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  1. Hi, does anyone know what adaptor lead I would require as I have just bought the new style IBS as pictured in the original post. I don't want to chop the red wire as I don't have a solder. Cheers.
  2. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    Bit of an update to this saga and also answers your question Johan. So I found the cluster test which you can perform on INPA. Its been a while since I have played around with it. Anyway, as I mentioned the IKI was not showing any fault codes registered at all. I performed the test and the gauges did not move at all. So to get a clarity as to what works and doesn't. Fuel Gauge, Speedo, Rev Counter, Temp Gauge, Economy Gauge do not work. They are dead. The OBC is dead with no display reading, however the back light for the OBC appears to be illuminated when the car is switched off and locked. The display unit for the gearbox which shows PRND etc. is dead with no display The service light display is dead. The only thing that does light up is the battery, oil light and the parking brake light. The indicators do work on the display. The emissions light is continually on with this fault. After performing the cluster test, the IKI has registered a fault code. I have looked online and can't find any information on this but it is as follows: "62 serial telegram for speed, tacho, economy control, tank, temp." So whatever that fault code is saying is related to my issues of what I have lost. I took a trip down to Rotrip to see Simon who has good experience with these cars and even he hasn't come across this fault. We did a process of elimination so took my cluster out and tried it in an E39 he has there. It exhibits the exact same fault. We then tried a used cluster he had from another 530 and plugged it into mine, lo and behold the dials all work as normal. So ruled out any module issue and it is my cluster that has gone wrong. Why its gone wrong I don't know. I am sending my cluster out to a repair company to see if they can fix it as they reckon they can sort dead clusters which is what mine appears to be. In the event it can't I have bought a used cluster off Simon. Does anyone have any info or know someone that can code this used cluster to match my original mileage? Any help and input will be appreciated.
  3. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    OK I can't see anything in INPA to do this. How would you do it via the hidden menu?
  4. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    Not sure what does the reset do?
  5. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    Hi mate yes checked all 5amp ones. 18 24 and 40. They are all fine. I can't do a cluster reset on the hidden menu as the OBC is not working either. How would I do it?
  6. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    No probs mate. Yes disconnected battery and left it. Reconnected same issue. I've checked all the fuses related to the dash nothing found. I've just taken the car out for a drive with the laptop plugged in. Wheel speed sensors all sides are working and registering right speed. Tested the cruise control that works but cruise control light doesn't illuminate. I am completely stumped on this.
  7. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    Dan I am using INPA! Thats hence why I mentioned reading the instrument cluster module. There is no fault codes stored.
  8. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    @d_a_n1979 Yes mate I have which is hence why I'm stuck at brick wall. Already tried an ignition switch off my E46 which I know is working and that hasn't solved the issue. Codes been read off the instrument cluster (kombi) and nothing there.
  9. DJ Syxx

    Unusual dash cluster issue

    Need some help here. Currently have an issue with the dash cluster not fully working. The fuel, speedo, rev counter and temp gauge are not working and also the OBC is not working either. I currently can run the car but nothing works apart from the indicators which displays on the dash. I have tried a spare ignition switch already and still the same issue. Anyone have an idea?
  10. Cheers for the replies guys. Think I'll give it to a mechanic. I've read you need to level car with weight to torque up one of the bolts. @Andyrt200 Did you out of interest level the car with weight in the car when you done up the bolts?
  11. Hi guys, as titled I'm tracing a problem with braking at high speeds and getting steering wobble and feels very much like a bushing issue. I've looked at a DIY for the thrust arms but didn't really want to get my hands dirty. So anyone know what a rough labour cost would be to replace both?
  12. DJ Syxx

    Braking issues

    Having a similar issue. I had the steering wheel shake when going at say 60mph. I had a MOT done not long ago and only thing to note was drivers side caliper was intermittently sticking. I've replaced it for a refurbe caliper and the vibration at speed is gone but now just have a shake when braking. I got a suspicion it could be the thrust arm bushes so it maybe what you're experiencing. I think the recent cold snap we had hasn't helped.
  13. DJ Syxx

    My 2003 E39 530i Sport Champagne Edition II

    Hi Mani congrats on the purchase. With regards to the vibration at 70mph it could be a wheel balancing issue, buckled wheel or possible flat spot on the tyre. As you have replaced the front control arms by the specialist you will need a 4wa alignment as it will be out of spec. The issue you have which specialist has mentioned is adjusting the tie rod to set the right values. If they are siezed, they ideally need replacing as you cant carry out an alignment. Although your car is low mileage, parts on the car can also degrade through age.
  14. DJ Syxx

    Front windscreen seal advice

    That is an interesting read with the car that had the aftermarket screen fitted, had the accident and then got a genuine one fitted. Of course it's all about costs.
  15. DJ Syxx

    Front windscreen seal advice

    As been mentioned depends on the insurer. I did make a windscreen claim on my M3 about 3 years ago. Was with Sky Insurance at the time and I insisted on an OEM screen. It took about a week of back and forth with them till they approved it and I continually confirmed with them it was indeed a genuine screen they were supplying. I did hear from other people that the aftermarket ones don't fit as well and forum members had issues with them. My old screen was a pilkington one with the BMW stamp but apparently with the pilkington without the BMW stamp arent good. But only go by what I read. Good angle is what Depthhoar mentioned about replacing like for like panels with OEM and same should be said for the screen. Thankfully dont need to replace the screen on mine hopefully stays that way.