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  1. airmaxnbeemers95

    A Few Questions About The E34

    I just turned 20 on the 5th of this month and I was paying £236 per month with no NCD on my 525i sport, other than that it has been super cheap to run with not a lot of town use. Along with things like parking sensors that is always something you could install as there are factory kits for E34's, I made a post not too long ago which you can check out. It states all the optional extras you could have on an E34 and you'll be surprised how equipped they can be. I'm also running 17x8 front 17x9 rear on my throwing stars and no scrapping at all although I'm not on sport suspension no more which is a huge bummer
  2. airmaxnbeemers95

    New owner 3.6 M5

    Beauty! Excited to see what it becomes!
  3. airmaxnbeemers95

    Beautiful 535i E34 sport

    By the looks of things yes! I sold my 525 sport not long ago and I'm buying it back for more than I sold it
  4. airmaxnbeemers95

    Beautiful 535i E34 sport

    I did grow a soft spot for this example! I'm a modded though and couldn't own an example that deserves to be original
  5. airmaxnbeemers95

    E34 optional extras

    Pahaha I know I am to find them comfy
  6. airmaxnbeemers95

    E34 optional extras

    I definitely feel pimp
  7. airmaxnbeemers95

    E34 optional extras

    Nothing is comfier than the sport seats and apart from the pure driving experience electric seats are always a nice touch, I never buy a car without them
  8. airmaxnbeemers95

    Best engine swap ideas

    Ahh I see! And I've never thought about an S38, I'd love that swap
  9. airmaxnbeemers95

    Beautiful 535i E34 sport

    Again a very strong point and with someone like me I'd definitely spoil it just sold my 525 sport because I felt like it was too good to modify lol
  10. airmaxnbeemers95

    Best engine swap ideas

    Okay, will looks that up now thanks!
  11. airmaxnbeemers95

    Best engine swap ideas

    That's a number I like! Do you have an idea on who would be good at changing the brake system? I seriously want this done and would like figures to get it done
  12. airmaxnbeemers95

    Beautiful 535i E34 sport

    Blinded by it's beauty I didn't even throw question marks at that point
  13. airmaxnbeemers95

    Beautiful 535i E34 sport

    There has actually, I'd definitely spend this money if it was a 540 sport
  14. airmaxnbeemers95

    Best engine swap ideas

    Lol that's the issue the car I want has not been created which is why I'd like to modify a body that isn't highly appreciated, if anything regardless if there was a car that I could buy I'm sure I'd pay the same amount for it etc. 540 sport, B10
  15. airmaxnbeemers95

    E34 optional extras

    Not that hard, a lot of people are breaking them as a whole these days! Come up on Ebay at least once a week