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  1. Cheers for the quick reply. It's an iPod touch 4th gen, wakeup mod on KCA-420. Vehicle is set as a late E39, mines a facelift November 2001 build so though this would be right. It also has the MK4 DVD sat nav fitted and freeview tuner. I've done reboots on both the iPod and Intravee but still remains the same. Just as an additional note the track name display flashes between the track title and "CD3” when I enter any part of the Intravee menu. I can still navigate the menu, albeit at a laggy rate but the audio doesn't return until I've power cycled the head unit.
  2. Hi , I've a a couple of strange issues with my Intravee. All has been working well up until recently, I've noticed the following: 1. When listening to my ipod, if I enter any option screen from the main Intravee menu (i.e track search or setup) the audio drops out and the song title flashes on and off. The track time still counts up but the whole intravee menu system becomes really sluggish. If I power the headunit off and on the audio comes back but the same happens eveytime I enter the menu. 2. Around the same time my auto unlock has stopped working, I've tried changing all sorts of settings and nothing works, it seems my wipers activate instead. Any help appreciated Cheers
  3. I've considered the Intravee for a while now but only recently got round to buying one. Ordered it from ToysInYourCar, very quick delivery. For anyone who hasn't gathered, you don't need the KCA 420 or any other AiNet devices to use the Intravee's extra features. All I can say is what a fantastic piece of kit, I feel its totally brought my E39 up to date. For anyone like myself who wasn't too convinced of the benefits other than the iPod integration here is what I've set up on my car using Intravee: Wing mirrors now fold and unfold when locking/unlocking the carFog lghts, angel eyes and tail lights come on when unlocking the car and when removing the key from ignition (great for when your parked somewhere very dark)Angel eyes now set as DRL'sFront fog light illuminates when indicating (just the one in which direction I'm turning)Indicators now set to flash 4 times when stalk briefly movedMusic switches off and parking sensor distances come up on high OBC when reverse is selectedDoors auto unlock when engine is turned offBoonet and boot open messages show on OBC before driving offOver rev warning message appears if revving engine when too coldSat Nav map scale adjusts according to speed showing more map when travelling fasterMost of these features are the type of thing you see on new cars so its great to see them on my 14 year old BMW. Overall its a great mod and I haven't even added any AiNet devices yet
  4. Stualex

    540i Sport back boxes removed

    Sorry bud, probably couldn't get much further away. A place called exhaust a Fix in Darlington. In the North East. Any half decent custom exhaust place should be able to do it tho, it's just finding one. Not sure what price you should be paying down there tho.
  5. After considering castrating my 540i and watching loads of youtube videos with the sub cranked right up on the amp I decided to go ahead and get the back boxes removed and replaced with a straight pipe. I'm more than capable of doing this myself but for the price I was charged it made more sense to pay the exhaust place to do it. Anyway, hands down probably the best £100 I've spent on any car in my 16 years of driving. The sound is exactly as I expect a sporty V8 to sound, still pretty much silent whilst cruising (although I do have the double glazing) but with your foot planted it sounds awsome, not chavy, not raspy or farty, just a pure V8 growl. However the biggest downside is the fuel consumption, logically it shouldn't make a difference but I find myself driving everywhere in manual (flappy paddles) now and holding it longer in 1st to hear the growl, and I've been doing a lot more acceleration runs for no reason. Hence my fuel consumption has got a lot worse, but if I was that bothered about mpg I wouldn't have bought a V8 in the first place. My conclusion, if you have the V8, do it, you will not regret it. I wanted the twin round exit but when they offered it up it didn't fit right so rather than cut the bumper I went with the oval (in case I ever went back to standard). Again glad to say I'm pleased with this as well.
  6. Stualex

    Worth while upgrades to my E39 540i Sport

    I've already got the flappy paddles on the steering wheel and your right, they work fantastic. Also just discovered kick down mode today.
  7. Stualex

    Worth while upgrades to my E39 540i Sport

    Cheers for the reply Dennis. Must admit, another thing I was looking at was the exhaust system. I know that the standard one is very good but in some ways I feel it's too good as I'd like to hear a bit more of the V8 engine note coming through. I feel the only way to do the car justice tho is to get a high quality aftermarket system of which I'm completely unsure what to go for or even make my own. I made a 4 meter long, 4" system for a prototype truck I was building at work, took me around a week to do but I knew it was a quality system and has already passed our -40'C testing.
  8. Had my 540 around 4 weeks now and done over 1000 miles and everything is running well. Normally I buy cars which need work doing but apart from a wheel bearing and rear discs it needs no attention so I'm looking at potential upgrades or retrofits. It has a lot of options fitted as it is so just wondered if people had any ideas where to progress from here. All suspension, brakes drive line are superb, the gearbox has just been reconditioned along with new crank seal whilst the box was off. Valve covers have been removed, shot blasted/powder coated and resealed with a wet gasket. Inspection 2 service done in October last year. The wheels were refurbished last year and are spotless with new Pirelli P Zero tyres. Has the MK4 DVD sat nav and BMW freeview module. I fitted one of my simcards to the on board V50 so that all works great. Has a bluetooth receiver fitted in place of the CD changer. Although I feel the sound off this is mediocre. All interior is immaculate so not even any trims to repair or replace. Has the double glazing fitted which I really like. Has folding and auto dimming mirrors which I really like, although I wish they folded when the car locks as I keep forgetting to press the button. Things I was looking at doing: Change the bluetooth steaming module, can't remember the make of the current one but I've never hear of it and functionality is limited Upgrade the halo bulbs to LED variants Think I could do with a new windscreen as mine looks like the original and is pitted. I like the glass to be smooth. Surely there must be some upgrades to do. Any ideads??
  9. Stualex

    Hi guys, new 540i owner here.

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Been having a good look round the forum and seems a good place to be. I have a few things to look at on my car so no doubt I'll be looking for a little guidance and hopefully I'll be able to help a few people out along the way too.
  10. Stualex

    Hi guys, new 540i owner here.

    Yeah that was the one, a complete waste of my time. Although it led me to this one so ended well.
  11. Stualex

    Hi guys, new 540i owner here.

    Cheers Kenny, Was a bit of luck finding it really. I'd travelled about 200 miles to buy a 540 touring that I'd seen. I'd asked the seller loads of questions and it looked great on the pictures but once I got there he turned out to be a complete bull shitter and the car was a lemon, from overheating engine to bald tyres and speakers falling out, oh yes and a knackered airbag ecu which he didn't think was a problem so didn't tell me. Stuck 200 miles from home with no return train I started trawling through eBay and auto trader. Luckily this car had popped back up for sale after I thought it had sold. I contacted the seller, had a really good enthusiast chat and he agreed to come and pick me up assuring me the car was as good as he said. Anyway, it was even better than he said, I bought it, and now I'm over the moon with my 540i. I personally can't believe a car of this standard can be had for this sort of money.
  12. Hi guys, my name is Stu, I'm 33 and I work for Cummins Engines as an Associate Engineer. Ive recently bought myself a lovely 540i sport. Before this I had an E46 330ci which I bought as a bit of a shed, I spent a year and a couple of thousand bringing it up to an excellent standard before some idiot decided to crash into it and right it off. Anyway after that I decided to get something which has had all the hard work done. Not sure if the car might be known to the forum as it's been exceptionally well cared for and at the moment all credit for the cars condition goes to the previous owners. What makes me think an enthusiast has owned it being the sat nav upgraded to MK4 DVD, TV upgraded to a genuine BMW freeview receiver and a CSL steering wheel freshly re-trimmed to name a few things. Not to mention the meticulous service and repair history. Anyway, here it is: