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  1. Ordnator

    Cooling loop behind grill?

    Welcome along to the Forum. I agree, power steering cooling loop as the picture shows the pipework routed under the engine to a RHD steering pump location. The Automatic gearbox cooling pipework is routed on the outside of the left hand frame rail, through the left front wheel arch and into the oil cooler in the bottom of the radiator. No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes 01 Pipe 1 04/1984 32411128838 $44.35 Part number still looks to be available as it has a price against it as apposed to "Ended" I used an "M535i Auto 1984 Euro RHD" for the RealOEM search criteria. Regards, Mick
  2. Ordnator

    Electric blind switch location

    John, Thank you for sharing this That has to be the unicorn of E28 accessories Has anybody seen a set or even have a set they are wiling to sell? Unicorn hunting is in season... Regards, Mick
  3. CB, Happy Birthday Clive, closer to the telegram now than the birth certificate Have a great birthday. Regards, Mick
  4. Ordnator

    E28 boot lid lining

    Hi Ivor, Boot lid liners are quite plentiful over on this side of the pond, mostly large but sometimes small as well. They are not nearly as common in Europe as they are in North America. Recommend a want add on myE28.com Maybe give Ivo a shout over in the Netherlands. There is, or was a gentlemen in Suffolk / Norfolk who makes up replacement foam pads that fit between the tool tray and the boot lid (large and small) as they are NLA from the main stealers. I think he goes by Flint Macullok: I had a thread about this in the E28 section back in 2015 ish: Regards, Mick
  5. Ordnator

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    Y-Fronts will stop Chernobyl fall out Where's my coat...
  6. Ordnator

    Electric blind switch location

    Hi Ivor, Constructing the looms is my intent I just need to identify the loom and connector details first. The future intent is to make small batches for sale to enable other enthusiasts to retrofit E28 upgrades with OEM standard looms. The looms nearly always get cut / hacked or just plain forgotten. Enjoy your weekend. Regards, Mick
  7. Ordnator

    Electric blind switch location

    John H, Good shout, any E28 upgrade instruction are always welcome. Sutts, Would you also be able to scan / pdf the accessories brochures too. Any OEM information on upgrades is like gold especially some of the rare and exotic stuff. Shaun, Thanks for shining a light on this upgrade. Do you have an OEM loom for this, if so can you share the details please and thank you. Your build is looking "The Mutts". Currently looking into illuminated sun visor vanity mirrors upgrade details. The main gap in information is usually the wiring from the accessory connector and whereabouts in the connector the accessories plug in. I have also seen a thin piece of information on rear door fitted sun blinds for late model E28's, anybody else seen these? I now know that E28's could have electric rear sun blinds, so were they a late production option which were intended for the later E34 / E32. If so will this be a source of parts for a retrospective upgrade for E28's. The work scope for the Eta's just got longer, again Have a good weekend. Regards, Mick
  8. Now you have my interest, What does a Motronic 1.3 conversion entail exactly? I have read some chatter about the US converting to super eta from 88 production year cars is that the same thing? Advice and guidance welcome, especially if it results in improved drive ability and enhanced reliability for the future. Regards, mick
  9. Two sensors on order and in course of supply to the left side of the pond Regards, Mick
  10. Ordnator

    E28 M20 Eta - Rough idle / rich idle / fuel aroma

    Update, The engine temperature sensor cold checked within tolerance. The dynamic check, with a warm engine, shorting out the sensor cable did nothing for the rough idle however, when I removed the short the engine surged to about 1300 rpm consistent with additional fueling for a cold engine. That looks like it is most likely not the cause. Recently acquired a new throttle body with throttle switch (not full of oil) as well as a new AFM so will try each of these to see if that tunes out the rough idle completely. The current ones are original with 147k miles and are worn so may contain lost motion / backlash which could possibly be contributing to the rough idle through poor response. Any help and advice is most welcome. Thanks for looking. Regards, Mick
  11. Cheers Duncan, Thanks for the information, this side of the pond too, result. I can obtain a spare one for the Eta's now. I am assembling a spare set of engine management sensors so as to be able to sustain the Eta's in the long term. I am absolutely not hoarding This forum rocks Regards, Mick
  12. Hi Duncan, Thanks for the information. I can now obtain a spare pair for the Eta's. This forum rocks. Regards, Mick
  13. The M20 Engine Idle Control Valve ( is no longer available from the main stealers. How are people getting past this problem? Any advice or guidance welcome. Thank you. Regards, Mick
  14. M20 Engine Speed sensor and Engine Position sensor ( is no longer available from the main stealers. How are people getting past this problem? Any advice or guidance welcome. Thank you. Regards, Mick
  15. Ordnator

    E28 M20 Eta - Rough idle / rich idle / fuel aroma

    Gentlemen, Thank you for getting back to me with your advice. I am off to the British Atlantic Touring car Association of Nova Scotia (BATANS) 10th annual meet. Being of British stock with British vintage & registered specification cars from 1985 & 1987 (of German origin) I have been accepted as a member. My cars however will not be recorded in the BATANS register and may only reside within the car park but it is a great club of enthusiastic petrol heads who do good things. Not quite Forum 5 stuff but a good second place. https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrJ7F8gVildFOUAxVMM34lQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1563018913/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fbatans.ca%2f/RK=2/RS=ysCAJx2LLfuKnOOGDt05bW65sh8- Anywey I digress, when I have returned home from the above meeting I will investigate the Coolant Temperature Switch. Sir ARP, thank you for the tip and John H thank you for the test method. This Forum rocks. Enjoy your weekend. Regards, mick