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  1. cornershop

    Front control arms - OEM or aftermarket

    I’ve not had much luck with the lemforder parts that are all black in finish. They seems to be finished poorly compared with other parts.
  2. cornershop

    Engine oil question

    Used their competition 10w50 in my old 911. No issues - started well, maintained slightly lower temps than the 20w50 that was in it.
  3. cornershop

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Just let it settle - most internet reading suggested it should be 10mm or so above the gauze. Speaking to David Olias from ClassicMD and with his E34 M5 SLS knowledge, he confirmed it should be just below the gauze. Which is precisely where mine is.
  4. cornershop

    Tidy? E34 520i Touring on gumtree

    Its sold - have seen the new owner post on a BM facebook group
  5. cornershop

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    According to the US BMW forum, the E38 SLS valve is interchangeable if you carry over one bracket from old to new. I bought some refurbed SLS struts from Nagengast - i needed new spheres and adjoining hoses. Fitted with -10mm HR M5 springs, matched with eibach -25mm springs and SACHS up front . After some episodes of fluid overflow from the CHFS reservoir, its now settled and seems to be working just fine.
  6. cornershop

    Dangerous Wiper incident.

    I experienced similar recently, but it wa my passgenger wiper that stopped - that too was a loose nut. I bought the linkage bush kit below as Cotswold advise the full linkage is NLA. Not fitted yet, a project for warmer climes... https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2366083-BMW-E31-E32-E34-E39-Wiper-Linkage-Repair-Set
  7. cornershop

    End tuning M50 chip

    Yes 45 mins or so
  8. cornershop

    End tuning M50 chip

    Hello No downsides to report. Everything as before but with some extra shove and urgency through the range. Im using Esso 99 too, but purely for the lack of ethanol content. I’m sure Enda can tweak timing a touch, if you think you’ll always be using SUL.
  9. cornershop

    520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

    Nice update, looks like a job well done i love the m50b25 in mine - fuel consumption is a bit higher than expected, but have a new thermostat to go in to hopefully remediate that (runs cool). in yours, as it had been standing, I’d be tempted to change oil, filter and coolant within 500 miles or so, and treat what you’ve done to date as a flush. FWIW, I used Millers Trident 5w40 in mine - I tend to use any 5w40 with a Porsche A40 approval, and this was £21 for 5 litres delivered.
  10. cornershop

    E34 parts

    Thanks @cotswoldbmwmini Is the whole linkage likely to return to stock?
  11. cornershop

    E34 parts

    https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD62-EUR-12-1991-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=61_0831 #1 Wiper linkage #2 Wiper motor #3 cover #7 rod (in case i fix root cause only) #25 cover plus required numbers of: #6 #15-19 #24 reg J510RPG Can I get an individual price for #1 and #2 please. Thank you.
  12. cornershop

    SLS - fluid leak

    Exchanged some Facebook messages with David Olias from Classic MD autos. he suggested the NRV in the valve could be at fault, allowing fluid to head back to the reservoir - he does have refurbished valves available, but suggested if an e38 valve fits the e34 with the arms changed over (as i have read), that would be a better option (available from Europe for 270 GBP..) Useful to know, however. I’m thinking that if the valve is the cause of the fluid level change, I’d see some change in the ride height at the rear, but thats not the case. Its sitting and riding perfectly. Ive pinged BMR in Crawley an email as they’re about an hour away from me in Woking - will follow up tomorrow. Failing that, I’ll take a day out and see if David at Classic MD can assist. Risky if it can’t be changed over easily - I’ve read the pipes that feed and return the fluid can be a pain to remove - could leave me stranded in Suffolk (!)
  13. cornershop

    SLS - fluid leak

    Thanks chaps - that’s really useful to know. I need to get it to a specialist, which won’t be BMS at this rate.
  14. cornershop

    SLS - fluid leak

    So after BMS in Leatherhead fitted refurbished SLS struts to my 91 Saloon, twice now fluid has forced itself out of the PAS reservoir and onto my driveway. I checked the level from cold, pumped the brake pedal 15 or so times and it was still below the gauze on level ground, so added approx 50ml which took it to 10mm above the bottom of the gauze. Took it for a 30min spin, and within a few minutes of parking up, the level is 10mm from the top, with traces of fluid down the side of the reservoir. The following morning, it’s left a sizeable stain on the drive and the level is below the gauze again. Next time, I check level before setting off, this time 10mm above gauze (without me adding any fluid); when I get back, it’s close to the top again. Use a syringe to remove circa 75ml, but this takes level back below gauze again when checking the following day, with more signs of leaking from the reservoir. The stain is a PITA but I can deal with it, my biggest concern is potentially running my newly refurbed struts dry, which I’ll be properly peed off about. I think there is air in the system but not sure if a bleed screw exists? Have emailed and called BMS, speak to the receptionist both 2 weeks and 1 week ago and no one has called me back. Complete shambles, I thought they had a decent rep. I keep getting told “we’re really busy” This after spending £1500 with them overall....
  15. cornershop

    E34 Parts

    Hello @cotswoldbmwmini Reg J510rpg https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD62-EUR-12-1991-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=11_4856 can I get a quote for parts: 3 9 x15 10 x2 14 thanks