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  1. Oilburner

    Brake bleed results?

    The only thing I did noticed doing a brake fluid change when it was the first change at 3 years and all the following 2 year changes, the old brake fluid is exactly the same colour as the new brake fluid, which does make you calculated approximate how much to bleed out of each brake nipple, would be good if the new brake fluid was a different colour. Whilst I do have one of those pen type brake fluid testers, which I purchased out of curiosity to check some new opened can of brake fluid, whilst it did indicate some moisture in the new fluid, the can had been opened and about a 1/4 used and had been standing in the workshop for two years, I personally would still not rely on this type of tester, new brake fluid is certainly cheaper than maybe possibly causing corrosion issues with the caliper pistons, and master cylinder. I'm old enough to remember many years ago not many people bothered changing the brake fluid, consequently the wheel cylinders would leak due to corrosion and the clutch and master cylinder could go the same way, all due to moisture in the brake fluid as it's hygroscopic, ie absorbs water once opened. Since adopting two year brake fluid changes as recommended, in the last 20+ years I have never ever had any issues with caliper pistons or master cylinders leaking.
  2. Oilburner

    Wet Floor - Looking For Online Helpers

    You could leave a dehumidifier running set at 55-60% moisture, that way it should not damage or dry out the leather interior, just make sure all the doors and windows are fully shut, many years ago I had a Volkswagen passat that had water ingress issue and that's what I did to dry it out, it did take several days, but it was in the winter months.
  3. Oilburner

    Brake bleed results?

    I have never noticed any difference after changing the brake fluid every 2 years as service required, after using a pressure brake bleeder, I also never noticed any difference when I change the brake fluid for the first time when the vehicle was 3 years old. You will notice a difference in the brake pedal feel if you change the pads at the same time as a brake fluid change until the pads bed in, at least that's my own experience.
  4. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    I have asked the first BMW dealership for the paint readings they allegedly took and sent to BMW UK, BMW Chandlers of Brighton they have totally ignored my request and no communication back whatsoever, perhaps they need to get their stories to match. ! I did ask for the paint depth readings on the third visit to a different BMW dealership and was given a copy, not that it means much as the dealership indicated it may have had paintwork done on the drivers' door, I told them as I had purchased the car new, and had driven it straight out of the showroom, and I'm the sole owner I have never had any paintwork carried whatsoever since it left the showrooms, so if what they are indicating it may have had previous paintwork on that drivers' door, it's up to BMW UK to raise this issue with dealership I purchased the car new from, because I certainly know nothing about any previous paintwork, and why should I after all it was a new factory finish car I was purchasing. And if they had done any paintwork they had obviously done a good job, because I'm very fussy, and I never spotted any signs of mismatch of paint, and I still can't see any visible signs of different paintwork even now. This issue with BMW has taught me one thing when ever I purchase another new car, it would certainly pay to purchase a good paint depth reading meter, and your take own paint depth readings, before it leaves the showroom and get some papers countersigned from the dealership stating so. Although I can't imagine any other car manufacturer stooping so low to avoid settling a warranty claim, from what is after all a known manufacturing defect on the car, so even remotely accepting the BMW dealership may have had a mishap with my car before I took delivery, and it did require some paintwork carried out, it is not my problem all I want is the door corrosion on all four doors rectified. So the ball is solely in BMW UK hands to sort this issue out, as they should have done in the first instance !
  5. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    Now there's a surprise, I have still not heard a word from BMW UK or either of the two dealers my vehicle went to for the Door Corrosion problem, it's all well and good purchasing a nice brand new shiny BMW until you need warranty work carried out, over my past 50 years of purchasing different makes and some that have required warranty work, I can category say without any doubt BMW have been the worst to date, with the lies I have been told anything to prevent them honouring their warranty is endless, as far as I'm concerned BMW UK and the BMW aftersales dealerships are equally poor at dealing with their warranty claims, if they don't wish to honour their 12-year corrosion warranty they should not advertise a meaningless 12-Corrision Warranty, which is just aimed to help them sell the car until it moves out the showroom. ! As this was my first BMW I had purchased from new, I was under the misconception that I was buying into a premium brand that I could trust if anything went wrong, oh boy how wrong was I, to say I'm a totally unsatisfied BMW customer is an understatement !
  6. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    Yes owned it from new, and it's never had any paintwork done on the car since new, certainly not since driving out of the showroom on collection day, so if the dealers or BMW UK are implying it's had previous paintwork carried out they will have to take up their query with the main BMW dealership I purchased it from new. At the moment, BMW UK & their dealerships has proven to be a real letdown and not what you would expect for a premium brand, it's bad enough to have this known corrosion issue on your car, let alone them trying to evade every opportunity of putting it right. From where this appears to be going at the moment, it's looks most likely only going to be sorted by going through the courts process, I'm certainly not prepared to back down and give up.
  7. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    Not heard nothing Not heard anything. It was suggested that I contacted BMW Chandlers who was the first dealer that rejected the claim, that stated the reasons non BMW servicing, and the driver door paint maybe borderline, I have asked them for the paint depth readings they had taken and sent to BMW UK, they have failed to respond to my request, although BMW UK sent me a strange email regarding Chandlers with a apology for delay, but email did not make any sense as they referred to a different Chandlers branch at a different location, and still no paint depth readings.
  8. Oilburner

