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  1. Finally tackled the boot switch, New one is OEM, but a different and more substantial switch gear. New one: New Switch: Old switch: You can see on the old switch, under the metal contact bar where the inside of the handle push is, it has cracked and that's why the switch is on and off.
  2. Will have done 20 this June, then out at 22!
  3. No worries Deeps, are you still in?
  4. So today the beast proved her worth in size!! Got the frame work for extending the decking all in one go! Plus a mini shed for for the mower and trimmer!! but I'l have to get the composite planks delivered as they are 4m each!
  5. And your a Sun Dodger or 4 Kt Fudge Packer!!!!!!!
  6. dsgrnmcm

    Bloody Brakes

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for that mate. I picked up 2 BMW sensors, but only needed the front one. It had 2 nicks or wear marks. The rear BMW was too small for my PAGID pads, but the front was a perfect fit. Here is the damage: The BMW sensor was shorter and gave a better fit, I did however cable tie the slack at the rear. After fitting the front sensor, all warnings were gone, even the rear pad worn and rear parking warnings. strange. So £25 refund from BMW and a free coffee. You wouldn't think the discs are a week / 400 miles old....
  7. dsgrnmcm

    Bloody Brakes

    Thanks Matt and Andrew, I'm picking up some BMW sensors (£50 for both!!!) Then I'll check Pattern ones before fitting the BMW ones. Will I be able to return the old ones?
  8. dsgrnmcm

    Bloody Brakes

    Evening All, So last weekend I changed my Discs, Pads and Sensors all round, then reset the dashboard counter. Drove around plymouth, had an MOT then drove to Portsmouth just over 200miles. THEN I started driving back to plymouth, after 12 miles, the "Brake pads worn" error popped up, pulled over then re started the car, no warning then it came back. then when I pulled on the drive the "Check parking pads" warning??? Now I know that the pads are brand new, just over 366 miles now. Any ideas? shall I just check the sensors?
  9. dsgrnmcm

    Plymouth Coder help!

    Hi all, any coders in plymouth?
  10. This morning Changed the brake pads, discs and sensors all round. (not a 1hr job!) even with my mates vehicle lift and one of his mates. MOT passed (only advisory was a dampener cover.!! Meanwhile the Mrs ordered a 118d Shadowline!
  11. dsgrnmcm

    F10 520d remapping advice

    Hi everyone, my 520d has 127k on the clock, but a new engine 4k ago. When the map is applied do you still get the same miles per tank, or does the extra power make you drive faster therefore less range per tank?
  12. Test Drove a e92 330d, FSH chipped to 302bhp, 600nm but, but. Manual, no heated seats and no nav!!!! 105k 2009 it's pretty mint. Guys wants to swap.....
  13. Just got rear wheels aligned after my skid in the snow, no more wonky wheel!!!!
  14. Well more of a what Did I do this weekend: Drove Portsmouth to Plymouth Thursday evening, all was fine until we came towards Honinton (from the A30 east) and the HGV slammed on his brakes to avoid an unlit car that had rear ended another, so I had to slid past him in to a low hedge, think Austin Powers slow speed crash. So that way my alloy is properly buggered and now needs aligning. anyway 2 hours later and we were off. I did find that when in Drive the car was a mare, but in Neutral I could decend the hill easily, but the car slid sideways even when parked!!!!!! Luckily I did not have to drive up a snowy hill. Any Ideas Then I took out my near side head light to dry it out and try and find the leak, what a PITA that is, the last internal screw holding the lamp in is a bugger to get out. Next I thought I will quickly swap the Mrs Grill as she had a BMW part for (£50 for one, I paid £40 for my black pair) no amount of force will allow me to pull it out, So a garage job. And then this morning I thought I will get some fuel before my 0330 drive to work tomorrow, put some fuel in and got a waring about rear driver, tyre pressure. This had gone off last week for the first time ever, 1.5 Bar should be 2.5 bar, chucked some air in and thought I'll get it checked out before a long drive. Guess what that's right £300 for 2 new rear tyres as they can not or will not repair run flats. At least I now have 4 non RF tyres and all brand new goodyears all round, it is nice and quiet. And the final news was that I nee new disc's all-round, only a few mm remaining. Is this a good price? Then I'm sure fitting Discs will be easy the BMW way.........
  15. dsgrnmcm

    F10 water/condensation in headlight HELP!

    Evening All, After getting stuck in snow last night I made in back home, I only had to bail out once when I was going to skid down a hill at slow speed in to a slower skidding HGV (Think Austin powers slow) Today I eventually got the bumper, inner arch liner and wheel off to get the passenger light out. there is a lot of water in it, as in sloshing around. When I removed the light the only water source I saw was a wet connector going to the lamp?