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    E39 530i SE Touring

    Hi guys, I thought it was about time I got some pictures and details up about my E39 that I’ve owned since September 2018. I purchased the car from a little village in Northumberland with less than 98k miles on the clock and service history up to around 80k iirc. But it was in a bit of a sorry state wit oil leaks, battered and bruised bodywork and a very dirty interior and only one months MOT left but I only paid £890 for it so a pretty good deal I’d say. After getting it home and cleaning the oil from around the engine I came to the conclusion that it was the sump that was leaking so I set about changing the gasket, it’s quite a job. Turns out most of the oil was leaking from the filter housing but there was a slight leak from the sump gasket so not a total waste of time lol. So that was also changed along with new engine mounts. A good clean inside and out was next on the list after the essential mechanical work. Here’s what else I’ve done so far Full service Sump gasket Oil filter housing gasket Engine mounts Rear handbrake shoes New radiator Twenty20 LED headlight bulbs LED interior and number plate bulbs Xtrons head unit Pioneer rear speakers JBL components in the front Adapters to house larger front speakers AP coilover kit with rear spring conversion (considering going back to SLS on the rear) New top mounts all round 19” Style 218 with new tyres 15mm spacers with longer bolts Just done the rear subframe bushes (thanks to jimmy on here for lending me the tool) Shadowline fitted to one side 2 stage machine polish Still to do Gearbox oil and filter change (oil is here just waiting in the filter coming) Finish fitting shadowline once I’ve got all pieces Sport front bumper to be painted and fitted along with other small bits to be painted. Change interior trim to gloss grey Backbox delete Try and find knock from the rear suspension and knock from front brakes which I suspect is the O/S caliper. Here’s some pictures in various states
  2. Mcdubber

    E39 530i SE Touring

    These are the bits I’m having painted along with the new front bumper. I’m dropping them off this Saturday.
  3. Mcdubber

    E39 530i SE Touring

    Thanks mate, getting there.
  4. Mcdubber

    Bangers and Cash TV Prog

    I watched the first three episodes, I’d love to go visit the auction sometime but it’s a fair old trek.
  5. Mcdubber

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    I’m only on my second both being E39’s This was my first
  6. Mcdubber

    New but old

    Hi everyone I’m Simon from East Lothian. I’ve been registered on here for quite a few years now but recently came back to 5 ownership in the form of an 02 530i Touring. I previously had a 99 523i. The 530i is an ongoing project that I’ve had since September last year and only has 100k on it so low mileage for the age of the car. I’ve already done quite a bit on it with plenty still to do to keep me busy. Cheers
  7. Mcdubber

    New but old

    Yeah I plan to get a projects thread on the go when I get a chance, I know how people love a photo or two
  8. Mcdubber

    New but old

    Thanks guys Dan, I was the guy who bought your spacers. It’s far better kept now in my ownership but it was in a bit of a sorry state when I got it. Wheels are style 218 from a 6 series and suspension is AP coilovers front and rear. I came across a new kit on eBay with the unusual rear springs so went for them. I converted the rear to springs as my bags were leaking but I plan to get a couple of new bags and convert back as it’s stiffer on the springs and the practicality of the SLS is plus factor too.
  9. Mcdubber

    E39 530i intake boot

    Hi guys, I’m after a replacemt intake boot for my 530i part no 7 505 838 Thanks
  10. Mcdubber

    E39 530i intake boot

    I done just that about an hour after posting and bought a febi one.
  11. Mcdubber

    Tyre manufacturer

    I personally out the above choices would avoid the Bridgestones, their current line up of tyres are a fair bit off the market leaders at the moment and I've heard from people that have had them fitted to their performance car from factory and are less than impressed. At the top of their game at the moment are Dunlop who seem to be very strong at the moment and coming out above the rest in tests. One brand I would look at which I've used in the past and currently use a set of winter tyres and am very impressed with and are quite a bit cheaper than other premium tyres is Hankook, very good tyres for the money. The Uniroyal RS3's I've had on a car in the past and although very good in the wet and acceptable in the dry they don't last long if pushed hard, they seem to be quite a soft compound.
  12. Mcdubber

    Sold Please Delete Thanks

    Second dibs please
  13. Mcdubber

    Breaking: e39 530D.

    Hi, do you still have the drivers side window/mirror control panel? If so price posted and condition please. Thanks
  14. Mcdubber

    E39 radiator for 523i

    Cool, let me know the condition once you've checked it and how much you're after posted. cheers
  15. Mcdubber

    E39 radiator for 523i

    I'm after a radiator for my manual 523i as mine is misshaped at the bottom as a lot of them seem to be. I'd like a genuine item or a very good branded item obviously in good useable condition. I'll most likely require it posted unless you're close to Edinburgh. Cheers Simon 07827916016
  16. Mcdubber

    E39 radiator for 523i

    Ok thanks but I believe the manual and auto rads are different?
  17. Mcdubber

    Poss new alloys; what do you reckon?

    I prefer the Zito's and I think they'd work well in either silver or gunmetal
  18. Mcdubber

    Scottish Newbie

    Hi Folks, I'm Si from a small town in East Lothian just outside Edinburgh. I don't currently own a BMW and never have but I'm on the lookout for a nice E34 525 sport. I've looked at 530's, 535's and also 540's but I reckon the 525 with the M50 engine would be the best all rounder? If in wrong then please do say so as I'm no expert on these cars, I'm a VW enthusiast. Ideally I'd like an M5 but after investigating them a little I found out that they are very costly to run lol. Before I can purchase any other car then Id need to ideally sell my current car which is a Mk2 Golf Gti 2.0 16v. It's going in for MOT tomorrow so once its passed it will be going up for sale. So if anyone has or knows of a nice E34 then let me know. I'll put up an ad in the wanted section aswell. Cheers
  19. Mcdubber

    Scottish Newbie

    Thanks. Yes they are but mine has the block from a 2.0 16v Audi, makes a huge difference to low down torque.