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  1. Ordnator

    The price of originality!

    You stop when you have your perfect car, how you like it and how you would have specced it if you had won the pools / lottery in 1983 Just an idea... Regards, Mick
  2. Ordnator

    The price of originality!

    Finding a set of recaro seats may be more difficult but not impossible. They come up for sale in Europe every now and again. Then have them recovered to match your interior. Nothing wrong with making it your own from the parts bin, as if you were in the showroom 36 years ago It is your car to do with as you please, and in a way that pleases you. Outstanding survivor car. Regards, Mick
  3. Ordnator

    The price of originality!

    Wow, That looks like it came straight from the show room in 1981 Is that a special "motor Show" prepared model or does it just have most of the original optional extra boxes ticked from new. Where did you find this fine car? Thank you for sharing and brightening up a dull winters day. Looking forward to more pictures. Regards, Mick
  4. Ordnator

    The price of originality!

    Looks sweet Would love to see some more photographs if you have any. Regards, Mick
  5. Ordnator

    Is this a Euro rear bumper?

    US diving board... Real OEM has the part number applicable to USA models only: Sponsored links No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes 01 Bumper rear center 1 51121953936 $476.27 02 Protective Mouldings 1 51121868523 $176.49 03 Saucer-head screw M8X25 6 07119910457 $0.62 ENDED 04 Clip 7 51111838076 $1.98 05 Shock absorber rear center 1 51121868519 $124.00 06 Support shock a0sorber 3 51121830650 $11.51 07 Hex bolt M14X75 1 07119912870 $5.38 ENDED 08 Self-locking hex nut M14 1 07129922739 $2.13 09 Hex bolt with washer M8X22-Z3 X 07119915084 $0.41 10 Shock absorber rear 2 51121868515 $124.00 11 Bumper rear left 1 51121868511 $202.45 12 Bumper rear right 1 51121868512 $202.45 ENDED 13 Stop nut M6 4 12/1987 51211803363 $1.10 ENDED 13 Self-locking hex nut M6 4 07147153450 $0.47 14 Hex nut with plate M8 4 12/1987 51111835625 $0.69 ENDED 14 Hex nut with plate M8 4 51117070183 $0.77 15 Cover 1 51121914503 $170.77 16 Prestol-cage ST4,8 2 07129925765 $0.18 17 Prestol-cage ST6,3 2 12/1987 07129925775 $0.19 ENDED 17 Prestol-cage ST6,3-ZNS 2 07129901748 $0.25 17 Body nut ST 6,3 - 9 2 07129904216 $0.25 18 Hex head screw ST4,8X19-C-Z2 2 07119916949 $0.25 Notes ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available). Regards, Mick
  6. Ordnator

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Shite-hawks... We used to have a test kit for measuring water content in an hydraulic fluid sample. We had a chemical (calcium hydride IIRC) which was mixed with a given fluid sample size. Placed inside a pressure vessel with a pressure gauge, shaken vigorously such that the water would react with the chemical to produce hydrogen and the % water content produce a corresponding pressure value on the gauge. The fun part was if you had a high water content sample you would get one hell of a pressure. The guidance was to conduct this test on the upper deck not below decks. The test kit was locally known as "The Bomb". Anyway, apparently there was a lesser known use for the test kit to deal with shite-hawks. This was to put some of the chemical into some bread and feed it to the shite-hawks, who subsequently could not burp or fart fast enough to relieve the resultant pressure build up created when the laced bread hit their digestive system Never seen this done myself, just heard it through the grapevine. Regards, Mick
  7. Ordnator

    Brake Lines. (ABS)

