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  1. sarahMtony

    Smith and Allen oil

    Never heard of them before. They look like a very small concern, not that this is necessarily a bad thing but for the amount miles these things do between changes I believe its worth using a decent brand.
  2. sarahMtony

    BMW 5 Series Estate 2011 (F11) - fuse confusion

    An E65 is a 7 series A 2011 5 series touring is a F11 chassis... If you have actually got an E61 then the main fuse board is on the rear right hand side above the battery. That thing should be full off fuses. You photo looks like the glove box board which has a few as well.
  3. sarahMtony

    Resonating noise at idle

    I'm the same, checked all the rubber mounts and bolts and tried moving it about. Tried wedging it with bits off rubber but can't get it right. As it happens the exhaust heatshield right after the flexi makes much more noise and downs the airbox noise out!
  4. sarahMtony

    Resonating noise at idle

    Travels through the cap? What's a cap? My 20d has a very annoying resonating noise which I am convinced is the airbox but I can't seem to stop it. Open the bonnet, put your hand on the airbox, does it stop?
  5. sarahMtony

    520d - damaged exhaust flexi reduces power?

    Most exhaust repair shops will cut out the flexi section and weld a new one in no probs. I've had it done. There is a flexi repair pipe piece readily available. I did not notice any reduction in power when mine was blowing, just fumes in the car! It's slightly further downstream than the pressure sensors so I doubt it would flag a code. Just a smell... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flex-Diesel-Particle-Filter-For-BMW-1er-3er-5er-N47-318D-320D-520D-/154490432967?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  6. sarahMtony

    OTG adapter

    Can ISTA run on smart phone then? I've been struggling to set it up on a laptop...
  7. sarahMtony

    Increased Emissions

    Any of the vacuum hoses would be my next best bet.
  8. sarahMtony

    inpa reading way off limits??

    Coolant temp in degrees C°? I would never allow my M54 to get that high. More like 88 to 90°C
  9. sarahMtony

    Inpa for e60 not show battery light. Was ok on e46

    I'm having similar issues with Inpa and 520d LCI. Where do I get ISTA-D from. Please? Sent from my YAL-L41 using Tapatalk
  10. sarahMtony

    Timing chain repair/replacement cost

    Is it not worth contacting you local dealer? On a 59 it either should have had new parts in it during the recall or is very close to the cut off for not 'needing' new parts. I did some digging for a friend not long back and it seemed the good will scheme is still running...
  11. sarahMtony

    Please Help

    So that's the M54B30 engine then? Did you take off both boots that go to the throttle body? The lower one is a pain. I'm guessing a front end shunt could have dislodge of split one of these. I'd recommend smoke testing the vacuum system with the symptoms you describe plus crash damage. Sucking in air somewhere...
  12. sarahMtony


    Did you find the source of your battery drain@haych? Sent from my YAL-L41 using Tapatalk
  13. sarahMtony

    "Diamond" key - new battery or replace?

    Congrats. Nice feeling when perseverance pays off! Did you keep taking the key apart to check the voltage or is there an easier way? I keep meaning to change the cells in my 4 off diamond keys from 2003. They all still work and don't want to ruin them trying to get them apart! Sent from my YAL-L41 using Tapatalk
  14. sarahMtony

    E39 530iA Sport Touring

    The good ones don't hang about long! Beautiful example.
  15. sarahMtony

    windcreen washer fluid in main tank.

    Personally I would not worry. If the tank level is now about max 9 would drain some out.