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  1. Over 700miles to a tank mainly dual, A & B roads
  2. bee

    Over-tightened Wheel Bolts

    That's shocking. You say the wheel was being damaged - is the tyre fitter sorting this out? I am told that an air impact wrench should not be used at all on a locking wheel nut because of the high risk of damage... Glad you got it sorted.
  3. I am familiar with the perished airbag issue but having not used the car for a week was surprised to see both sides at the rear sagging (equally), which corrected as soon as I started the car. As I have not (yet) experienced either side show obvious symptoms before, to see both have sagged was a surprised. What I have not been able to find on the web is any indication that this might be normal if the compressor has not been used for a while or what the nature of the fault would be. I guess both sides could have a small leak that is masked normally. Any thoughts guys?
  4. You need to have ticked the 12v power package when ordering.
  5. bee

    F10 door corrosion

    Seeing that corrosion point partially answers a question I had... I have no corrosion (yet...) on my Oct 2014 build. BMW dealer did though, replace all of my chrome door top trims as part of the end of warranty check, without me even asking or mentioning any problem. My question was - Is there any link with the trims and the door corrosion syndrome?
  6. I also find that baby-wipes are a great cleaning/refurb option, and less aggressive depending on the original state of the leather
  7. bee

    Tyre temperatrures

    So... A typical c40 mile journey, mixed town, dual, single A and B roads. Ambient temp 20deg. At the end of my journey here is a view of my idrive - all temps similar and throughout the journey either all the same or within a degree (calibration and change points between sensors I expect).
  8. bee

    Tyre temperatrures

    I have the temp coded on my display too. Temp all relative to ambient of course but with correct tyre pressures for the loads (front/rear), the temp reading on all four tyres is within a degree during a decent run.
  9. Ah... I have a genuine BMW wheel brush thingymajig device that gets in such crevices don't you know...
  10. They're the winters I have too, very easy to clean
  11. I have it, c£300 option when new and I find it invaluable when reversing against a tight spot. Personally, I would find it a retrograde step if my next DD did not have one. However, £1k plus fitting/coding is an eye opener. Must be third party options...
  12. When I had a very similar puncture wound on one of my RFT's a year or so ago, I was told by my local big name tyre fitter that RFT's cannot be safely repaired — manufacturers say so... So I researched on line and found that some brands do state this and some don't. Pirelli do state that they do not permit/endorse repairs to a RFT...(guess what brand I have — both summer and winter tyres). I have an emergency tyre repair kit (sold for tubeless motorcycle tyres), that I have used as a permanent fix on punctures on my ride on mower, so I used this as temporary repair on the RFT. Tyre remained perfectly inflated for a month until I got around to buying a new matching tyre. In hindsight I should have left it but I was swayed by the potential insurance implication... BTW, for those who have not seen the inside, a tyre that has been run flat for any significant period will delaminate the interior, and is very obvious to a tyre repairer and they will not/should not repair in this case.
  13. bee

    How to choose a parking spot

    That worries me about the behaviour of some people. It is not just about expensive cars but any car that it looks someone cares about. Arguably some wealthy folk would care less as they may not be emotionally attached to their car, but someone who has spent many hours restoring and caring for a cherished vehicle may well be very upset... Yes I have been there
  14. Agree - My first dealer (near home) a couple of years ago told me my car was not affected (range of vin numbers). Same car but a different dealer (near work) said it was and replaced under warranty/recall, no quibble. As said it is a soft recall. I mentioned on both occasions that I was concerned about the chill factor.
  15. bee

    Software Issues Recall

    Yet is this a coincidence that the volume seller is the one most affected (had to be adjusted)...[insert cynical emoji]