    Diesel Fuel Filter Change

    My own observation on the diesel fuel filter change intervals, as I stated above my diesel fuel filter had been in place for 32,300 miles since I purchased the vehicle new, my own filter would have easily done 37,500 miles, I did carefully cut open the old filter just to see what condition it was in, I was surprised how clean the filter was, there was no build up of fine debris in the pleats, the only probable difference being slight discolouration of the filter material from you would expect to see in a new fuel filter, unfortunately I did not take any photos of the filter I cut open to prove what I observed, as this is the same filter as fitted to the mini cooper diesel 1.6 and 2.0 engine I observed the exact same on my wife's mini cooper fuel filter when cut open, in which the diesel filter was at least 4 1/2 years old, that was when the wife's Mini TLC servicing expired, and I know it had been changed at least once before at the mini dealers, because they had fitted a jubilee clip on the fuel line and the original like BMW is a one use only clip. Generally I only fill up from mostly from Asda along with occasional Shell V Power Diesel, and I never let it drop below half a tank, so my findings may not be what others experience regarding the diesel filter service life interval.
  9. Oilburner

    Diesel Fuel Filter Change

    Since I purchased the 3/8" Drive MIlwaukee M12IR-201B GB2 battery powered impact wrench at the start of this year, I just wished I had purchased it years ago it is so handy to use in tight places, just bear in mind it's not a replacement for an Impact gun which is used for high torque and larger stuff, for tight nuts or bolts you can still use it as you would any socket wrench to crack the nut or bolt by hand first, then squeeze the trigger for fast removal. I'm pleased the write-up is of some use to our forum members. For more information regarding the Milwaukee M12IR-201B check out its many uses on youtube. Anyone interested in purchasing the same Milwaukee impact wrench it come complete with battery charger, 2.0Ah Battery, 3/8" to 1/4" adapter, and carry case, can be purchased at the moment for an excellent price £119 from FXX https://www.ffx.co.uk/product/Get/Milwaukee-M12Ir-201B-4002395006984-12V-1X2.0Ah-Li-Ion-3-8In-Cordless-Impact-Ratchet?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImeybmtvO8QIVtWLmCh239AYoEAQYDSABEgK4cfD_BwE
  10. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    After all what's gone in the last few months regarding my Door Corrosion issue with BMW Dealers and BMW UK, it's unbelievable last Wednesday they sent me a customer satisfaction survey from guess who, yes I really mean BMW UK ! Needless to say, I have refrained from filling it out yet. If this was not so serious, it's really laughable.
  11. Diesel Fuel Filter Change, this was the first change for the fuel filter at 32,300 miles, I noted that BMW say approx 37,700 but as it was convenient for me to do it early, this was how I completed the task warning picture heavy, tools I used 8 mm and 10 mm sockets, Milwaukee M12IR-201B 12v 1x2.0Ah Li-ion 3/8in Cordless Impact Ratchet, just socket set would do, but there is a lot of small bolts to undo, and the impact ratchet is ideal and quick, Cutters if this is the first filter change to cut of old fuel pipe clips, Screwdriver to prise of U clip, Wheel ramps, although you can use a Hydraulic Jack and Axle Stands jacking up the near side, a Container to catch the diesel when removing old filter, nitrile gloves, you should wear Safety Glasses to prevent any diesel that may splash in your eyes, finally if this is the first fuel filter change you need Jubilee Clip as the original clips are one use only, I used two stainless jubilee clips one at each end as I found it easier to put the U clip back in the new filter and fuel heater unit of the car. Caution If using a Hydraulic Jack you must use Axle Stands to secure the vehicle safely, I've seen a few youtube videos online using just a jack to change the diesel fuel filter this method could lead to a fatal accident. Once of the ground remove all the small 8mm bolts from the under body plastic tray this will expose the fuel filter which is situated just behind the N/S front wheel and the front passenger door. Remove U the Clip it can be prised out using a screwdriver, also remove the fuel pipe clips as required when pulling of the fuel pipe be aware diesel may spray out, then remove the fuel filter clamp fixing bolt. Note:- BMW Used Mahle Diesel Fuel Filter Remove rubber insulation from old filter and fit to new filter in the same place. Fit rubber washer that is