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  1. oldtechnoman

    Car insurance renewal time

    Thanks for all replies, well after going on Martins Money Tips and going through their cheap insurance link, I managed to put my details in 5 comparison sites and dully received my quotes, the best come in at just over £300 but by the time I add on Legal cover and NCD protection and finding that the access is usually £600/800 i think I will have a word with Cris Knot and see what they can do, thanks tim.
  2. oldtechnoman

    Car insurance renewal time

    Thanks for the reply and info, filled out on line form for A-PLAN and received a phone call about 2min later, a very helpful man took the car details and came back with a quote of £511 which when asked what I was paying he agreed was not very competitive. so left it at that. Tim.
  3. oldtechnoman

    Car insurance renewal time

    The time has come again to renew my car insurance again, how I hate doing this job every year. i have used Chris Knot for the last few years and they have been quite competitive. but have noticed that the quote seems to be going up every year. This last year I have hardly done 2000 miles, have over 40years no claim and no driving convictions and no medical problems. question what are the important extra,s should be included in the policy. Legal cover/ no claims protection. i don't require a courtesy car or breakdown cover. is there anything else I have forgotten? I does seem that once you get to a certain age they hike the price up as you get older my renewal quote is £411 up from £386 last year, Esure quote £301 but legal and NCP are extra,s. Tim
  4. oldtechnoman

    Breakdown cover

    Have decided to go for the unlimited mileage recovery at £7.50 a month and the battery cover at £2.00 a month, decided not to bother with tyre cover.tim
  5. oldtechnoman

    Breakdown cover

    Have checked over options, for £7.50 a month can have unlimited millage of car to a RAC approved garage. replacement battery for £2 a month and tyre cover for £6 a month. are these extras worth taking on. just to say my battery is 8years old and i have runflats.tim
  6. oldtechnoman

    Breakdown cover

    Had an email from RAC offering cover from £5 a month, is it worth a punt.tim
  7. Called into Wirral Motor Services this morning and was given a quote of about £220 to do full service with filters, just got to decide which option to go for, Wirral Motor Services are handy in that i can walk home after dropping car off. By the way rang up Mondail Warranty today and canceled it,saving just on £1000 plus £250 excess a year. tim
  8. Googled independent BMW service units last night and it came up with a place called BMWIRRAL based in carr lane hoylake. just called to them this morning and they read the Key on there reader, told me last service was done 2017 as NewHall/Checkpoint had not registered service on the key. informed car would need a oil and filter service at cost of £300, the person i spoke to said he had worked at Newhall and they had a key reader then so dont no why they are not using it
  9. Mileage now is 57500,just been to Checkpoint service and had key read and told it only needed an oil change, and could wait for another 7000 miles. when they read the key they had to put it in the car,do they come up with any extra info than i can view,no mention of filters requiring changing, does seem a bit odd! tim
  10. I have had my car for nearly 5years now, 32000miles when bought, i have never had my brake pads changed and just checked what computer says and it says front pads 43000 miles and rear pads 80000 miles, be interesting to see what crops up when service is done. i paid £200 for my Pirelli P zero,s.
  11. Thanks for reply, have looked at Williams BMW website and it looks like major service is £470 plus £20 scope price. will this be classed as a value service or do i have to ask for seperate price, tim
  12. Looking at the service book they were replaced at 37000miles 12/9/16. Tim
  13. My 2012 530d gt 57500miles requires it next 2year oil change/service, do not know what service to ask for. Had the last oil change done at 49000miles 18/9/18 and the brake fluid change at 54000miles 11/9/19, so can anyone tell me what the next service involves. and possible cost. i have had the last 2 services done by Newhall cars Wirral/ Checkoint services Durley est Prenton. have not been overly impressed with there attitude. Do i stick with Newhall or try and get a quote from BMW service. I am still paying for the BMW Mondail warranty, as being retired and on fixed income, i can not afford any large bills if car goes faulty. Tim
  14. oldtechnoman

    Can i get DAB+ on 2012 F07

    I notice more Dab stations are going on to Dab+ ,my 2012 F07 has Dab radio can it be upgraded to Dab+ thanks tim
  15. oldtechnoman

    2012 F07 cycle lighting board

    Thanks for replies, saved me making a few mistakes, i know what to look for now. what is the best place for getting number plate, online or Halfords Tim,