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  1. Bigbird76

    535d Torque converter Wales

    Cheers John, you mind me asking how much it was for the job?
  2. Bigbird76

    535d Torque converter Wales

    Hi guys My torque converter needs doing. Is there anywhere in South Wales or anyone recomend a place that has had it done? Dont mind a bit of a travel. I know sussex autos is best place to get a converter refurbished but have not found a garage yet etc. Leigh
  3. Bigbird76

    parts price please

    Hello Im looking for a water pump for 1988 E30 M3 and gasket Think the part numbers Are 11 51 1 315 211 pump 11 51 1 309 692 Gasket Delivered to Wales UK Bought loads from you in the past, You should have my details on file. Cheers Leigh Davenport
  4. Lol i thought it was a minty engine bay also, But nice to see a clean bay and easier to work on. leigh
  5. Bigbird76

    535d intercooler photo

    from my 535d m sport Is this what you need?
  6. Bigbird76

    Auto gearbox service..

    Winter is on its way Danny just book it in for the £350 its money well spent. Leigh
  7. Bigbird76

    Which swirl flap blanking kit?

    The orange seal kits are available from ebay, might as well change them whilst your at it.
  8. Bigbird76

    Intercooler pipe change

    ok cheers mate.
  9. Bigbird76

    Intercooler pipe change

    Any pictures Howie? Leigh
  10. Bigbird76

    Show us your E60 with Wind Deflectors

    BMW535dlad Thankyou for posting the picture up of the wind defectors, Not sure why people would post up comments on how the rest of the car looks or where it is parked when you are clearly helping another member out
  11. Bigbird76

    Headlight Restoration 3m kit

    Hey thats a really good job. What a transformation
  12. Bigbird76

    Headlight Restoration 3m kit

    would love to see results when your done using the autoglym or 3m kit guys, Keep us posted please
  13. Bigbird76

    What MP3 player for AUX

    Well I just tried poweramp before you posted up Knuckle and its not good for the car through the Aux cable the sound is very low even though i turned the settings up in phone Sony M4 Aqua and settings in poweramp. Not sure what to do now as i already have a supertooth buddy for my telephone calls. Not sure if Kinovo would clash or not with supertooth?
  14. Bigbird76

    What MP3 player for AUX

    cheers I will give that a go forgot about my phone, I think i got a 8gb sd card in it.
  15. Bigbird76

    Front brake / suspension clunk - Video

    Brake pads moving top to bottom in holder, Other than that Sounds like a guilbo rubber as others have suggested. Leigh