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  1. Ordnator

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Re-activated the Diamantschwartz Eta from its winter slumber. Washed it, checked levels and pressures then went for a shakedown drive around the local area. Today took it to "Memory Lane Heritage Village Car Show" in Lake Charlotte Nova Scotia. Lots of interesting North American Muscle but only one BMW, a Diamantschwartz RHD Eta: A grand day out on Fathers Day. Regards, Mick
  2. Ordnator

    e28 wheel offset

    Hi Ivor, Are you running an M30 accumulator (bomb) or an M20 vacuum servo brake set up? I experienced slow speed steering difficulties with the M30 accumulator brake set up on the 635, which turned out to be a ruptured diaphragm which a replacement accumulator solved. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Regards, Mick
  3. Ordnator

    Leather cleaning

    When I had the Diamantschwartz Eta re-trimmed by d:class, David's advice for leather care was to wipe down with a wet wipe every couple of weeks. Two years later the interior is as good as the day I picked it up from d:class https://www.dclass.co.uk/gallery_images/bmw-525e/ Regards, Mick
  4. Ordnator

    e28 wheel offset

    Hi Ivor, I went up to 17" style 5's from 15" style 5's on the Bronzitbeige Eta and the change and feel through the steering was quite pronounced with a tendency to tram line over poor road surfaces. The larger rim with reduced side wall size also presented with a significantly more uncomfortable ride on poorer road surfaces. Dropped back to 16" in order to achieve an acceptable compromise between form and function. I ran 17" Style 5's on my E24 635 without issue for 10 years, but that was a we bit heavier engine, car + air con so more in balance than my Etas with 17" wheels. My suspicion it that you may well be experiencing a similar response to change. Just my $00.02. Regards, Mick
  5. Ordnator

    E28 on tour

    Hi CB, Which girl did you put the 18" rims on The little donkey is looking great We need pictures of the LD on tour or it didn't happen Have a great time away and enjoy some E28 seat time. Regards, Mick
  6. Ordnator

    E39 Breyton Bodykit

    Hi CB, Have you tried "MyE28.com", there is some E39 action on this site. Regards, Mick
  7. Ordnator

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Hi Mark, Very apt street name Car is looking the "mutts" Agree with the Borbets. Regards, Mick
  8. Ordnator

    Front Spoiler

    Just re-read your OP , my bad A small lottery win is required if you need an M5 spoiler from the main stealers Regards, Mick
  9. Ordnator

    Front Spoiler

    During the E28 production run there was a little bit of a face lift in 1984 and one of the little changes on Euro cars was the front apron lower part. Early front apron lower part up to 09/1984 - later front apron lower part from 09/1984 - Later apron is the top one with the early apron being the lower one: I believe that the dimensional changes impacted on the front spoiler fitment. The OEM front spoiler up to 09/1984 is The OEM front spoiler from 09/1984 is RealOEM lists these front spoilers as not interchangeable (no parts found matching your description). The M5 lower front lip spoiler fits later lower front valances as the M5 were produced from 1986 on wards. M5 front lip spoiler fitted to my 1985 Zobelbraun 525e: M5 lip spoiler fitted to my 1987 Diamantschwartz 525e: I quite like the M5 front lip spoiler... I have seen chatter about Alpina front spoilers being different code numbers to enable correct fitment between early and late style lower front aprons. Just my $0.02. Regards, Mick
  10. Ordnator

    Front Spoiler

    There are differences between early and late lower front valances to be wary of when dealing with front spoilers. Regards, Mick
  11. Ordnator

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Hey Rick, Good to see you back on it. Nice sized garage / workshop you have there. May the 4th be with you Regards from the left side of the pond, Mick
  12. Ordnator

    Giving us a bad name......

    How on earth can this evidence not be acted upon. Attempted vehicular manslaughter with a one ton weapon... Slam dunk... Confused and ashamed on the UK justice system.
  13. Ordnator

    SuperDave RIP

    Pete, Thank you for making the time to inform this community, during a difficult time for both you and Dave's family. It is appreciated. Please pass on are collective Condolences to the family. It was really brave of Dave to share his life changing experience in order to raise awareness and better inform the rest of us, thank you Dave Rest in peace. Kind regards, Mick