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  1. Hi Jetski, It has been sold. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. BUMP now £6000. Available in either Plymouth or London.
  3. Nevil, I think it looks good, hopefully adds a bit of a enhanced sound to it. I've seen the debate about 3rd party Air Filters for years. Surely warm air vs cold air will only matter if the car is stationary, otherwise the cars mention will feed fresh (cool) air. Also surely the performance difference between OEM and 3rd party would only make a difference on a track day or pro car? Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  4. dsgrnmcm

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    Hi craig, funny you mention it as I'm selling my F11 520d, reason being I dont need a large car and my commute won't be 178 miles twice a week. I have not had teh 530d so can not comment, but have had a 320d, 328I and a A4 3.0 Tdi so i'm familiar with decent tourings. All the horror stories about chains are only reported by those who have snags, which is the minority. The car I purchased had the chain done by BMW Snows, the new chain has new oil guides. I also do oil changes every 6k, the car system will prompt every 20k or so, which I believe is the main culprit for this failing. My (Arm chair) advice would be buy a 2.0 with the chain done or get a 525 or 530. Other things that I have encountered are rear suspension air bags, engine bulkhead grommet leak, door card leaks. I find it a large car to park ( I live in Devon) but its a great place to be, we drove just over 2k at XMAS all round europe and on the autobhan, absolutely great. A 530d would have been even more fun. But the 520d was plenty. Space wise I have gotten 3 kit bags, my road bike and a TV all in and drove to work in confort, wood to build decking, our new 65 TV went straight in, as did all the bathroom stuff from Ikea. It really is a step up from a 3 series, in terms of kit. M sport all the way! I get about 650 to 740 per tank, but I drive mixed roads. If you set cruise or limit to 70 you will get loads out of the tank, again 520d experience only. I'd see what the 535d and 530d owners experiences are.
  5. dsgrnmcm

    N47 egr gunk

    Could you send a link through to the TIS link, how much was the gasket? may I ask what you are using to clean all the coke off? thanks in advance.
  6. dsgrnmcm

    Quest for an E28

    Hi All this is the Ebay one (in picture) Ebay link and this beaut! just emailed to go and see it. It has been "garage" prepped, but they obviously missed the wonky exhaust, missing badges at the rear, honking radiator. Private garage
  7. dsgrnmcm

    Quest for an E28

    Found one!! well its 8k, 528, so not teh 535i monster, and has arm rests!
  8. dsgrnmcm

    Quest for an E28

    Afternoon All, I'm on a slow burn for an E28. I'm looking at the 525e up to the 535I, but one thing I really want is the front seat individual arm rests. I have not (yet) seen one for sale with them. I have seen some seats for sale, but they are almost £1k plus. I found in the USA OEM arm rests that can be added I suppose. I have my eye on this 535I, not sure it is a genuine M car. looks good though,salightly over my budget. Does anyone have the front individual arm rests? Can ones from a 5 series be fitted in place of?
  9. dsgrnmcm

    E28 For Sale

    Hi CB, Is Little Doney still for sale, or has someone nabbed her.
  10. Bump. New front discs and pads.
  11. Packed a boot full! Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  12. Transported a 65 inch Frame TV (Clerance offer from Currys) Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  13. Just serviced and MOT'd.
  14. MOT and Service at Halfords (only place available) plus screen wash (Thought they would have done it)
  15. dsgrnmcm

    E28 For Sale

    Looks good, Please let me know if it is still around in March.