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  1. karlos28

    Odd issues post turbo replacement..

    Not sure, I'm going to plug it in myself hopefully Monday or Tuesday night. Will report further
  2. karlos28

    Odd issues post turbo replacement..

    Well clavurion, you were right, lasted a few weeks and it's gone sour again. Plugged in and it's flagging a fuel pressure fault. He's thinking high pressure pump.. I'm not so sure as it's intermittent...?
  3. karlos28

    Odd issues post turbo replacement..

    Didn't check that actually, but he has replaced the electrical fuel pump already in an attempt to fix.. will check next time we get to plug in.
  4. karlos28

    Odd issues post turbo replacement..

    Really?? How odd... I wondered if the vnt actuator arm was set to the correct length... If not, it won't make enough boost pressure
  5. karlos28

    Odd issues post turbo replacement..

    Well he sorted the rough running and miss fires with a cam angle sensor. Still down on power, but I suggested the cat and I have a spare for him to try.
  6. karlos28

    Odd issues post turbo replacement..

    Hmmm, not sure.. he would have had it off to replace the turbo I guess.. il ask him and see. Guess all the oil being burned in the turbo death could cause some bad bad soot..
  7. Hi all, Back here on behalf of a friend, who is having some issues. Inhave exhausted my knowledge of the engine and now require some experts! Basically, his turbo went. So he pulled it all apart, cleaned everything and fitted a reconditioned turbo. All works fine but very noticeably down on power. Worked like that for a few weeks, now it runs like that, and intermittently has massive misfires so it seems. Real chuggy and almost cuts out. Often it does cut out and won't start again for ages. It also totally refuses to start some times. He tells me he has checked all boost pipes and vac pipes and they were all good. I have plugged DIS57 in and absolutely nothing comes up, all good. Anyone got any clues about anything we may have missed? Taaaa!
  8. karlos28

    Mg Midget brakes

    Shame you can't get it sorted. Mine is similar, I'm 3rd owner, just ticked over 48k miles. Ditched the rubber bumpers and it looks great and drives well. I'd imagine a new clutch is peanuts on these things too.
  9. karlos28

    Mg Midget brakes

    Sounds very possible, or its a fecked flexible line that is steming the flow. I'm in a similar project. Quite enjoyable actually, just changed the rear spring pads for poly, my god what a difference! Just the front end bushes to replace now!
  10. Intravee and wheels sold. Just the stereo and MID left!
  11. karlos28

    Set of 5 style 37 parallels for sale

    Sold to the man! Hope you will be as happy as I was with them!
  12. karlos28

    Set of 5 style 37 parallels for sale

    I haven't, I shall have a look! Cheers
  13. karlos28

    Set of 5 style 37 parallels for sale

    Final bump before eBay tomorrow!
  14. Didn't manage to get photos as something else came up . Open to pre eBay offers.. all will be going on next week.