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  1. beurling

    Wheel arch liner help

    hi guys..no its not the little bit at the end its the full liner. I've ordered one and a handful of fresh rivets..and while i'm messing with them gonna squirt some waxoil behind them
  2. beurling

    540 oil leak

    mine were replaced about 3.5 years ago.. i'm gonna have a proper look..i'll do the upper timing cover gasket too... But i'm gonna leave it while i'm not adding much oil.... would you change the top chain tensioner without doing the guides?
  3. beurling

    540 oil leak

    Hi guys... I seem to be gathering problems. Have had an oil leak on the car pretty much since I Bought it over a year ago. We've done about 12k miles and I've put in a little over a litre in oil in that time. Car runs great ( other than a very slight rattle immediately on startup normally when cold ) , pulls like a train and hasn't given me any grief other than a burst top rad hose. I've had it jacked up today and the undertray and the back of the engine are very wet ( i'm not stupid..a little oil can go a long way ) I've been told it is nothing worse than a rocker cover gasket leak which I know is common on these cos the gaskets are shit! I can't see anything from topside but it must be dripping onto the manifold as I can smell burning oil after 15 to 20 mins...again not hugely bothered whilst its not losing much.. Just curious is there anywhere else I should look at ... and when I do change the rc gaskets is there anything else I should do whilst am in there? Buzz
  4. beurling

    Wheel arch liner help

    excellent..many thanks!! ebay here I come! Buzz
  5. beurling

    Wheel arch liner help

    Hi guys. My front wheel arch liners are knackered on my 2001 540 sport. My question is.... Are they all the same..or do they differ between sport and none sport and different engine types? Buzz
  6. beurling

    540 Sump Query and year report

    Hi kenny.I figured as much...but my only reasing for taking it off is to check the bolts on the oil pump are tight Also guys...should the rear inner arch covers fit flush with the back bumper?
  7. Well we've had our 540 sport for a year now. She's just had her first service and MOT under our ownership and honestly I couldn't be happier with the car. She's a joy to drive and be in and even managed to get 32mpg on a trip to Portsmouth via London. It's needed a few tyres, a rad hose and 6 litres of coolant ( the hose destroyed itself ) and I think I will make it a point to change the hoses whenever the waterpump or rad is done...I've seen some aluminium radiators for sale and next time the rad goes I'm gonna replace it with an ally one and upgrade the coolant aswell. Lets see...put in a Bluetooth system...and an aux cable..had the radio unit in the boot repaired and added an mp3 cd changer. Had the pixels in the dash fixed. Small rustrepairs on the boot lid and just above the rear bumper. Replaced the lower chain tensioner. Checked the rear jack points and sills for rust..absolutely none other than a very slight start of bubbling at the edges..i'll keep an eye on it but it won't be any more than £50 to £100 to repair when it needs doing. Other than that she's been all good. Now I do have a few issues I'm wondering if anybody can clarify. Wiper smearing seems to be a common issue...what wiper blades do y'all use I still have a small start up rattle when she's cold...it's either chain or vanos..i'm inclined to ignore it at this juncture as it goes away almost immediately and runs sweet as a nut thereafter. I was going to take off the sump and check the bolts on the oil pump....I've been told you need to take off the front subframe to get at this..is this true or can you do it with the subframe in place? I have been told that one of the rear rose subframe rose bushes will need replacing before next mot ( it does have the old squeaky suspension ) ... which bush exactly is this as I can't make it out on any diagrams? Other than that and me pining for an extra 100bhp all is good Seasons greetings and happy new year to you all Buzz
  8. beurling

    BMW E39 540 first wax of the year

    Interestging. I'll look at that. Its had new rad, coolant bottle and waterpump in the last 2yrs. Theyre just magnets for the phone.long story
  9. beurling

    BMW E39 540 first wax of the year

    Yeh. i've had to top up the coolant. Its not going down fast. Just a few 100ml every few wks tops. Its got an oil leak. Think rocker cover or maybe filter seal so its difficult to see owt under there
  10. beurling

    BMW E39 540 first wax of the year

    Do it Makes me smile
  11. beurling

    BMW E39 540 first wax of the year

    Finished off the spring clean...cleaned and conditioned the leather... Waxed the door shuts...cleaned all the trim and the engine bay..happy happy.. considering she's nearly 14 years old and 104k miles she's in fabulous condition... Now to find the oil leak and the reason for the coolant loss
  12. beurling

    BMW E39 540 first wax of the year

    I agree with you wholeheartedly
  13. beurling

    BMW E39 540 first wax of the year

    Bilt and hamber cleanser polish followed by finis wax