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  1. Carlosos

    Smart e39

    My brothers e39 on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-E39-528i-Spares-Or-Repair/333293159694?hash=item4d99d2050e:g:w4gAAOSwudFdTqrx
  2. Carlosos

    Black door cards

  3. Carlosos

    Quarry Motors

    Sounds decent if it's as it reads. Forced induction on a 528 530 would cost more less power and probably less reliable.
  4. Carlosos

    Is this worth it?

    This unless she's feeling lucky.
  5. Carlosos

    Black door cards

    Sorry my bad e39.
  6. Carlosos

    Black door cards

    Front and rear door cards. Only want the speaker covers and the door handles/arm rests so as long as they are in good condition that's fine. Cheers
  7. Carlosos

    Just bought an e39 M5

  8. Carlosos

    BMW E39 Sach SE Front Shocks Pair - SOLD

    I'll talk to the boss
  9. Carlosos

    Oil change.

    I didn't think it was quite that long maybe 24 months at a push. Was aiming to do it yearly but put it off and off until I had the family motorhome oil to do. Lesson learned keep on top of it!
  10. Carlosos

    Oil change.

    30 months and only 7k miles decided to change the oil again and it's made a mahoosive difference. Smoother and better throttle. The old oil was still very clean looking too. Loving the 528i.
  11. Carlosos

    Yellow (from factory) E39 M5

    Stunning colour. Advert is a bit lax. Nice.
  12. Carlosos

    Ideas for e39 520i

    Don't carbon fibre wrap it always looks garbage. Loads of nice trims to choose from so you don't need to. Smoke rear lights are chav. Do the windows but some eibach springs in aswell and it be a subtle cool cruiser. Loads of nice complete interiors about if yours isn't "special". Pics?
  13. Great deal for someone. Bargain even at the old price.
  14. Lovely motor. Really really like the interior.