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  1. Ifti007

    Lci tail lights recall?

    Hey all I've seen in some discussion about the recall for the tail lights on lci variants from 2007 onwards. Someone please shed more light in to this as I'm going to book me sweet ride in for bmw and want them to do the recall work. Pretty sure this is old news but since im a new owner please help out.
  2. Need pricing for the high pressure fuel pump for bmw e60 530i lci 2009. Many Thanks
  3. Ifti007

    Bmw 530i lci 2008 High pressure fuel pump

    What is the part number?
  4. Hi, Just wondering where can i get a high pressure fuel pump for my 530i lci 2009 plate. cannot seem to find a place where they sell them likes of ecp etc. I found one place but its a bosche part but the actual image doesnt look like what id say is a hpfp. has anyone else had to change there fuel pump. My cars mileage is 75000, bit baffled it needs changing. Currently experience fast rate of fuel dropping and get about 200miles out of a full tank, in my books thats bad. I drive legit and get 17mpg. All the help is needed, havent been active in this page but some may know me. I had previously a 525d lci, which got burned down from a fire in the battery well.
  5. Theres nothing regards to a recall. Didnt know there was a recall on the fuel pump..i thought that was for only the owners of a n53 in the US. I am having rought and long crank starts some days.
  6. Vin: CW83681 part no. 11427789323 Including ‘o’ rings
  7. Ifti007

    Bmw e60 cic

    Hi can i have a price for a part number. 65839206067 thanks
  8. Ifti007

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Im selling my cic with dab if anyone interested.
  9. Hi, Can i have prices for my bmw e60 525d LCI auto gearbox transmission oil sump kit. my last 7 digits of vin is CW83681 thanks
  10. Ifti007

    E60 525d lci gearbox oil sump kit price

    Can you list whats included in the kit..also includes the 7L oil? Bolts?
  11. Ifti007

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Been a long while since i been on the forums but heres my car and its come a very long way.
  12. Ifti007

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Recent pik took the car for a wash..havent posted on the forum for a while so il leave this here for you all.
  13. Ifti007

    Parts request

    Hi, can i request for part number- 63317163512 driver side puddle light for door handle. thanks
  14. Prices please for the bmw e60 centre console trim which has the cic controller cut out, preferably in diamond scwartz black. Thank you
  15. Ifti007

    SAT on a 525D LCI

    Hi, I recently aquired a SAT LCI gear lever (with the sports button) i had it fitted in by a forum member KadirLLB thank you to him. Now the gear shifter works just as normal as my other lci non sport shifter, when i press down on sport the steering stiffens up too. Now i am wanting the full SAT option with S1/S2...etc modes on my car. Will it be possible as my car is a 57 plate 525d LCI. and i have purchased the flappy paddle steering as i got a goot deal for it. Will that work? I dont mind it working normal worh M1/M2..etc modes. Thank you
  16. Ifti007

    Bmw e60 lci powerfold parts

    Hi can i request parts for a bmw e60 lci Driver side powerfold individual parts: -Outer shadowline gloss bezzel which has space for the puddle light. -wing mirror cover driver side - power fols glass one that auto dims and heated. My reg: DM04MED Thanks
  17. Ifti007

    Bmw e60 lci powerfold parts

    Is the bezel high gloss and come with the light? And just to confirm the mirror itself costs £306?
  18. Hi, Can i request price for driver side powerfolding mirror with underside LED for a bmw e60 LCI. It must include the mirror too. Price for the complete unit. Many Thanks
  19. Ifti007

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yesterday got my service done, feels a pleasure to be in the drivers seat. EGR Blanked off by code but now i decided to get it blanked off visually with a blanker.