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  1. Droverunner

    E61 535D Touring - Performance Expectations

    I hope you get this sorted as it should have staggering performance, we were so tempted by a minter 18mths ago in metallic blue with beige leather... it looked stunning... but the Mrs ended up choosing a Mercedes from the same garage. The garage is near us and situated on a quiet long straight road where any speed you want is doable and then the route back is twisty open country roads with 30-70mph corners, total 9mls. It's perfect to heat up an engine and test the whole experience. We've bought twice from them and tested several more. I put in £10 of diesel at the fuel station en-route as a sign I'm not taking the pee with a brisk test drive. Very rare to be allowed such a good trial of a used car. I am very wary of buying a car being sold in a large town or city where it's impractical to get into open country as the test drive can be near meaningless.
  2. Droverunner

    E61 rear subframe bushes. Anyone changed them?

    As this is a potential job on any E61 I might buy soon I've looked around the net and found nothing in the way of a video or image set to see the job. Anyone any links?
  3. Cheers, all builds my understanding. I'm not going to travel much over 50mls to see a car and there are a few must haves such as a manual gearbox and leather so happy to wait. My E39 runs superbly so no urgency but I will make the change as soon as a suitable car comes up. The main push to do this soonish is my car will need a set of tyres if I were to take it into the autumn/winter and I'd far rather be putting that new set on a new to me E61.
  4. Obviously colour and trim are very personal. I was a kid when the cars I travelled in were old 50/60s Rovers, Jaguars, Rileys etc where wood dash and leather trim was common. I guess it's subconscious that I still prefer that trim style now. So I'm 90% sure only to buy a car with the woody trim like yours and I find the light interiors easier to keep clean as well as being less gloomy.
  5. Oh yes are there any extras that are more trouble re reliability than they are worth? Elec seats, soft close doors, satnav etc.
  6. Droverunner

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    Also a personal pet hate is the "no silly offers" phrase. Puts me off troubling to view in case my offer is deemed silly. I don't know the value of those cars but up at £4795 and if that was thereabouts I'd be viewing with £4500 cash in my main dealing pocket and expecting at max that would buy it. But I'd probably start just over £4000. Would he regard that as silly? Couldn't be bothered to go and see him to find out.
  7. Droverunner

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    Quite a few do it but I'm immediately on alert with a small time dealer who photographs their cars in a generic car park. Even more wary with such a standard flaky "mate had the car so I know it's OK" story which I've heard so may times... particularly when he thinks Autotrader is a good name drop. Super wary of cars that have been untaxed for so long... sometimes a good reason but also so many bad reasons.... such as being passed around the trade. Then once his unreliable comms became evident I'd not bother. There's always another one.
  8. Thanks guys. Paj have you done anything about your swirl flaps?
  9. Thanks for the heads up on wheel bearings... from YouTube it seems a bit of a lengthy job with all the suspension dismantling and at the rear driveshaft removal. Is the spare wheel well water issue just cars with a sunroof?
  10. Did you mean dpf? No just twin cats. No flaps either on the manual. And actually that's part of not being a victim.... knowing your enemy. So in my case avoid the timing chain issues by not getting an N47 and going for the earlier 2.0... or a much less likely to suffer 2.5/3.0. Choose a model with no swirl flaps to remove that liability. When test driving assess the engine and turbo sounds very carefully for early signs of failure then look after it with oil changes. Re transmissions stick to manual (or if auto check operation is perfect and get fluid changed immediately) and at the test drive assess gearbox sounds plus the dmf and clutch carefully. I've never needed to replace anything to do with a clutch or manual gearbox if it was OK at purchase. We've run diesel Citroens with dpf in the past and never had problems over 8 years of use.
  11. Hmm... whereas I've run my 17yr old E39 diesel for 5yrs with not a single diesel engine related fault and at just over 150k it starts instantly, doesn't smoke, pulls like a steam train etc. Wife's Mercedes CLK 2.2 diesel is faultless too at 120k mls. My previous car was an Alfa diesel with 150k+ and never suffered a diesel fault. Same is true with the other eight diesels we've had over the past 20yrs. Not the slightest fear of them here. Recipe for no trouble is... Change the filters and oil (proper spec) yearly regardless of mileage. Always drive them briskly once warmed up. Finally pre-empt any trouble with a good ear and feel for problems. Not trying to points score just telling how it's been for us over many cars and many years.
  12. Risking diesel... why a risk... do you mean from the politics or maintenance side?? BTW DarkHorse just clicked through to your photos.. that interior is exactly the one I want... lovely.
  13. Droverunner

    E39 Touring handbrake rebuild?

    >>>adjusted as much as they can... Wonder if they did that correctly? I do mine every couple of years for an MOT pass. Remove disc/drums... clean off drums inside and shoes with wet and dry... spray off dust buildup from backplate and mechanism with brake cleaner... put tiny amounts of coppaslip on pivot/moving contact points... drums back on... ease off cables on handbrake lever... set up drum end adjustment carefully with both rear wheels on axle stands... finally re-adjust handbrake lever end.
  14. 2006/7 if a 2.0D or 2006/8 if a 2.5/3.0. For me 2.5D is ideal
  15. Short MOT always a warning sign on any car over £2k... I mean why for £45 would you not get another year to attract buyers and get best sale price... unless the car is really cheap for year and worth the risk. Obviously always worth looking at the DVLA MOT history to see what its advisory items have been in recent MOTs. I'm looking for an E61 at the moment and far prefer 6mths MOT min as it gives me time to check everything over and attend to any issues in my own time rather than facing a possible failure soon in my ownership. I see some with short MOTs are advertised as "will put new MOT on if asking price paid". No you put the MOT on then we'll talk money.