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  1. Wabby

    Smoke+lumpy idle cold start

    Sounds like a glow plug issue. Mine did similar when the module went - So they car was trying to start without any plugs at all. Got INPA? Plug it in and have a scan of fault codes.
  2. Wabby

    Bouncy Revs

    In the end it was the EGR (I just blocked it off and left the emissions light on) - But it can be a host of things as the discussion above demonstrates. If you have access too INPA or some other similar tool, you can do live running diagnostics which should help you narrow it down.
  3. Wabby

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Its been a while since I have been on, but here's my list of BMs. First BM: Then defected to an Audi A3. Second BM: Then swopped into my 3rd BM: Since defected and now in a Merc. I miss that 535d.
  4. Wabby

    535d mpg problem

    Do the calcs yourself aswell. Most/all trips lie. Some alot.
  5. Wabby

    535d mpg problem

    It is very cold at the moment, which really doesn't help. Can you give more information, such as what distance you are travelling, types of road (motorway/sweeping B roads), driving style etc. My old 535d used to return 19mpg daily to and from work, but it was a 3 mile each way town journey. Out on the motorway at 75/80 it would return 38/40 and I could get just over 40 if I dropped to about 70. Show it a country lane and it would be low teens (if dry and warm).
  6. Wabby

    Increased Battery Discharge

    From my previous experience of this, it does sound like an issue with the IBS. Try disconnecting it and seeing how she fares? I ended up leaving mine disconnected in the end, as it was always stopping the car from being started.
  7. Wabby

    Retrofit Bluetooth

    Dension? Not the cheapest route, but gives you full media streaming, hands free plus other features.
  8. Wabby

    E60 m5 brakes fit the 530d?

    Check your alloy sizes though as there is a minimum size to clear.
  9. Yes, they will melt if your car tries to draw 850A which will happen if the battery is completely flat and the outside temp is low (Glow Plugs, etc)
  10. The true test will be when my old one is due in November. I will keep an eye out on that one .... See if that passes as that smoked on acceleration.
  11. Wabby

    F30 330d Question...

    No such thing. Used car dealers are all the same. Full of shit
  12. Wabby

    Changed stat - now no hot air.

    Definitely an air lock.
  13. TBH EcoTune are FTW so you are in good hands with them
  14. Wabby

    E61 535D knock when under acceleration

    If it sounds like a squeeky bed inside that could be rose bushes.
  15. Wabby

    Dpf removal, and new mot rules...

    Wait and see what happens. All petrol cars have to have CATs on by law since like '93 ... yet there are loads without!