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  1. dsgrnmcm

    2011 520d M sport Touring £7995 ONO

    Afternoon All, Here is my F11 520d touring for sale, due to moving to London in a few weeks. (Poss 335i or 997 C4S) Full service history BMW then independent. LED interior lights. Usual M-Sport refinements. M Sport with android full screen head unit and FSH. Engine repair by BMW Portsmouth at 112k / Mar 20 18. All pads & discs changed Summer 2019 at 135k, headlights and doors re sealed (inc drivers bulkhead grommet) Oil cooler gasket replaced summer 2019, rear airbags replaced 2018. New tyres in 2019 (Due to the M5!) I have owned this car since Oct 18, mostly Plymouth to Portsmouth trips once a week, averaging 44 to 48 MPG. We road tripped to Copenhagen through Europe over 12 days covering 2150 miles at 50mpg (inc Autobhan) When traveling up the M5 only I get 52mpg sat at M way speeds. The car has usual age related marks, few scuffs on bumpers and slight wear on drivers seat and door card. No rips or tears. Car will be MOT'd before sale. Car is based in Plymouth at weekends and Portsmouth during the week, please contact for viewing or more detail. Any questions or suggestion please ask
  2. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    M5 on German roads! what a blast!
  3. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    I was bricking it with the prospect of snow, I did have snow socks. But based on my 5 miles of snow driving from Honiton to the A38 last winter (now 2018) and how bad the RWD auto was I was not looking forward to it.
  4. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Evening team! Got back about an hour ago, glad to be home but not the UK roads. They in comparison are congested, everyone sits at the same speed and in the middle lane! In Europe everyone seems to use the lanes properly, and it just flows. Overall a good performance from the F11, 2 adults, a load of luggage and it drove really well. Mrs had it up at 130 Mph, but it sat comfortably at 90 to 100. Hotel and city car parks seem really small, it was a struggle parking and / or getting out of the car. We did over 2120 miles and used 3 and 3/4 tanks of fuel. Some places were £76 for a full tank! and £80 for V-Power!!!! (didn't notice any difference) 6 countries, no prangs or kerbs hit! and (fingers crossed) no tickets!!!!!
  5. dsgrnmcm

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi I used some bathroom sealant as I was doing the shower tray that weekend. Fingers crossed it is still dry!!!!!
  6. Today I reversed in to a parking barrier while arguing with the Mrs while inputting an address in the Satnav. Car is ok!!!!
  7. Today Popped to Malmo for lunch, went over a bridge from "The Br
  8. Popped to Malmo for lunch, went over a bridge from "The Bridge"!
  9. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    So just popping over to Malmo before tonight's smash ex in town
  10. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Quick update, just got to Hamburg. Did my first tank up. Did 697miles with 1/8 left in the tank. €80 to fill up and then on to the autobhan. Looked up to see the Mrs doing 130mph! Few photos!
  11. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    I'd like to say I was bombing it along, but even the 5 can not compete with a rude French man and his citeron!
  12. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Afternoon team 5'er, So we are here in one piece. 8hr 10min door to door, could have been 7 if we caught the earlier train but it had a delay. 390 miles in half a tank. Although the first half of the tank seems bigger than then the second half. The mrs drove to the tunnel getting 49.5mpg. Then we sat at 90 mph in France. Got overtaken, not by the RS6 or Lambo in our lane, but an irate French man in his citron belingo doing light speed. Here in Brugge, tourists, then dogs, then horses have right of way as it took us 35 min from the road to the hotel. Fingers crossed for Germany!
  13. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Set off at 0600, 50mins to the tunnel!
  14. Link here!! https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/140684-euro-road-trip/?tab=comments#comment-1506461
  15. dsgrnmcm

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Evening All, Havent been on in a while, but I'm on leave and now off on a road trip tomorrow in to Europe!!!!! We are going to:Plymouth to Euro TunnelBruges for XmasCologneHamburgCopenhagen for New Year (popping up to Malmo just to drive over the bridge, from "The Bridge")BremenRotterdam (to break up the return journey!)Euro tunnel and then back to sunny Plymouth (before I return to work in Portsmouth...)Now I have driven in Europe before, but not in winter, not in a RWD, Auto barge!! I do have mixed tyres and snow socks (chocolate tea pot....)But having researched the route and planned major roads I don't expect to have to drive on snow (famous last words!)We have our Revolut cards, half a dozen green cards and other BREXIT chits all the crap for France!2136 miles all in 11 days!I'll try and get daily updates and photos!Anyone else off to Europe this xmas?