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  1. ///Max

    E39 540i Misfire Rough Running

    Hi, I’ve read the whole thread as I’ve got a similar problem with my B10 V8. I haven’t been through all the the things you changed. But I know that I have a slight blow in the exhaust. Is the problem completely solved now? Cheers.
  2. ///Max

    I want a new 5 but which? / 530i power?

    Thanks for the replies guys. And Mr_530i, that was just what I wanted to know. I want the most bang for my buck! Budget around £6k.
  3. Hi, I'm selling both my Alpina b10 v8, and my 525ix. I just want one car. I want something with a bit a poke ( I've had both an e46 M3 and e39 M5), without the M tax. I was looking at 335i's, then was looking at 530i's (manuals only!). Autotraders site gives two different power out puts for the 530i, are there differences? Are there different models to consider?
  4. ///Max


    I've just had exactly the same problem. Tried paying with PayPal, it said I couldn't make payment, so tried with my card, just whirly round loading symbol? Dont you want our money!?
  5. ///Max

    Door mirrors.

    Hi, sorry if this is something that's been covered before, but I ordered new mirror glass and it's the wrong shape. Not sure what ones I need? The mirrors don't fold, but maybe they should but don't work?! Its a '97 Alpina v8. I'll try and find a pic. Cheers, Max
  6. ///Max

    Lowering a 525ix?

    Thanks for the replies. And yes, I kind of agree, maybe it should be left at a standard high. I was reading that the e30 325ix was 30mm higher than standard, is that the same for the 5? Mine looks like a normal ride height. Maybe I should go the other way?!....lift kit anyone!?
  7. Hi, I need a set of locks for my center caps. But. It sure which I need? The number on the back doesn't seem to match any? 3613611 They're 18".
  8. ///Max

    Weird electrics.

    I'm not too sure what nav it is? It's a small screen though?
  9. ///Max

    Weird electrics.

    Thanks for the reply, is it a big job to change the ignition switch? Im scared of electrics!!
  10. ///Max

    Weird electrics.

    Sorry for the double post, put this in the Alpina section. It thought it should be here! My electrics are a bit screwy! The indicator lights don't work on the dash, and no flsher sound. Then every now and again they start working, but double time... at the same time the stereo comes on (normally dead!), and the computer starts working?! And to add to the problem, the glovebox won't open! The handle does do anything. So I can't even wiggle fuses! Oh I nearly forgot. The alarm goes off randomly! Are these common problems? Cheers.
  11. ///Max

    Weird electrics

    Yeah, sorry it's an e39, v8. 1997.
  12. ///Max

    Weird electrics

    Hi, I've got a really annoying problem, most of the time the indicator lights on the dash don't flash (or make a noise), but the lights on the outside of the car work fine. Then every now and again the lights work on the dash but are flashing double time. When they start working the dash computer seems to start working and the small screen nab comes on (it's normally dead!). Also the alarm goes off on its own?! Anything common in that lot? Oh oh and the latch on the grove box does work so I can't even fiddle with fuses!!
  13. ///Max

    525ix lower arms.

    I've googled the part numbers, only parts places in the US. And still pricey!
  14. ///Max

    525ix lower arms.

    Hi, does anyone know if these are ix specific? BMW want £200 a side! Cheers.