supplied with new filter as shown. Refitting new diesel fuel filter, fuel pipe clips, securing U shaped clip, and secure fuel filter mounting bracket. Before refitting underbody plastic tray check for any fuel leaks with engine started, the initial starting to get fuel back to engine, I pressed the ignition on and off several times without engaging the starter, then after a few cranks the fuel system had self primed and started, you can also use ISTA to prime the fuel system but from what I've been told garages don't use it either to prime the fuel system after changing out a fuel filter. I did wash and clean both sides of the underbody plastic tray before refitting, but this is my OCD coming out. I did have to resort to getting my wife to help hold the underbody tray up whilst I secure the first couple of bolts, with the underbody tray being quite flexible and long, it was proving very difficult to get the bolt holes lined up, once you get the first couple in its ok.
  12. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    This is turning into a real drama, I emailed a lengthy message to the dealer and BMW UK on Monday this week, after I was told my claim had been rejected by BMW which reads as following. Thank you for your reply, I'm mystified by BMW UK refusing my claim regarding the 12 year corrosion warranty, I had already told them previously that I was the only owner of this vehicle from new, and it certainly has not had any paintwork by me of any description since purchasing the vehicle new from the BMW dealers showroom, I have an email from BMW UK that stated if it was a manufacturing defect they would deal with my claim, they said nothing about the paint last time it seems to me someone at BMW UK keeps changing the goal posts, however I do intend to pursue the matter with BMW UK, and through the courts if necessary to prove this is a manufacturing defect, and even though I have not touched the paintwork since my ownership or anyone else to that matter, so if the paintwork has had any work carried since manufacture it was done by BMW themselves or the main dealership before I purchased the car new, and as I'm very fussy with my cars I'm quite sure I would have noticed any slight imperfection to the paintwork before purchasing. Now assuming as BMW UK imply the vehicle could have had previous paintwork carried out, this must have been prior to my purchase from new and must have been carried out by BMW themselves or the BMW dealership this is certainly nothing to do with me personally or my claim, because if the vehicle had previous paintwork carried out I was totally unaware, and I would have declined my purchase straight away, and to that end I quite prepared to hand my claim over to my solicitor to pursue, as this has gone on long enough and has caused me a lot off stress just getting this far. ==================== Now bearing in mind this was sent Monday, consequently I heard nothing back from the dealer or BMW UK at all, until I sent a further email Friday morning to the dealer asking for my paint depth readings taken at different locations on my vehicle, and also what is the ballpark depth of paint that BMW reckon is the factory finish for the paintwork, this was so a case can be prepared with the view of taken action against BMW UK for rejecting my corrosion warranty claim, I was not expecting the reply I received. =================== Good Morning Mr *********, Can I give you a massive apology I was wrong in telling you about you claim as that was for a different customer and BMW, And just to add to my mistake I cannot find images that I took of you BMW. So if you can except my apology that would be great but on the down side I do need to see you again, Is that something we could arrange ? Many Thanks. ****** ********. Bodyshop Consultant. ================ Can someone tell me what the hell is going on between the BMW dealers and BMW UK, because I have now got to the point I just don't trust any of them, before committing to anything I have asked the dealer what's the reason to see me again, but this message was sent towards the end of Friday this week, I will expect a reply this coming Monday, now my own thinking is mistakes like this don't seem plausible because of my Name, Registration Number, and VIN Number of Vehicle, and my BMW UK Reference Number they gave me, so I'm not just another customer, there is just too many mistakes made, it's all very strange or is this what some owners can expect if they dare make a claim on BMW UK, so with all this mistrust I now have with BMW dealers and BMW UK, I'm now going to get a totally independent paint depth carried out next week.
  13. Oilburner

