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  1. philmots

    F10 M5 Gloss Black Grills

    Hi After a price for a good friend, he's got a Facelift 2014 M5 and is after the gloss black grills (with the small M5 badge) VIN - DX97844 Thanks
  2. philmots

    Deleted Topic - 1997 E39 540 six speed Touring

    Another how much?
  3. philmots

    SOLD - 550i M Sport Touring

    I'll probably just leave the Aircon.. A regas will be over 10% of the purchase price, then if there is a leak (likely) then I'll want it fixed, if it's a condenser it'll be that plus another regas, or pipe plus regas, I could end up being £250 in! Just can't see the value in it.
  4. philmots

    SOLD - 550i M Sport Touring

    I really like the XJ, but I want the extra performance of the 5.0 Supercharged V8, an XJ with that engine are a lot more money. I'm having the timing belt done on this on Thursday so I'm tempted to have a year out and just run this and save up some extra cash.
  5. philmots

    SOLD - 550i M Sport Touring

    Cheers, all my interest came through eBay too. Picked up my stop-gap this morning... It's pretty tatty, the blower motor is a bit noisy, Aircon doesn't work... but it's got new tyres, newish brakes, sensible miles - 98k, 11 months mot! and a 3.2 litre V6... £430!!
  6. philmots

    SOLD - 550i M Sport Touring

    I'm on the hunt for an XFR.. I'm going to buy a £1k Mondeo or Vectra tomorrow to tie me over, so I can buy the exact car I want when it comes up. Not bothered if it's another 6 months, or next week..
  7. philmots

    SOLD - 550i M Sport Touring

    It's gone to an equally fastidious new owner!
  8. philmots

    Should I keep 535d or upgrade to m5?

    It's the perfect car, but it doesn't offer anything over a newer and a lot lower mileage XFR for the same money. Well maybe rarity and the badge, but I can live without that.
  9. philmots

    Should I keep 535d or upgrade to m5?

    Never say never but I'd be amazed if he got that for it... I might be biased but my 550 looks a lot better car than that yet it's 5k cheaper!
  10. philmots

    Should I keep 535d or upgrade to m5?

    Not a huge M5 fan but I do respect them, I think a big fast saloon suits a conventional auto so well, but I'm a wafter not a racer! I went for a 550i, but I hate diesels, I didn't get on at all with my old 335d it was so bland and boring although it went well. The 550i is a lot cheaper than the M5, has a proper auto box, no threats to constantly bankrupt you, the noise of the V8 is awesome it gives the car a real character, and it's bloody quick! Its about 10mpg worse than the 335d was but I only do 5k a year, and it's worth every penny for the experience/noise/extra performance etc.
  11. philmots

    Longevity of the 535d and 530d

    I'd budget at least 2k for a gearbox rebuild. Then thermostats and glow plugs, then dpf which are over a grand and illegal to remove etc etc
  12. philmots

    SOLD - 550i M Sport Touring

    Enthusiast owned 550i M Sport... Registered Dec 2006 Covered 101000 miles MOT is Nov 2016 with no advisories Tracker fitted but not activated, all paperwork included 2 working remote 'key' fobs HPI clear Standard car, just as BMW intended Specification... Silver Grey with Black leather The 550i comes with a few additional features above the regular e61's as standard such as electric seats, electric steering column, extended interior lighting, front and rear parking sensors. This car is fitted with all the essential factory optional extras, bi xenon headlights with wash, Professional Navigation (with updated 2014 genuine map disc), heated seats, etc, the full build can be seen on BMW Archive with chassis number CR95651. History and Maintenence... The car has a complete main dealer BMW history, I've got a good inch thick pile of invoices from main dealers for everything from servicing, tyres, brakes, alignment etc etc from every previous owner. In addition to this I had a full service (everything apart from spark plugs, these have been done at a previous service with invoice) done on it after I bought it in November 2014 at my local BMW specialist (BMWorkshop, Leeds) using all genuine parts and Castrol oil and brake fluid. All invoices available, it's showing a fair while until any more servicing is required. It's always been run on Shell V Power in my ownership, receipts to show available. I've renewed the rear pads with genuine parts, the front discs and pads were done at a main dealer by the previous owner, these are still like new. It's wearing 4 matching Goodyear Runflats, I had the wheels fully refurbished last year including new genuine centre caps and M stickers. I had the car professionally detailed last year and finished with a Gtechniq a Ceramic coating, it still looks great. There's no car park dents anywhere but obviously the odd mark that's unavoidable for near 10 years, nothing at all detracts from the overall appearance of the car. Brand new genuine BMW floor mats fitted, Brand new genuine BMW steering wheel trim as the original had peeled under the buttons like they all do. New split tailgate switch fitted and wiper assembly as the original didn't work and everything was seized up. Transmission fluid/sump/filter replaced using genuine ZF parts and the correct Lifeguard 6 fluid. Rear air suspension overhauled to prevent failures, this includes new air feed pipe and filter, new links, new main air distribution solenoid valve and relay. All invoices available. full car software update done, this was mainly to update the idrive to the latest version which is much improved, but the car generally felt happier for having it done as it updates practically every module in the car. This was done at Autologic in Hessle, with invoice. I've had the vacuum pump overhauled with new seals due to it leaking oil, I replaced the oil pressure switch situated behind it too as this was leaking slightly too, this was done at my specialist in Leeds with invoice. Last year it needed a new air conditioning condensor (oem Behr part fitted) due to a few stones going through the original, obviously the system was then all re oiled and regassed, it's still going strong this year! New huge Varta battery. It really is looked after with no expense spared, I'm pretty confident this is the most sorted 550i out there by far. Located between Leeds and York, any inspections welcome. £9990
  13. philmots

    Few of my e61 550i Touring

    Why? I just fancy an XFR, I love how they look and drive, the extra performance is very noticeable. I'm in the lucky position that I only really need the car for about 3k a year (occasional commuting) the rest is leisure, it means this car is more of a hobby to me than transport, hence why it's so well cared for. I've had a few people say that they'd never sell it etc and would love it if it wasn't for the running costs (which aren't that tragic) there's probably a lot less to go wrong on this than a diesel. If it doesn't sell it's no huge deal, I'll keep the 550i another year, its no real hardship!
  14. Took a few decent pictures today after a scrub up, I've got a fair few quid in this and I'm really happy with how it's looking.
  15. philmots

    E60 540i

    It depends how set you were on a manual, 550 manuals are probably more rare than the 540! Manuals don't work for me in this type of car, and I wanted an estate, so 540 wasn't even an option! Im selling up soon, though.. I think..!