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  1. Was approached by a French guy in Verona airport car park who'd ogled my M5 for a minute or two then approached me to chat about the car. He was waiting for an airport transfer to arrive and I was parked up waiting for a few members of my family to arrive on a flight from the UK. He was really knowledgeable and we discussed the finer points of the car before asking if he could buy it. He said that E39 M5s were very rare indeed in France. Turned him down of course, but he'd have to have had a really thick wad of ready Euros to 'do the deal' in the airport car park!
  2. DepthHoar

    Well thats annoying TCAs replaced but still a rattle

    The crack was in the alloy that surrounds the steel insert. Was visible once the alloy was carefully cleaned up and then examined in good light. I reckon there was enough movement to allow the steel insert to move a little and then rattle. My 530d is on it's 3rd set of TCAs and I reckon that the crack formed by, either, the (repeated) force required to remove the arm/ball joint from the hub carrier, or, accidentally over-torqueing the nut when a new TCA is fitted, maybe, a combinaton of the above? Interestingly, the steel insert fell out the last time the TCA was replaced. The rattling started some weeks before the final set of TCAs (and one hub carrier) were fitted. (There are many other components that can induce a rattle but I had eliminated all those suspects (by replacing them) and narrowed so it down to the cracked hub carrier.)
  3. DepthHoar

    Well thats annoying TCAs replaced but still a rattle

    Is it a rattle only over lightly broken surfaces and at quite low speeds? I had this on my 530d, turned out to be a cracked steering knuckle/hub carrier. This, #2: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DL72-EUR-06-2000-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=31_0255 The crack was quite small (you need to look very carefully) but allowed enough movement for one of the arms to vibrate/rattle. The crack was located in the thin circular surround where one of the arms terminated on the hub carrier. Only noticeable at low speed though. Hope this helps.
  4. Haha! He certainly likes the sound of his own voice. Seems to use five sentences when one would do. Hasn't yet realised that the cars are more interesting than he is. He's a Mercedes Master tech, so knows his shit, but definitely has a bad case of verbal diarrhoea....
  5. Will be following this project with interest!
  6. DepthHoar

    E39 no crank fault

    Yes, you should hear a click from the EWS:- https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/108244-e39-525i-ews_rejected-error/?do=findComment&comment=1162214
  7. DepthHoar

    E39 no crank fault

    The EWS can fail so you're right to suspect that as the culprit, though there are other components that may also be to blame, too. No crank with all keys? If only one affected then you may have a transponder problem in that key. I'm chasing an intermittent no crank, no start issue on my M5. Lights always come on etc when it doesn't crank, and it always starts like a startled rabbit at second attempt. Like some others I suspected the ignition switch so replaced it with an OE but to no avail. Ditto the ring antenna that energises the key transponder and reads its signal: replaced to no effect. When the no crank issue first appeared it occurred at the same time that my ancient (read as: the one originally fitted in the factory) battery was failing a couple of years ago. The issue seemed to go away for a time but returned soon after fitting a new BMW OE battery (and system tested for parasitic draw, just to be sure). Battery ruled out as culprit. Ruled out the keys as they all work most of the time and all occasionally fail to start the car. So I'm going to be reloading the 'parts cannon' for one final fusilade, this time aiming at the EWS. I know yours is a persistent fail to crank so may be a different issue to mine but the EWS unit does fail. FX323i on these two threads sheds some light on how our EWS units can fail: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2328617-97-540-Intermittent-No-Crank-No-Start-EWS-issue https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2298967-E39-530iA-2002-EWS-3-3-Not-Recognizing-the-key-all-the-time Hope this helps!
  8. DepthHoar

    530i Auto or Manual

    As chicaneuk alluded to, the elephant in the room in this discussion is the longevity of the autoboxes. It's really a matter of when, not if. And remember these cars are at least 16 years old. Check the number of threads/postings on this forum about autobox problems. Many of them stories of impending doom. There were relatively few manual gearbox iterations of the E39 model, of course, but you never hear of problems with them. (Full disclosure: the M5 gearbox can be notchy when cold. "But they all do that, sir!" ). My sister has an E39 Touring with a slushbox and I quite enjoy driving it when she comes to visit, but as long term - and trouble-free - ownership proposition I'd be wanting a pudding stick version. (Yes, I have two!)
  9. DepthHoar

    E39 M5

    Be rude not to......
  10. DepthHoar

    best place to buy new headlight for my 2000 e39

    Don't rule out ECP. I bought a Hella original for my M5 a few year's ago and the price was OK once you'd added their discount code. (Right now - for my 530d - I could get a Hella original from them for £264 which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't too bad.) Edit: You need to carefully check what's in the box when you receive it from them since there was a minor part missing from mine that had to go back for a replacement. All good in the end but it's one of the downsides of buying from ECP.
  11. DepthHoar

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Here's mine. Bone stock. Sept 2001 build, though a 2002 production model. (Edit. Looks like you've lost a blade from your cooling fan.)
  12. DepthHoar

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    These two hoses (also in the 'V') have been known to perish and leak on our cars: #14, here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=11_2667 Failure can be sudden, too. Awkward to change as well.
  13. DepthHoar

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    The dimensions for the thermostat housing 'O' rings are revealed by Realoem, #9 & #18 here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=11_2667 What isn't revealed by Realoem is the material specification for the 'O' rings. I bit the bullet and coughed up at a dealer (Cotswold BMW), where a small discount was available. If you do decide to replace the thermostat then buy extra 'O'rings since most people screw up their first attempt. There's definitely a learning curve:- https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/134093-cool-runnings-e39-m5-thermostat-o-rings-learning-curve/
  14. DepthHoar

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Could be a big list. A lot depends on how far you want to go 'while you're in there'. If I were to do just two things, as a bare minimum, I'd replace:- #16 here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=13_0819 & #17 here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=13_0838 Followed by #14 and #16 on this same diagram. (#14 can give trouble sooner or later... but it's awkward to remove.) I replaced most of the hoses I had access to under the plenum. The throttle position sensors (x2) also easier to access with the plenum off, ditto the cam position sensors (x4). With the plenum off you will have very good access to the thermostat, so that might figure somewhere on your list too, if it's not already been done. With the thermostat out, replacing the narrow rubber pipes of the oil separator system is a cinch - which are a bitch to change with the thermostat housing and plenum in place. As I said, depends have far you want to get into it. At 144k miles there's quite a lot you'd be well advised to change if the car is a keeper. M - the most expensive letter in the alphabet.
  15. DepthHoar

    New Car added - V8 540i

    The TRW one at £170 is OE, as fitted at the factory. Here's the factory original one (fitted when the car was first built) that came off my M5 - same as fitted to all E39 V8s :- Just make sure the new one supplied to you is for a RHD vehicle.