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  1. Jazz Dhillon

    Bodywork advice

    Hi, I would be very interested in having a look at your car and discussing the way you have gone about the restoration. Finding someone you can trust is the hard part..if its a recommendation then that often helps. whereabouts are you based? i'm over in the Uxbridge area. looks like the rust around the window surrounds may just be surface on initial inspection (poked around a little with a screw driver). however i am in need of one wing for definite. now as you say poking around reveals more and i can say the same, i have discovered what seems to be a surface crack around the front strut..this is the one thats most concerning me right now. once you open up that area then the inner wings need looking at, maybe ok but who knows. i'm confident that the rest of the car is decent. you have a good thread running..interested to see those mods you have made too, the brake upgrade is vital and one i would hope to do in the future. .. once again thanks for getting in touch. Jazz
  2. Jazz Dhillon

    Mayweather vs McGregor

    biggest bullshit fight i have stayed up to watch, i knew McGregor would lose as he's just not conditioned to fight 3min rounds..mayweather looked a shadow of his former self. likely to see more this shite now tho... on the plus side apparently i can snore with my eyes open...friends recorded me doing it between a few rounds.
  3. Jazz Dhillon

    The new civic. WTF?

    looks like they just kept adding bits then adding a bit more...horrible looking thing.
  4. Jazz Dhillon

    sticky situation

    this is true... i was cleaning the car the other day on the drive and this lady was walking towards me..fag in hand. as a father of 2 i was incensed that she was smoking so thought i'd mention that she should not be. she asked me why...this cheesed me off more!! so i said do you not think it will effect your baby.... "im not pregnant" i turned and walked back to my garage...very quickly..
  5. Jazz Dhillon

    Bodywork advice

    Guys, thanks for the advice. there's some thinking to be done here about the direction, the car is a keeper for certain!! I'm gonna have a chat with a member and then take it from there...but in the meantime a scratch around the surface rust shouldn't hurt...i hope. appreciate your thoughts and advice chaps..thank you!!
  6. Jazz Dhillon

    Exhaust popping

    Yeah, starts to pop when revving about 3.5 upwards...won't idle properly and then cuts out..very strong smell of fuel..
  7. Jazz Dhillon

    Exhaust popping

    Hi Chaps, so I started my E28 after 12 months today and I'm getting a horrible popping sound from the exhaust, idle is pretty awful to and stinks of fuel..am I correct in assuming this is a fuel air mixture issue? Thx for any comments...
  8. Jazz Dhillon

    Any 16" wheels for sale?

    Hey Andy, I tried to send a pm on this taptalk but it's not getting thru..£120
  9. Jazz Dhillon

    Any 16" wheels for sale?

    16's 8js if that's any help..
  10. Jazz Dhillon

    Any 16" wheels for sale?

    Send me a pm mate and we can sort out a price and delivery..if u want...
  11. Jazz Dhillon

    Any 16" wheels for sale?

    Any good to you?
  12. Jazz Dhillon

    Any 16" wheels for sale?

  13. Jazz Dhillon

    Style 5 refurb

    Style 5's rock!
  14. Jazz Dhillon

    Style 5 refurb

    That's one hell of a good looking car! Let's see what happens...
  15. Jazz Dhillon

    Style 5 refurb

    Cheers cableguy, thanks for the confirmation. I've given them a thump but not a whack, I'll give it a go this week. Mr Cooper - those are pretty "phat" some would say, I'm after gold centres, cold bolts and polished rim look..car is a red e28..