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  1. PedroC

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    That stuff is excellent. You really don't need a lot. Few drops (probably size of 50p coin) on the cotton pad. Use one pad per wheel. You will be surprised as the pad will look like there's no coating left once you've gone round some of the wheel, but it will. I would split the wheel into 3. Front rim, front face and rear dish of the week. Once you've coated each, wipe (not buff) with microfibre cloth. Once finished leave for a few days (I left mine for a week before fitting). Once fitted to the car, the dirt will fall off. All I use is a bucket of car washing detergent and they clean up good as new! Excellent stuff. Nice wheels by the way.
  2. I need one of them in my life!
  3. PedroC

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Excellent work!
  4. PedroC

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    Tyre shop, Chingford.
  5. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    At least you didn't fit set of ditch finders. Enjoy your F10. I miss mine.
  6. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    This sounds like a plan. Out of interest what tyres did you fit?
  7. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    Interesting. Did they double check the balancing after you noticed the vibration? On my F10 after replacing the run flats with new Uni Royals, I ended up with a ton of wheel weights. The hunter balancing dramatically reduced the amount of wheel weights. The wheels also balanced up significantly better, but there was a very small vibration remaining which seemed to disappear after a while. Not sure why. Larger alloys are prone to buckles more especially with run flats fitted. Your residual vibration could well be a buckled wheel or I guess it could be bushes. Another guess is that old tyres could very well be 'worn' in to the car (bushes, drivetrain, wheels etc), and it might be that after a bit of wear, the vibration might settle down.
  8. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    I find after hunter balancing you end up with less weights so you not having many is a good thing. How bad is the vibration and compared to what is was before Hunter?
  9. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    Rob do you have a lot of wheel weights on your wheels? What size wheels do you have?
  10. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    Sounds like you've found a needle in a haystack. Congrats!
  11. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    To be fair I didn't know it was possible to balance wheels whilst still on the car! I've only ever had wheels balanced off the car, including the force variation type balancing.
  12. PedroC

    Wheel Balancing

    I'm on my 6th BMW. Apart from one occasion when I replaced a set of tyres on some 18" wheels, every other attempt at balancing by a normal wheel balancing machine as resulted in the wheels not balanced correctly. I'm now resigned to the fact that when I need my wheels balanced, it needs to be done on a Hunter Force Variation balancer (Google them). This results in perfect wheel balancing every time. Expect to pay £20 - £25 per wheel for this. I'm no expert on force variation, but when the wheels are balanced, the wheel and tyre is measured for roundness. The tyre is then removed and replaced on the wheel for optimum 'roundness'. The wheel is then balanced, and weights then added. The nearest tyre shop that does this to me, is the Tyre Shop in Chinford which is a 2-3 hour round trip for me. You can do a search to find your nearest tyre shop with one of the force variation machines: http://www.balancemycar.co.uk/location-2/?postal_code=southampton&ml___postal_code=southampton&ml___bbox=-11.403809,49.169734,1.735840,59.435766&radius=50&x=0&y=0
  13. PedroC

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Those BBS rims look the biz. The only thing that would put me off is they must be a real ache to clean! Cant beat the M-Para’s!!!
  14. PedroC

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Whats the condition like pal?
  15. My problem wouldn't be anything to do with the drive in the DVD unit would it? I see they're replaceable.