    Hi, My $0.02, Circuit 1 (pipe 1) and circuit 2 (pipe 4) from the master cylinder go to the ABS control unit. Circuit 1 (pipe 2) and circuit 2 (pipe 5) from the ABS control unit to the intermediate piece (item 7), which link to the rear brakes. That leaves Circuit 1 (pipe 3) and circuit 2 (pipe 6) for the front brakes. The schematic would appear to show pipe 3 looping across to the left (near side). Recommend that you confirm this with your local BMW dealer, parts department using your VIN number for conformation. This way you can buy with confidence, get the two year parts warranty and if the part is wrong it's on BMW to fix. Hope this helps. Real OEM E28, M535i, Euro, December 1984, M30 Engine, Right Hand Drive, DC 72: CIRCUIT 1 01 Pipe M10/M10-2224MM 1 08/2000 34321153769 $15.74 ENDED 01 Pipe M10/M10-2224MM 1 34326755657 $15.74 02 Pipe M10/M10-2224MM 1 08/2000 34321153769 $15.74 ENDED 02 Pipe M10/M10-2224MM 1 34326755657 $15.74 03 Pipe M10/M10-2235MM 1 08/2000 34321153770 $14.92 ENDED 03 Pipe M10/M10-2235MM 1 34326755658 $17.08 CIRCUIT 2 04 Pipe M10/M10-2200MM 1 08/2000 34321153768 $14.92 ENDED 04 Pipe M10/M10-2200MM 1 34326755656 $8.97 05 Pipe M10/M10-2074MM 1 08/2000 34321153762 $9.15 ENDED 05 Pipe M10/M10-2074MM 1 34326755651 $10.03 06 Pipe M10/M10-1080MM 1 34326755607 $10.03 07 Intermediate piece M10X1 2 34321160028 $7.23 08 Spacer tube 2 34321151857 $1.24 ENDED 09 Clamp 3 34321108210 $0.60 10 Clamp X 34321108212 $2.70 11 Clamp X 34321108261 $0.61 12 Holder X 34321155062 $0.60 12 Holder X 34321155731 $0.36 13 Holder X 34321155735 $0.48 13 Holder X 34321155737 $0.48 14 Self tapping screw X 34321119239 $0.27 14 Screw M4X17 X 34321151858 $0.29 ENDED 15 Brake pipe bracket X 12/1987 34321155787 $1.62 ENDED 15 Spacer, 4-way X 34326777692 $0.38 16 Brake pipe bracket X 34321155786 $1.43 Notes ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available). Regards, Mick
  8. Don't really have a long enough summer season to justify having one of these in Nova Scotia That, and it's 20 thousand dollars shy of 1/4 million... The new owner must have really wanted it badly. Regards, Mick
  9. Any Mini owners out there who also own a hacksaw? https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1965-austin-850-mini-beach-car/ Regards, Mick
  10. Ordnator

    New '86 525E Auto owner in Dublin

    Welcome Ian, That looks like it has been well cared for judging by your photographs. Personally I like the Eta, the lower revving high torque motor gets you from A to B without much fuss in a lazy manor which I find quite relaxing, especially on longer journeys. The economy is also surprisingly good for a 30 + year old 2.7 litre straight 6 petrol engine. Also from a time when BMW built cars to a standard rather than a budget. What plans do you have for your Eta? There is a massive amount of knowledge on the E28 sub forum further down the home page along with some really helpful blokes who collectively can answer most E28 related questions. Regards, Mick
  11. While I was conducting pre-winter checks on this bad boy: I failed to notice that the spark plug was not perpendicular when I removed it Thus when I tried to re-insert it in a perpendicular manor it started to cross thread, "bugger" After a little research I found this amazing tool online : Never seen one like this before. The business end (cutter) collapses so that it can be inserted down into the plug hole, past the damaged portion of the thread, then the collet is drawn back up inside the cutter which expands to fit into the lower undamaged portion of the thread by turning the knurled nut at the other end of the tool: You then dress / re-cut the damaged top of the thread by cutting back out of the thread hole, which also brings all of the swarf out in front of it. Result, spark plug is back in and the motor test run in good time for the first heavy round of snow "What a Tool" Every day is a school day... Regards, Mick
  12. Ordnator

    Washing machine tripping RCD!

    I ran a Hoover washing machine for 17 years and the motor brushes would wear down every 3 to 4 years and short out via the commutator. This could be one possible cause which could trip an RCD. Also had to re-surface and undercut the commutator at every second brush change. Not sure if you can even get replacement brushes anymore. Regards, Mick
  13. Ordnator

    Found a pic of my first 525e!

    Duncan, Is this your way of telling us that you getting another E28 itch that needs scratching Regards, Mick
  14. Ordnator

    Build 2

    Go Gaza, Go Gaza, Car is looking the mutts More pictures, we need more pictures. Great work recovering from the small setback earlier in the year. Regards, Mick