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  1. j2112

    M badges

    Price please for a pair of the small badges for the wings. I think part number is 51148058881. Thank you.
  2. j2112

    E60/61 iDrive repair recommendations

    I used a guy on eBay - he changed his username to ‘tomtechtronic’ but I certainly can recommend him.
  3. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    Quite a lot of white smoke on start up too, though this may be that I haven’t noticed before!
  4. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    So just finished my shift and back in the car. Main CD still on so that’s something, and the clock is still live. Little vid of the start up to follow - I’ll need to reset the airbag might so ignore that. For info, the IBS was disconnected. 80D098C8-2466-4E0F-87AE-84C4028BE5EE.MOV
  5. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    So I’ve driven to work and had the main CD player on. We’ll see if that’s on when I finish. Disconnected IBS too to see if that makes any difference? Another strange thing is that the power mirrors don’t always fold with the fob (coded in long ago). This happened just now again.
  6. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    Oh really? Makes sense I suppose. So if my battery is 100 do I code it up or down? Can’t do it until my daughter comes home with the laptop (although I may be able to borrow one in the meantime) if such coding is required in the VO. I’m new to Carly but I don’t think it has that capability?
  7. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    Mmm. I believe the battery was registered but I’ll look at that again. I have no access to my laptop for a few weeks so I’ll have to use Carly, although I’m not sure as it doesn’t carry all the relevant batteries iirc? I have a notion my battery is 100aH whereas Carly had 90 or 110? I’ll check that out though. IBS is another matter. It is currently all connected and when disconnected it throws a code or two. I may try disconnecting it for a while to see if there is any change.
  8. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    Sorry pal, thought I had already replied to this? No usb but I do have aux - good point. I’ll keep an eye on this as I haven’t noticed which audio option comes on when started, but I dont believe it is always the same as when I left it! I do notice a slight fluctuation in revs at times - what are you thinking?
  9. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    No usb but I have aux fitted - good point! Though I think this doesn’t always apply when I leave the car? I’ll keep a eye on that. Very slight fluctuation in revs at times. What are you thinking?
  10. j2112

    Struggling to start ......

    First start this morning and I didn’t hear the static. To be fair I was half asleep still! Clock needed reset again though. All the symptoms point to the battery but it was tested recently and was good. I also measured the current at the battery and found it to be ok, other than an occasional spike to around 6 amps. I’ll never find what was causing that but I don’t feel it would be a problem. Jump points under the bonnet were checked and no water in the usual places (checked again yesterday although I had already removed the bung iirc). No fault codes which rules out crank sensor, though my only previous experience of this failing was on a different car and it caused it to stall? Very strange, as when using the booster pack or having fully charged the battery, it starts straight away?
  11. Had a new battery just before Christmas due to the usual issues, but the car stopped on me about six weeks ago and a dodgy alternator was blamed (erratic charging). This was replaced and all was well for a while until the car wouldn’t start. Frequent problem. Battery and alternator tested ok. The car now starts very reluctantly - you’d actually think it wasn’t going to start at all. Sounds and looks like a flat battery but then it kicks into life. Often the clock would need set and there was ‘static’ through the speakers. Very odd. I decided the symptoms may match a lazy starter so I changed it today. Time will tell, but what would cause the static to come through the speakers for a second on start up? Does that sound like a dodgy earth somewhere?
  12. j2112

    Any PDC experts....?

    Does anyone know if the supply voltage should be constant when the system is not activated?
  13. j2112

    Any PDC experts....?

    I’m such a twat! Just realised the top bar is voltage LED (console switch) and the bottom one is supply voltage .........
  14. j2112

    Any PDC experts....?

    Like most of us I have a dodgy front sensor which works intermittently. When not working it often throws up the PDC failure alert, even though the system is actually working. Over the last two days though, the system has not been working at all, with the green light flashing on the console and the alert coming on as soon as you start the car. I’ve checked the boot but all is dry. So I used INPA to try and see if there were any faults and in the pdc area you can check for the voltage. There are two bars and I am presuming one is for the front and one for the back loom? Anyone know for sure? Anyway, the bottom bar shows a virtually constant voltage whilst the top is ‘0’. When the system is activated the bottom stays constant but the top bounces from ‘0’ to around ‘11.2’ iirc. I initially thought that the bouncing one was the root of the problem but am now thinking the opposite. Surely there shouldn’t be any voltage to the sensors until the system is activated? This may also tie in with the fact that the car wouldn’t start yesterday or this morning and whilst I have had previous problems electrically, I am now thinking that this constant voltage when not required is causing a parasitic drain? Of course that might be absolute nonsense Any help or suggestions gratefully received.