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  1. BMW.Enthusiastic

    CAS no ELV Update

  2. BMW.Enthusiastic

    CAS no ELV Update

    Morning, I was wondering if anyone could help me figuring out which version I need to update the CAS to remove the ELV. I updated the CAS from 6943791 to 9147224 using WinKFP but still having the same issue, however the lock/unlock the steering wheel works a treat, the only issue is the yellow steering lock pops-up every time I insert the key in after 2 hours sleep, even though the steering wheel is already unlocked. I believe the version of CAS I updated it's not the version without ELV, please correct me if I'm wrong. Someone suggested to update the SZL as well but my car doesn't have any SZL module, it's a E90 2006. Thank you so much.
  3. BMW.Enthusiastic

    To be removed

    To be removed
  4. BMW.Enthusiastic

    To be removed

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  5. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Daten files to update CAS

    Sorted, thank you so much.
  6. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Fuel Pump module issue?

    Well you're very right on this point. They starts if I put the ignition on, otherwise they won't. But as far as I've read online, the steering lock could be coded out using NCS or CAS update and should sort it out. Do you know anything about? Thank a lot
  7. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Fuel Pump module issue?

    Thanks for your reply. Well, just realised this morning, I updated the CAS last night but didn't remove the errors and reset the counter after the update. The ELV seems to operate fine, every time I put the key in ignition it unlocks the steering wheel, then put the key in the ignition and the yellow steering lock welcomes me into the car. As far as I know, the new CAS firmware should turn off the ELV and leave it on 'open' but I'll check that tonight through NCS. What doesn't make sense to me, as soon as I put the key in ignition, the steering wheel gets unlocked so you can move it, but the fuel pump doesn't get the right signal and doesn't get power at all. I need to keep the car with the ignition on for at least 2 min and then suddenly radio starts, fuel pump and whatever else didn't at first or get out of the car, lock it and returning back to it after 10 mins then it will operate as normal. If I remove the key when the steering lock in on, the ELV won't lock the steering wheel anymore. I'll be having an attempt tonight to see what values are for the ELV in the new CAS firmware and try to see if the self-test is still on, whenever you open the door. Any other suggestions will be highly appreciative. Thanks a lot buddy
  8. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Fuel Pump module issue?

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Last night I updated the CAS and still the same issue but now the only thing shows up it's the steering lock but again it's cranking and not starting, I believe the fuel pump didn't receive signal by that time yet. Do you think could be from the ELV?
  9. BMW.Enthusiastic

    To be removed

    To be removed
  10. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Fuel Pump module issue?

    Thanks a lot Deviant. Well I was thinking it might be from the fuel pump module since DIS couldn't find that module and eventually skipped it and by the time DIS got to the CAS everything started working fine.
  11. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Fuel Pump module issue?

    Hi guys, I have a very strange issue and took me two weeks to find out exactly what's going on. Last night I figured it out what's happening but still don't know how to sort it and why it's doing that yet. For the past 2 weeks, every time I put the key in ignition I faced a yellow steering lock and the car didn't start at all, but as soon as I put the ignition on, the wipers got mental, radio not turning on and the ABS on, steering lock disappeared. Last night, same thing happened, but I plugged DIS straight away to see what's the issue. When tried to see if started, just cranked but didn't start at all. Apparently DIS said "Control unit cannot be detected" for the "EKPS Fuel-pump control. Asked me if I still want to enter it and clicked yes, carried on testing until got to the IHR Integrated heater control and again popped up "Other control unit variant detected". When it got to the CAN (the last module to test in DIS) it actually cut the connection. Straight after, the car started to work again, the fuel pump started, radio etc. and the car was fully operational again, however, the CAN re-issued the connection without doing anything and suddenly everything was connected again. After this DIS showed that under FRM module, 9CCF (Communication with LIN operator unit disturbed). At the moment, the only way to be able to start the car is that, unlock the car and plug then key in then the steering lock shows up, remove key, get out of car and lock it, 5 mins later, unlock it, put the key back in ignition and it's working again. Next time, same thing again. Also, found out that, I tried it yesterday morning, the steering lock popped up, locked and went to work. Last evening came from work, tested and it was working on the first insert of the key, which leads me to believe the car didn't go into sleep mode again for the whole day. Now, when steering lock is on and then the wipers start mental, radio off and car doesn't start, makes sense, because the fuel pump doesn't start either. After 2 mins leaving the ignition on, the car comes back to life by itself and starts working again, all errors disappear and all good to go. Has anyone any clue what is wrong with it, or what should I check? I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you
  12. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Daten files to update CAS

    Hi all, Anyone could share the latest Daten files to update my BMW E90 2006 CAS, I have an ELV problem and found out that with a software update I can cure this issue. Also, what version of BMW Standard Tools I need with the latest Daten files? I really much appreciate your help. Thank you!
  13. BMW.Enthusiastic

    To be removed

    To be removed
  14. BMW.Enthusiastic

    To be removed

    To be removed
  15. BMW.Enthusiastic

    Audio aux greyed out on idrive

    @Bluewater_525ia there's an IPOD interface from BMW, just remove your CD Changer and plug that IPOD instead. However, you USB shouldn't be hard to make it work.