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  1. PedC

    Locking wheel nut key

    Hi. I need a new locking wheel nut key as mine is a bit worn. What do you need to identify the one I have? Thanks. Alex.
  2. This is for a set of BMW e39 turbine alloys with Michelin Alpin winter tyres in size 225 55 R16 95H I’ve used them for one winter on my old e39. The car has unfortunately been sold, so now these have to go. As you can see the tyres have plenty of life left and range between 4-5mm. The condition of the alloys are perfectly passable in my opinion. The faces of the alloys are in pretty good condition but definitely not perfect. The insides are worse as you can see in the pictures. I just couldn’t bring myself to get them refurbed knowing that they would be exposed to the worst of winter conditions. These are offered on a collection only basis. Please don’t ask if I can box them up or send on a crate as I simply don’t have the time. Cash on collection please from ME7, Kent. Price is £220
  3. PedC

    E70 Gloss Black grills

    Hi Phil. Can I get a price for these please. Vin - L477882 Thanks, Alex.
  4. PedC

    BMW M specialist in Kent / East Sussex

    I've been using Matt & Geoff at ETA for as long as i can remember. They know their way around a BMW that's for sure. A real ball ache for me to get to, but come highly recommended.
  5. PedC

    KDS question

    I've found virtually every BMW I've owned from E46's to F10's are really sensitive to wheel balancing. Some have been fully fixed after a Hunter Force Variation balance and others it's made the vibration much better but not removed it totally. I can deffo recommend the guys at The Tyre Shop, Walthamstow for Road Force Variation balancing and Alignment. It's a 100 mile round trip for me, but I wouldn't take my car anywhere else for those things now. Top blokes. I've always found that normal wheel balancing never gets rid of the shakes!
  6. PedC

    More E91 bits

    Same VIN
  7. PedC

    E91 knick

    Broken spring, surely when the shocks were replaced recently they would have picked that up?
  8. PedC

    E91 knick

    Bout 82k. Rear shocks have been replaced but not top mounts to my knowledge.
  9. PedC

    E91 knick

    Knock even.
  10. PedC

    E91 knick

    I hate bloody knocks/bangs and generally noises from any car, let alone one I've just bought. Anyway, new to me e91 330d touring, I get an intermittent knock from the rear. Doesn't seem to be a pattern, but made quite a loud knock pulling off the drive today when it seemed like the load was transferring from one side of the car to the other. Thoughts gratefully received!
  11. PedC

    More E91 bits

    Morning gents. Can I have individual prices for the following please. 61627118206 51167145682 Also I need a power steering resovoir cap o ring Thanks Alex VIN FJ54154
  12. PedC

    E39 bits

  13. PedC

    E91 Bits

    Hi Phil, just checking payment was recived all ok you're end. I've not paid with PayPal with Cotswold before. Thanks Alex