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  1. By common sense. It goes through the rose bush itself and has two bushing in it also. If the rose joint is shot, this will either be shot also or very close to end of life. Makes sense to change it at the same time, considering labour and the price of the actual part.
  2. Glad your sorted but I for one would not trust a garage that does not follow standard repair procedure and claim “not to change parts that are not required”. Part #4 is recommended to be changed with the rose joint. Bet they would do a cambelt for you and not suggest the water pump. Or just do one side brakes and not the other etc. Etc.
  3. PSS10 BS16. Its on a wonky driveway so that side is almost uncompressed.
  4. I had both my rear ones changed as it sounded exactly the same as yours. There is also another part you should change at the same time, as that also will be shot. I can't remember its name but its cylindrical and goes through the rose joint if I remember correctly. *EDIT* - Its called an Integral Link. They changed my rose bushes (they were shot) and noise was still there. Swapped these out and back to silence My noise for reference: https://www.youtube.com/embed/uM1L6Nkbiv8 Think I paid circa £260 all in for both rear rose joints plus these other bits.
  5. Maybe the iDrive is set to cold instead of hot?
  6. Wabby

    Please I need immediate help

    Its sounding more and more like the CAS is out of sync. You will need some proper software and leads to do that though .... the software and leads will come in handy in the future aswell.
  7. Wabby

    Please I need immediate help

    Doesn't a CAS out of sync cause this type of turning over issue (aside from the low battery issue the OP obviously has?).
  8. Wabby

    Mot time( no dpf)

    What year are they on? As DPF's only became mandatory circa 2008, any cars after this have a much lower smoke check value than those prior. So if you have a pre-lci, I think the tolerance for the test are much, much higher anyway! And these things only really smoke when you go WOT.
  9. Wabby

    Smoke+lumpy idle cold start

    Sounds like a glow plug issue. Mine did similar when the module went - So they car was trying to start without any plugs at all. Got INPA? Plug it in and have a scan of fault codes.
  10. Wabby

    Bouncy Revs

    In the end it was the EGR (I just blocked it off and left the emissions light on) - But it can be a host of things as the discussion above demonstrates. If you have access too INPA or some other similar tool, you can do live running diagnostics which should help you narrow it down.
  11. Wabby

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Its been a while since I have been on, but here's my list of BMs. First BM: Then defected to an Audi A3. Second BM: Then swopped into my 3rd BM: Since defected and now in a Merc. I miss that 535d.
  12. Wabby

    535d mpg problem

    Do the calcs yourself aswell. Most/all trips lie. Some alot.
  13. Wabby

    535d mpg problem

    It is very cold at the moment, which really doesn't help. Can you give more information, such as what distance you are travelling, types of road (motorway/sweeping B roads), driving style etc. My old 535d used to return 19mpg daily to and from work, but it was a 3 mile each way town journey. Out on the motorway at 75/80 it would return 38/40 and I could get just over 40 if I dropped to about 70. Show it a country lane and it would be low teens (if dry and warm).
  14. Wabby

    Increased Battery Discharge

    From my previous experience of this, it does sound like an issue with the IBS. Try disconnecting it and seeing how she fares? I ended up leaving mine disconnected in the end, as it was always stopping the car from being started.
  15. Wabby

    Retrofit Bluetooth

    Dension? Not the cheapest route, but gives you full media streaming, hands free plus other features.