather seats Front and rear parking sensors, I have a parking sensor out on the back could do with being replaced. Original torch in glovebox. Original BMW First Aid kit  Auto Lights Auto wipers  Remote central locking Dual Zone Climate Control Heated seats There is some bubbling of rust on the rear arches. Bonnet has some rust on it near the drivers headlight, with some light scratches near the washer jets. Some rust on the sill of car. There is also some near the rear number plate lights at the rear. I'm probably making it sound worse than it actually is. But just being honest. There are some age related scratches on the bonnet. Slight dent on rear wing of the car, (but I guess a dent is a dent). No warning lights or anything, car starts and drives very well. No knocks or anything. Loads of history, happy to have a discussion with anyone about anything. £1800 priced to sell.
  7. *jimmyj*

    E39 530i Sport Saloon Wanted

    I'm thinking of putting mine up for sale.
  8. *jimmyj*

    Breaking E39 530d sport, manual, 2001, titan silver

    How much for the bonnet, if available. If so what condition is it in.
  9. *jimmyj*

    Going up or not

    I've been thinking whether the e39's are going up in value. The individual model models always seem more for obvious reasons, but are the 530s likely to start creeping up.
  10. *jimmyj*

    Blower motor stopped working

    Mine started doing this a few months back. Replaced the blowers / fans behind the dash (i didn't do it). It started to work then stopped, then started, then after a few months later (two days ago) it stopped. Just in time for the cold weather - great.
  11. *jimmyj*

    Heaters still not working

    Ahhhh thanks. They actually changed that part, I think let me triple check with them.
  12. *jimmyj*

    Heaters still not working

    Cheers Dan. Do you have a link to the part?
  13. *jimmyj*

    Heaters still not working

    Every since I've had the car it has always had a little chrip coming from the fans when it was on level two. I've had the car nearly 3 years now, but recently the fans have all stop working had my local garage have a look at it, and recommended that the motor behind the dash board needed replacing. Motor was replaced and all was good, but the heaters and fans have stopped working again. Anyone got any ideas as to what could be causing this?
  14. *jimmyj*

    2002 e39 530d Sport - Breaking - Final Parts

    Do you have the small nut that secures the brake disc in place?