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  1. greenelekta

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

  2. greenelekta

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    I'm shure it will, lucky car!
  3. greenelekta

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    Looks very nice Dan, good find!
  4. greenelekta

    Low mileage B10 V8S.

    Sold for £20,140 with the 6% fees!
  5. greenelekta

    Low mileage E39 M5.

    Sold for £40,810 including the 6% fees!
  6. greenelekta


    SFK are a known make, I've used their wheel bearings in the past.
  7. greenelekta


    I think all the pulleys are on this page https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=HJ52-EUR-06-1994-E34-BMW-525i&mg=11
  8. greenelekta

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    I forgot I also own this one. Its stored at my Dads, out of sight out of mind! Pippa Middleton's old car. Probably the most photographed, clamped and ticketed Z4 in the world.
  9. greenelekta

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    That trumps everything, I'll get me coat!
  10. All the Pre Facelift B10 6 cylinder cars were only available as a 5 speed manual. (Auto became an option on the later Facelift)
  11. Unbelievable! Sorry to see this. Not worth getting the insurance involved as your premium will go up. Good thing you can repair it yourself and make it even better!
  12. greenelekta

    E39 M5 on eBay

    I wasn't expecting that!
  13. Could be a cheap way into an e39 V8 Alpina https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202107235352956
  14. greenelekta

    Low mileage B10 V8S.

    £18,815 with auction fees
  15. greenelekta

    Low mileage B10 V8S.

    Advert states it was first registered with the DVLA in May 2021, so any duty/VAT would have been paid then.
  16. Looks a nice one https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/auctions/2000-bmw-alpina-b10-33-W8EWVn
  17. Have you seen the size of Dan, he lifts rocks for fun!
  18. I'm pretty sure all M Parallels are forged. They were on my e34 M5
  19. greenelekta

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted 4 new tyre pressure sensors and 2 new Michelin Pilot sport 4S. Then passed the MOT with NO advisories, again!
  20. greenelekta

    Can power folding mirrors become out of sync?

    I bought the non working folding mirrors off Dan. They both needed new cogs as the plastic teeth had worn. I replaced them with metal cogs. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/142505-fitted-new-folding-mirror-gears/?tab=comments#comment-1526665
  21. greenelekta

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    Yes, I saw that as well after I bought mine. Genuine BMW part so if I was doing it again i would give that a go.
  22. greenelekta

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    They are not advertising any for sale at the moment but would be worth contacting them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/dievanoschmiede
  23. greenelekta

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    I think we overlapped with an answer Ray!