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  1. *jimmyj*

    Lower grille M5 ducts

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the M5 ducts (just the circles) that go in the lower bumper. I've got the holes there already, but just never had the circles in place.
  2. Would you say it's best for him to stick with the rubber bushes then?
  3. Some good information here.
  4. *jimmyj*

    Wheel refurb colour MParelles

    Guess I've just got to make a decision, and stop messing about.
  5. *jimmyj*

    Wheel refurb colour MParelles

    I'm worried I won't get the exact match of colour
  6. *jimmyj*

    Wheel refurb colour MParelles

    Anyone got a paint code for platinum silver?
  7. *jimmyj*

    Another one saved

    Yeah bumpers where always misaligned slightly, that's how I received the car from Andy. They did the parts instructed them to do, it's never going to be like it rolled off the production line but very happy with how it is now. It's in better condition now, than when I first got it from Andy.
  8. *jimmyj*

    Another one saved

    Yeah they sorted the lights out for me as well
  9. *jimmyj*

    Wheel refurb colour MParelles

    Think the shadow chrome looks good on a dark car, not sure whether it will look as good on my Titan Silver.
  10. *jimmyj*

    Wheel refurb colour MParelles

  11. *jimmyj*

    Another one saved

  12. *jimmyj*

    Another one saved

  13. *jimmyj*

    Another one saved

    pictures to follow
  14. *jimmyj*

    Another one saved

    Panel was replaced, and I think they did a good job. At times I can be abit funny about things, I think it's a good match, it's a 100 times better than it was with all the rust, but I can ever so slightly tell the difference. But that's me being very very picky. I guess the only way is to fully do the car. Happy with the results
  15. *jimmyj*

    Wheel refurb colour MParelles

    Shadow Chrome??