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  1. Paggers

    New E61 owner

    A good few years ago I put my car (a Ford in those days) into a dealer for an MoT. They called me to say there was a problem with the brakes and I told them to fix it. That evening I picked the car up and drove it home and the following morning I took my wife to the train station. As I sat stationary I could feel the brake pedal slowly sinking to the floor - something was definitely wrong. So I drove back to the dealer and because I was travelling for work that day I had to hire a car from them (no courtesy car available at such short notice apparently). That evening I returned to the dealer. "All fixed, sir", they say. I ask what the problem was. "Oh, one of your brake pipes was disconnected at the caliper." I threw my toys out of the pram - pointing out that they had worked on the brakes the previous day. No, definitely not their fault, they assured me. And anyway the mechanic who had worked on the car had gone home so nothing they could do. It got escalated to the head of the service department who just stood there with his arms folded refusing all responsibility, refusing to refund the cost of the hire car, just making pointed comments about how they needed to close up as it was finishing time. I did consider writing to Ford but it would have been their word against mine, and given their behaviour I had little doubt their 'word' would be whatever they needed it to be in order to shift the blame elsewhere. Needless to say I never darkened their doors again.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions folks. The Preston lot were already on my radar so with a recommendation I'll most likely go there. Will want to check that they can do any software updates as well but I would be surprised if they can't if they specialist in this sort of thing.
  3. Paggers

    New E61 owner

    Unfortunately it's completely believable.
  4. That's a good point. There are a few of those up here in the North-West, I'll need to see if I can get the car booked in with one of them. If anyone has a recommendation for one within striking distance of Warrington that would be great.
  5. As a sidebar question - is the job of changing the gearbox oil & filter something that really needs to be done by a BMW specialist or would it be within the capabilities of a decent local garage?
  6. Paggers

    bmw e60 lci

    I use WiseBuyer to check prices. I don't know the exact spec of the car you are looking at but based on what I plugged in (I selected the top of the range model) the asking price on the one you are looking at seems a little high. http://www.wisebuyers.co.uk/index.jsp?guide=prices&page=used_cars&no=3&make=BMW&model=5+Series+(2007-10)&vip=40364&yearplate=2010%2F59&mileage=115&x=59&y=7
  7. Paggers


    Glad to see you are making progress! You just know it is going to feel great when you have finally got all these challenges overcome and you are driving your new car!
  8. Paggers

    Its been fun - exit stage left...

    Good luck with the new car.
  9. Paggers


    Pretty sure you can't just disable to airbags, the car is going to want to see them connected up and working.
  10. Paggers

    2008 520d

    Well credit where credit is due. You also provided a lot of support while I got the software working.
  11. Paggers

    back in a E39 seat

    Looks like a good catch. I often wonder if I missed out, going straight from an e34 Touring to the e61. Must get myself an e39 one day and scratch that itch.
  12. Paggers


    It's interesting that it says "ignition circuit, safety system (airbag)" in the test plan. By no means definitive but I might read that as the car saying that the ignition circuit is being disabled because of a safety system fault. I haven't played with my e61 to the same degree but I know you have to be really careful on the e46 with the airbag system. If you power the car up with an airbag disconnected it logs a fault in the system which can only be cleared by an airbag programming unit. It might also be the case that a couple of connectors have been left out of place - have you checked that the front seats are properly 'plugged in'?
  13. Paggers


    Thinking about it, I may have been overly simplistic. I can't check right this minute (the missus is out in the e61) but now I think about it when you insert the key you get 'stage 1' ignition - which seems to be what is appearing in the video. If you press the start button without the brake pedal depressed you get 'stage 2' - lots more stuff turns on. If you press the start button a second time - still without depressing the brake pedal - the ignition turns off. I think it is entirely possible that the car is failing a self-test based on one of more of the faults and refusing to move into 'stage 2' ignition. I would suggest you focus on resolving the known faults and see if, through eliminating those, you bring the car to a state where it is willing to start. Another random thought - how confident are you that the key you had made up has the correct transponder chip? I have no idea what the behaviour is for an e6x when it can't validate the key but might it be something like this?
  14. Paggers


    I just watched the video (sorry, should have watched it earlier). This is going to sound stupidly simple, and probably you have already tried this. My e61 is coded so that it will only start if you have your foot on the brake pedal (I think that's the default for cars with an auto box). If I push the start button without my foot on the brake pedal then it turns the ignition off. In other words it does exactly what yours does in the video. Have you tried starting the car with your foot on the brake pedal?
  15. I get the 'bouncing needle' problem, although at higher revs. I haven't solved it yet but people have been pointing me to the EGR so that may be another indication that yours may be the source of your problem.