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  1. DepthHoar

    Y2K 530D braking vibrations and frustrations

    The usual suspects for brake vibration (in no particular order):- 1. The upper and lower front control arms. Wear in these doesn't always show up in the traditional 'pry bar test' carried out by most mechanics. Have a look to see if the 'hydro bush' is leaking (#5 here): https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DL72-EUR-06-2000-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=31_0617 If it is it's a sure sign of wear. Cracking in the rubber is also a giveaway clue if it's not leaking. 2. Seized front caliper(s). Check the temperature with one of those cheap laser thermometers after driving the car a reasonable distance. The hotter caliper may be the culprit. If both calipers are partially seized then the diagnosis is even trickier! 3. Brake disc runout due to wear, or pad transfer. Default mechanic's response to judder, 'It's yer discs, mate, they're warped.' Not always the main contributory factor though changing them may bring some minor but temporary improvement before judder returns again. 4. Wear in the track rod ball joints. 5. Worn front wheel bearings. This was a contributory factor for me at one stage when I owned a 530d...but see below. There were other subtly worn components in my case as well. Quite often with these older cars, it's not just one simple thing/component that causes judder. Subtle wear in a few different but interdependent components on the front axle can cause the judder issue and just changing one of them won't make it go away, though it may be less pronounced for a while before it returns again. Quite a few owners have spent a lot of time and money chasing this issue with variable outcomes. You can end up playing an automotive game of 'whack-a-mole' with the components on the front axle! (I've also heard that badly worn top suspension mounts can contribute to judder but have no personal experience of this.)
  2. DepthHoar

    E39 M5 prices!

    Had a look at E39 M5s on eBay. Yes, some impressive prices but those on Autotrader are even more boggling! Currently, a 168,000 miles example is available ("Mint" he claims. How mint is an engine that's been 2/3rds of the way to the moon?) for fifty quid short of £30k. Frankly, the whole used car market has gone crazy due to COVID (pent up demand during lockdown then a surge in prices afterward) + the scarcity of new cars because of the micro-processor shortage. Have a look here for an explanation: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58993851 Executive summary: Prices for used 3 to 5 yr old Audi A3s are up 46% over the past two years. Prices for the E39 M5 have probably been amplified by this overall uplift in used values as well, I guess, having been rising steadily but relatively modestly over the past 10 years. Prices for low mileage models in the USA have gone utterly mental too so there may be some minor backwash of this trend into the UK market as well? The car has properly entrenched itself in the car geek zeitgeist now, powered by favorable profiles from the likes of Magnus Walker and his cohort of car opinion formers. It's become desirable to a wider audience stirring up demand and prices. Prices normally ease over the winter months and pick up again in the spring so it'll be interesting to see if this happens to the market for the E39 M5. (Just checked mine on WBAC. Holding firm at £19500 - same as in September.)
  3. DepthHoar

    Rear Rose joint, swing arm

    The ball joint you refer to is technically a rose joint...but BMW refers to it as a ball joint. See here (part #2 on my E39 M5): https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=33_0519 The tool you're looking for will resemble mine:- Similar tools vary in price from £31 to £190 on eBay at the moment! The same ball/rose joint is used across all E39s - saloons and tourings.
  4. DepthHoar

    Boot lid swap

    I didn't find it much of a big deal to remove the old wiring loom and connectors from the boot lid. I've done it a couple of times. Unfortunately, no multi-plug. But... while you're in there, it's a good opportunity to repair the loom that's hidden by the rubber 'snorkel' thing. If you do attempt this job then get some TESA tape to renew/replace the old stuff. Makes reinstalling the loom into the boot lid a tad easier.
  5. DepthHoar

