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  1. You should give the place a visit. They generally have some supercars lying about after repair. The place is huge but still make you feel like you’re being looked after. I sent a clio 172 cup there once and the guy was really interested in the car even though there was a Mclaren sat about 10 feet away lol. If you want an even better place I’d recommend protek in Bathgate. I know one of the guys there too. I would say they’re even better than Mitchell Inglis
  2. I can speak from personal experience that they are spot on. theyre approved Bodyshop for lamborghini and Ferrari in the uk if that makes you feel any better
  3. Cribert

    SuperDave RIP

    So sorry to hear this. I’m sure something will be arranged. rest in peace
  4. Cribert

    E34 b10

    How can a ‘patchy’ history be genuine?! the whole thing looks a bit fishy to me.
  5. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201903155939853?lat-long=55.87425227282184%2C-4.137225765738764&advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=12000&postcode=g335jl&model=5 SERIES&sort=price-desc&page=1&price-from=3500&make=BMW&fuel-type=Petrol&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used that interior or gorgeous. Don’t know much about the engine though and miles are above what I’m after. Any thoughts?
  6. Cribert

    Rare beast E34 540/6 Touring

    Absolutely pathetic photos. Honestly drives me crazy. It’s so easy to point a smart phone at something, take the photo and upload it. It’s so simple yet it seems impossible for folk to do
  7. Cribert

    Looking for a 530 sport. What to look for?

    The n52 is the better engine, probably the best from all the available engines. From my research it’s a nice middle ground engine
  8. Cribert

    BEST alloys to suit the E60/61 Model

    Sorry for the thread revival! looking at probably buying an e61. Do the e60m5 wheels fit? Can’t find much info and there are no photos out there which leads to me thinking they don’t
  9. Cribert

    Which e60/e61

    I understand. i know my way about a petrol. I just worry about diesels too much
  10. Cribert

    Which e60/e61

    Not easy to find, correct. its not madly priced. I’ve emailed him but no response. There is some damage on the rear bumper too
  11. Cribert

    Which e60/e61

    Yeah after finding that one I looked at more and there are deals to be had. Quite tricky finding one I’m after it seems. May get an e91 instead tbh. Will see what comes up
  12. Cribert

    Which e60/e61

    Oops. Must’ve picked up wrong. Cheers for clearing up
  13. Cribert

    Which e60/e61

    https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e60-5-series-03-10/bmw-5-series-e60-e61-530i-m-sport---------------2006/9289396 this looks perfect however 255bhp wouldn’t tie in with it being the n52. I’m bloody confused now!
  14. Cribert

    Which e60/e61

    More great info since I last checked, thanks guys. How would I identify the n52? The manual/auto is a toss of a coin. I wouldn’t mind either. N52 only produced in 2006?
  15. Cribert

    Which e60/e61

    So sounds like I should be looking for a manual e61 530i 2006? what engine would be in that? Theres a nice 525i on eBay at the moment although it’s 2004