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  1. Wow, I did not know that these existed. Is it just me, or does this have achingly beautiful clean lines An E30 convertible hood and an E23 745i running gear, simpes Just a lottery win away https://scuderia-sportiva-colonia.de/en/cars/479-bmw-3-5-csi-turbo-cabriolet Stay safe Best regards, Mick
  2. Ordnator

    E28 Central Locking Control Unit

    Hi Ian, Try Tim: https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/profile/31264-tims/ If you strike out with Tim, then try Ivo: https://www.e28.nl/ If you strike out with Ivo then try South 26 (Andy) over on mye28.com Best regards, Mick
  3. Ordnator

    E28 Air Con

    High CB, I have this on my list of things to do for the Diamantschwartz and Bronzit beige Eta's. I have most of the major components for one retrofit (courtesy of Ivor), apart from the interior AC centre console and the switches, sensors and fiddly bits. RHD AC centre consoles are quite rare. There is quite a bit of chatter over on mye28.com regarding upgrading to a parallel flow condenser and a simpler (cheaper) Sanden compressor. Some useful information. Austin has just advertised an upgrade kit for when changing from R12 to R134 refrigerant which looks to be quite a comprehensive kit. Just looking into if there are any differences between LHD and RHD fitment before pulling the trigger on one of these kits for the Zobelbraun Eta. Stay safe, best regards, Mick
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    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    They may well be now but were available back in 2017
  5. Ordnator

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Hi Ivor, Genuine set obtained back in 2017. Front, part number: 3611612 - 7J16H2: Rear, part number 3611613 - 8J16H2: I obtained these from an online site and my main stealer (Snows) was happy to price match, which was a significant discount from their original OEM list price. Stay safe. Best regards, Mick
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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Replaced the fuel rail, fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulator with some new old stock items: Also replaced the ignition lead plastic carrier as the rear mounting tab had broken off: Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. regards, Mick
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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD

  17. Just had the following information from my parts guy, Jake. The lower front and rear shadow line windscreen mouldings have been made "classic parts status". The implications of this is that although they are currently zero stock they will not be "ENDED". Now having achieved the "Classic Parts Status" there will be a manufacturing re-run of these items and they are anticipated to be available between September 2020 and March 2021. so "Shout your orders loud and clear" to your local parts departments / classic parts online. No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes 03 Moulding lower SCHWARZ 1 1 51311959726 $70.40 10 Moulding lower SCHWARZ 1 1 51311959998 $70.40 I find this to be encouraging news for the E28 community that E28 parts can be transitioned to "Classic" status. May they transition many more. My order is already in. Have a good weekend and stay safe. Best regards, Mick
  18. Ordnator

    Bmw e28 progress pics

    Hi Rich, Marvelous progress you are making sir. If you change out all of your suspension and steering rubber bushes and ball joints in one go the difference is like night and day. The guys in the US on mye28.com refer to this as "baselining". The initial upfront cost can be hard to swallow but you will only conduct one 4 wheel alignment and maximise the life out of these components because they are all renewed at the same time. This will maximise your drivability and reliability going forward. The alternative is to replace on failure and potentially have a frequent flyers card for the 4 wheel alignment club. The potential for newer parts to wear out more quickly by being mixed with older worm components is much higher. I used to repair on failure (usually post MOT failure) when I was both time and cash poor, and ended up under the car for a part of several weekends which got a little groundhog dayish. I carried out a full refresh once in one weekend and that was it for several years. MoT's were far more successful too. This is now my preferred route as it works for me. The choice in the end is yours based on your own needs and requirements. Stay safe Best regards, Mick
  19. Obtained this steering bracket reinforcement kit from the US: Will install to both E28s in due course. Regards, Mick
  20. Very nice looking pre-facelift 525e in Opelgrun https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1226865 Best regards, Mick
  21. Ordnator

    Bmw e28 progress pics

    Life is about the journey not just the destination. Best regards, Mick
  22. Ordnator

    530 MLE - Purchased!

    Thank you for sharing your amazing journey to the uber rare car. Is that a South African M5 Diamantschwartz with Lotus white highline finish next to your car in the last picture? Do you have any more pictures of it? Do you perchance have any pictures of the 745? Looking forward to many more pictures of your MLE when it arrives in the UK. Best regards, Mick
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    SOS elec help needed

    Hi Ian, Haynes Manual for 520i & 525e, page 285, figure 12.27 Wiring diagram for general electrical system without check control - 1986 onwards: Power comes from the 8 amp fuse (item 95) via the red/white wire, through the plug, centre section (item 61) to the interior lights (item 85). The interior lights are connected via the brown/violet wire to the switch, inside lights (item 121). The switch, interior lights (item 121), controls the lights by one or three modes: 1. Rocker switch down - off - no earth return path - interior lights will not work. 2. Rocker switch middle - intermittent - switch is connected via the brown/violet wire to all four door switches: A. Door contact front left (item 122). B. Door contact front right (item 123). C. Door contact rear right (item 124). D. Door contact rear left (item 125). When any of the doors are opened the door switch earths to the body work, completing the circuit and the interior lights illuminate. Closing the door will break this circuit and extinguish the interior lights. 3. Rocker switch up - on - switch is connected via the brown wire to earth, completing the circuit and the interior lights illuminate. This mode is not altered by opening or closing the doors as the circuit is not through the door switches. The photograph of your interior light switch chimes with the Haynes Manual diagram in that it has two brown/violet wires and one brown wire. My conclusion is that you appear to have a bog standard, simple interior lighting setup. The addition wiring is most likely your aftermarket alarm system, which could be dragging down your interior lighting system. Maybe try disconnecting this to restore you back to the basic interior lighting setup, and see if that works. That said, be careful disconnecting your alarm, if it is still an active system, as you do not want to have an immobilised car. Stay safe. best regards, Mick
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    From the album: FLAKPANZER GEPARD