    e39 rust dramas

    Just discovered that my rusty old E39 530d passed an MOT in early September. Just goes to prove there can be life after death! (If you're reading this, Phil, that's a bloody good rescue. Full credit to you and your MIG/TIG welding machine!)
  6. * Now SOLD! * Set of 4 x BMW (OE) 16" 'Turbine' alloy rims. 7J x 16H2 £90 for the set. Payment via Paypal. Contact me via the thread or by private message for detailed payment instructions. (Additional £30 for delivery by Paisley Freight - UK mainland only). Selling as a complete set only. I'll not beat about the bush. 2 of these alloys could do with just a little straightening before you mount tyres on them. Not much, since they're not at all badly out of round but if you want a nice totally wobble-free ride then best get them to the alloy refurb place for them to do their thing with the blow torch and formers. As far as I can tell they've never been welded. Got my local garage run each of the rims on their wheel balancing machine. The yellow numbers you see in the photos relate to the balance weights required (inner and outer rim) to make the wheels run smoothly. Not completely cosmetically challenged but each one could do with a paint/powder coat refurb. The black stuff you see on the inner rim is bead sealer from the last tyre fitting which can quite easily be removed. Price reflects their condition. What you see is what you get. (Above) Wheel 1 (Above) Wheel 1 (Above) Wheel 1. Numbers read: 10 grams / 20 grams (Above) Wheel 2 (Above) Wheel 2 (Above) Wheel 2. Number read: 0 grams / 10 grams. Very nearly perfectly round. (Above) Wheel 3 (Above) Wheel 3 (Above) Wheel 3. Numbers read: 0 grams / 0 grams. It's round! (Above) Wheel 4. (Above) Wheel 4 (Above) Wheel 4. Numbers read: 10grams / 30 grams.
  7. FOR SALE £250 if collecting from me up here in the Scottish Highlands. (Additional £45 for delivery to your door by Paisley Freight - UK mainland only.) Payment: via Paypal. For further details about payment contact me via this thread or by private message 4 x 16" Style 50 BMW (OE) alloys shod with Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S winter tyres. Great winter tyres with a lot of tread left on each tyre. Used on my now departed E39 530d so no longer of use to me. CONDITION. The tyres: Good used condition. Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S 225/55 16". Load and speed rating: 95H. Mud & Snow with the Canadian mountain and snowflake symbol indicating that it's a proper winter tyre. No funny wear patterns or damage of any sort. Tread depth: 5mm, 5mm, 7mm, 7mm. Loads of meat left. (When new the tread depth was 8mm). The alloys: BMW (OE) Style 50. Made in Norway! Rim size: 7J x 16H2 In good to fair condition. I'm being very critical here. Some light marks, very minor brake dust staining on the front faces and some limited paint fade on one rim. The rear of the rims are clean apart from some rust staining from the balance weights. (Ferrous balance weights on an alloy wheel? Idiot tyre fitter!) All 4 wheels are round and run without wobble. (Above) Wheel 1 (Above) Wheel 1 (Above) Wheel 2 (Above) Wheel 2 (Above) Wheel 3 (Above) Wheel 3 (Above) Wheel 4 (Above) Wheel 4
  8. DepthHoar

    e39 rust dramas

    (Above) Inside the fuel filler flap. This is my now departed 530d...and actually the corrosion here isn't too bad but it is a common location for the tin worm to develop. (Above) The rear arches........ (Above)......which can eventually require major surgery! Almost forgot the tailgate!...... For transparency. The car spent most of its life in the Scottish Highlands where salt is liberally applied to the roads from November until May. The guy who bought my 'for spares or repairs' 530d can weld. (Also a hopeless optimist?) It needed 4 new jacking points as well as sills + rear arches. The front arches were none too good TBH. Other than that it was in good condition! The new owner drove it down to Devon from here in the Highlands in one hit and commented that "it drove like new". (That's an actual quote BTW!) Seeing as I'm in the mood, here's a bit of jacking point carnage for you as well......
  9. DepthHoar

    Windshield wipers issue

    Probably a dying wiper relay. Easy and cheap fix. I took my wiper relay apart and gently cleaned the contacts which allowed it to work for a while until it eventually died a few weeks later. Don't bother trying to repair it just get a new one from a BMW dealer, they're not expensive. The wiper relay is located in a white plastic plenum box beneath the left or right side (sorry, can't recall which) cabin air filter boxes. Getting the lid off the white box can be a bit of an arse as the partially seized fasteners tend to strip the plastic. There's quite a lot online (Google) and on YouTube to give you guidance. Hope this helps!
  10. DepthHoar

    E39 M5.

    I've often wondered about the discolouration of the header tank. Read somewhere that is just that, discolouration, which in no way reflects the integrity/longevity of the tank? Also saw a YouTube video of a guy removing the discolouration with some sort of acid. I'd be a bit worried that the acid would bugger up the coolant level sensor near the base of the tank so definitely won't be trying that! Agree about the need to spend after purchase. From what I could garner from the photos, most of the receipts are for filter and fluid changes, though it has had a clutch. A spendy suspension overhaul may be due some time soon.
  11. DepthHoar

    WANTED : Rear Arches - body cuts / OEM

    Can't help with your search but you're not the only one in that situation! (Above) Photo taken by the guy who bought my 530d. Mine had spent most of its life in the Scottish Highlands. Outer skin of the rear arches were awful, ditto rear jacking points especially on the nearside. Apart from corrosion, the car was in great nick but of course he bought it at a bargain price because of what you see above! Good luck with your quest.
  12. DepthHoar

    Brake fluid reservoir etc.

    Hi Folks, Price, please, for the following: 1 x Brake fluid reservoir 34326758848 VIN: BJ11997 Look forward to hearing from you. Best. Tom
  13. DepthHoar

    2001 E39 M5 sells at auction for £32,600

    (There might be a not inconsiderable typo in that valuation of yours, Richard...at £206695 I'd be cashing out NOW!...Must be £20695. Shirley?) Yep, just run mine through WBAC too: £19500 In exactly one year, to the day, mine has risen in value by £6500. In a year.....Holy mother of God!
  14. DepthHoar

    2001 E39 M5 sells at auction for £32,600

    Another 'market maker' E39 M5 recently under the hammer at Collecting Cars: https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2000-bmw-e39-m5-2 £38500 + 6% buyer's fees = £40810 for a 46500 mile car. Another 'Full Service History', shiny car with limited evidence of proper maintenance. The market seems transfixed by 'FBMWSH' with little thought for 21 yr old perished rubber in the suspension, vacuum lines, coolant hoses etc. etc.. To say nothing about the corrosion that might lurk under those sill covers. In my part of the world they have a phrase that sums this up. 'All fur coat and nae knickers'.