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  1. Oilburner

    Battery charging

    I was told the recon setting on charger is for flooded cell battery and not AGM or Gel batteries, this was the answer I got from customer support CTEK themselves. If you do require a new battery I have had good prices from Tayna, with a quick delivery they do offer from £20 to fit locally if you are unable to fit the battery yourself, worth checking out I used them last year for a Bosch AGM battery with 5 years warranty. https://www.tayna.co.uk/BMW-5_Series-Car-Battery
  2. Whilst it was not the the F10 shown the negative post is in place it is in similar place.
  3. At 1:22 on the video he points to the Negative terminal.
  4. Here you go look for a plain metal post just under the bonnet drivers side towards the front, if your ctek charger has a agm battery setting and your vehicles has a agm battery fitted select that setting to charge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI4qO8D4KMc
  5. Oilburner

    Bluetooth diagnostics

    I had for several years the Foxwell NT510 Multi System Scanner which has now been replaced with NT530, I have also got Blue Tooth Vgate dongle with the Bimmer Tool on my phone, they are both excellent tools whilst the Foxwell can do a bit more I have found the bimmer tool is quick and easy getting information on the DPF soot levels etc, where the Foxwell has to go through lots of menus to get access.
  6. Oilburner

    Genuine bmw screen wash

    Was that this Prestone Ultra Performance Summer Screen Wash they were discounting, does seem there are a few different types of Prestone screen wash some of them don't get very good write-ups, but the Prestone max-visibilty screen wash gets top marks and is the one to buy. Morrisons only show this one and is no longer available now. https://groceries.morrisons.com/products/prestone-ultra-performance-summer-screen-wash-455954011?from=shop
  7. Oilburner

    Genuine bmw screen wash

    I have been using Prestone Max Visibility screenwash now for 15months at £4.49 5lt ready mixed, prior to that I used Holts concentrated screenwash, I have noticed that prestone is by far superior at cleaning the screen than any other brand with no smearing, and to be honest I have not had any trouble with any reputable screen wash clogging up the filter, even changing from different reputable brands which some say it's likely to block the filter. https://www.toolstation.com/prestone-max-visibility-screenwash-rtu/p99628
  8. Oilburner

    Pirelli Cinturato runflats - deformation

    Just a thought maybe the MOT tester requires reading glasses, to be honest I only noticed the cracks on my own tyres when I happened to have my computer/reading glasses on, for me without the said glasses my own eyes did not see the fine cracks in the tyres, I suspect unless the tester has got perfect eyesight he may not have noticed the fine cracks. !
  9. Oilburner

    B47 Timing Chain issues

    Agree from other members on here with past timing chain issues, that does not sound like a timing chain issue even though it's a B47 engine, they would most likely sound similar with a timing chain issue.
  10. Oilburner

    Pirelli Cinturato runflats - deformation

    Whilst you don't state the month of manufacturer even if the oldest tyres were made at the start of 2018 they should not have deteriorated, I have known in the past some tyres can start cracking on the tyre wall when they get to 5 - 6 years old, especially on a vehicle that's not used daily, have you had any news regarding your claim yet..
  11. Oilburner

    Pirelli Cinturato runflats - deformation

    How old are the tyres in the photo according to the tyre DOT code.
  12. Oilburner

    F11 water ingress - No, not the usual

    Yes that's correct they are the two screws you remove.
  13. Oilburner

    Increased battery discharge

    What age is your battery my wifes car agm battery went down quick at 7 years old and had to be replaced although it still started the car, if it had been my own car I probably left it for a bit longer.
  14. Oilburner

    Thinking about ditching Run Flats

    I did exactly that the rear Bridgestone run flats tyres were replaced first as they wore out quick, originally the tyre shop fitted the new Michelin Primacy non runflats to the rear, but I thought the rear end did not seem to handle that well the difference was only small, but I moved the new tyres to the front, and the old Bridgestone run flats to the rear, they were only there for about 11 months due to a piece of metal in the road that damaged one rear tyre, so they were changed to Michelin Primacy non run flats, in that 11months I can't say I noticed much difference, but when I had non run flats all round it was a lot quieter ride and far better grip in the wet or dry conditions, and not as twitchy ever, as others have said I would not go back to runflats, even though they do have some convenience benefit if you get a puncture. Just make sure they are fitted on the same axle.
  15. Oilburner

    F11 water ingress - No, not the usual

    Well at least you now know that's not the problem area, your local mechanic may well be right because when I fitted a front and rear dash cam a lot of wiring comes down from the tailgate on that side and goes to the fuses, you should be able to see if there is any water ingress, by removing the plastic trim on the tailgate on the hinge that side, if it looks dry I would crumple up a bit of paper towel and place it around the wiring and fill the space, then recheck after it rains again, at least you will know one way or the other, keep us all updated with what you find good luck.