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Most people on here will probably know how to change the cabin filter/pollen filter, but it's not that easy location to see where the 4 torx screws are, and it's most likely easier when the vehicle is on a ramp lifted, but for DIY people it can be done its just awkward because you can't see where all the tox screws are, so to make it easier I took some photos of my phone, which may help people changing the cabin filter for the first time, knowing where all the torx screws are, Tools used I think it was T10 or T15 Torx bit socket, and a torch IMPORTANT:- Before removing anything, turn of the passenger airbag system, the switch is situated on the end of passenger side of dashboard, it can be turned with a screwdriver, DON'T forget once everything is re assembled and airbag wiring plugged back in, turn the passenger airbag system back on. The cabin filter is situated in the front passenger footwell below the glovebox, before removing the lower plastic piece, you have to remove a single torx screw which is holding a bit of carpet trim, this can now be slid out of the way, allowing the removal of the lower plastic piece once lowered down you can then disconnect the airbag wire, and move it out of the way to access the pollen filter cover plate, referring to the photo to see where the torx screws are located there is only one that's difficult to see.. In hindsight, I should have included a photo of the lower plastic piece which contains airbag and wiring, and the single torx screw holding the side carpet piece of trim, but they are easy to locate.
  14. Oilburner

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Diesel Fuel Filter Change, this was the first change for the fuel filter at 32,300 miles, I noted that BMW say approx 37,700 but as it was convenient for me to do it early, this was how I completed the task warning picture heavy, tools I used 8 mm and 10 mm sockets, Milwaukee M12IR-201B 12v 1x2.0Ah Li-ion 3/8in Cordless Impact Ratchet, just socket set would do, but there is a lot of small bolts to undo, and the impact ratchet is ideal and quick, wheel ramps, although you can use a hydraulic jack and axle stands jacking up the near side, a container to catch the diesel when removing old filter, nitrile gloves, you should wear safety glasses diesel to prevent any diesel in your eyes, finally if this is the first fuel filter change you need jubilee clip as the original clips are one use only, I used two stainless jubilee clips one at each end as I found it easier to put the U clip back in the new filter and fuel heater unit of the car. Once of the ground remove all the small 8mm bolts from the under body plastic tray this will expose the fuel filter which is situated just behind the N/S front wheel and the front passenger door. Remove front fuel pipe clip or both as I did. Not:-BMW used Mahle fuel filter. https://i.postimg.cc/SQT4JvdX/Remove-Insulation-Rubber-and-fit-to-New-Filter.jp At this stage I restarted the engine to check for any diesel leaks before replacing the plastic underbody tray, I also washed the underbody tray off both sides before refitting, note engine won't start straight away I just pressed the start button on and off several times without my foot on brake to prime the fuel pump. Note:- Forgot to mention to remove the fuel filter above you have to remove filter bracket with 10mm socket, on refitting make sure the rubber insulation band under the bracket, is fitted back on the new filter in same position as old filter, also make sure you fit the new rubber washer that is supplied with the new filter, it placed between the filter and the fuel heater unit, before replacing the U clip.
  15. Oilburner

    F10 door corrosion

    Its strange how the first dealer did say the drivers' door paint was slightly out and may reject the claim, but said they would reject the claim because of non BMW servicing, when I contacted this dealer weeks later about my claim he just said it was rejected because of no BMW servicing, because BMW technicians check the vehicle for any rust or corrosion, and said nothing about the paint, I took this up with BMW UK and said if they care to check this forum Door corrosion topic they will see that I have been checking for signs of corrosion ever since it was first announced on here, and for several years I found nothing on my vehicle, until the two front doors started showing signs of corrosion, and then the rear doors about six weeks later, and that my vehicle had been maintained to a far higher standard than a BMW dealership with interim servicing as well. That's when BMW UK suggested I take the vehicle to a different BMW dealer for inspection, and if it was a manufacture defect they would deal with the claim ! So I did take it to another dealer after three weeks of not hearing back I emailed them, this was what I got back just a short email:- Good Afternoon MR ********* Sorry for delay, BMW have declined claim as they are unsure if it has had bodywork before due to paint depths. Sorry that I am unable to help. ========================================= Strange, it's a different tack now from the dealer and BMW UK ! I guess BMW UK don't think customers are worth a formal reply direct ! This is clearly no way to keep loyal customers, I have received appalling customer service all round, and I'm certainly not giving now ! @ bmwmike I dont think there is much point in getting paint depth readings again, because at the end of the day I have not had any paintwork done since I drove the vehicle out of the showroom new, so if there is a discrepancy they need to ask the BMW main dealer where I purchased the car from if it had been damaged done in transit or whilst sitting in the showroom prior to my purchase, but also because this is clearly a manufacture defect for F10 F11 and F18 during 2010 to 2016 and they know about the defect, this is nothing to do with paint thickness It's there just an excuse to reject some claims going through, just as non BMW servicing.