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  1. Saul McDonald


    Afternoon chaps afraid im Still looking for some help with this wiring problem?
  2. Saul McDonald


    Thankyou for the help have messaged him, fingers crossed...
  3. Good afternoon all, so i have a set of DEPO ANGEL EYE headlights that i have managed to fit onto the car but i am having a hell of a time trying to wire them up? At the minute i have full beam and only one (passenger side) dipped light... i have changed the bulb twice in the oother side but its not coming on... So the big problem is the angel eye connections, they do not fit the exisiting fittings. There is a wiring loom they sent with the lights but I have read that you can just run them from the existing wiring by splicing the wires. I have now read so much on the net about wiring these in I am totally confused. Ive got to take my son home on sunday night and desperately need working lights... Can anybody help me please>>>
  4. Saul McDonald

    525 TD WON'T START

    Thanks welshpug, It was the starter motor, solenoid is getting power but motor not turning so quick hefty whack of the hammer and back in buisness for time being... new starter motor it is then.... thanks again for your help i really appreciate the help
  5. Saul McDonald

    525 TD WON'T START

    Mines a 1996 so the immobiliser could be the problem, where and how do I find and fix it? Could fitting aftermarket headlight units have caused some problem to set off the immobiliser?
  6. Saul McDonald

    525 TD WON'T START

    Been driving around today and went to pick up my son from school, parked turned engine off and when we returned to the car i went through the usual ignition routine wait for glow plug light to go out and then turn key but no power or even a sound? Anybody help please?
  7. Saul McDonald

    manual passenger seat stuck?

    Passenger seat stuck, all I can see underneath is a shaped wire that runs across has popped out one side and there is a cable on the door side that seems loose... I have popped the wire back into the hole I presume it came from but still nothing... I have tried hooking the cable over the wire but there is to much resistance to fix the wire back in? Can anyone help I have looked through my manuals and YouTube but all fixes are for electric seats... The seat is stuck as far forward as it can go, so I can't even get a spanner in to undo the front bolts... Heellp. thanks
  8. Saul McDonald

    TRIM help needed...

    Hi Carl, here are a few pics to show the offending door and the strip that is on the passenger door.
  9. Saul McDonald

    TRIM help needed...

    At the weekend I was washing and polishing the car and noticed that on the drivers door at the bottom there is a piece of trim missing at the bottom of the door and now as a result the dreaded rust is beginning to start, all the other doors have one on so im guessing it must have been missing when I bought it. I have tried searching for it online but I keep getting the trim for the outside of the door I have no idea what the correct name for this part is, can anyone help please?
  10. The n/s wheels feels loose and there is a knocking sound when driving over bumpy roads, this has been going on for a few months but has now got a lot worse over the last few days and is starting to make the car pull to the left... Any advice very welcome... thankyou...
  11. Saul McDonald

    Door locks difficult to turn and fob not working

    hi there I had exactly the same problem on the drivers door lock, the solution is to get a lock repair kit, I got mine via Cotswold bmw on here at a cost of £30... You will have to take all the door trim off and remove the door lock with the key in so all the little parts don't fall out. You will have to reassemble the lock using the repair kit and putting the parts together in the same order as the old lock... A real pain in the ass of a job, I did post a topic about it on here if you can find it, it has a link to a page where there are step by step pictures and instructions... hope this helps... good luck...
  12. Good evening... I would like to join this meet if possible, I have a bmw 525td so nothing spectacular but I love it. I used to work at the farmers arms in the late 90's I was the 2nd chef so maybe able to swing a little discount if Mr.Rix is still the manager...
  13. Saul McDonald

    rear shock absorber 525 td e34

    Hello there I am in desperate need of a rear shock absorber and bushes can you give me a price and estimated delivery time please... thanks in advance...
  14. Saul McDonald

    e34 Drivers door lock cylinder removal! HELP NEEDED!

    Yup no worries I will keep you updated when I get to it, had a search through the net last night and found a bmw repair manual which shows the identical way as the guy in the thread does... The pictures in it weren't a lot of cop but I will post a link to it later when I get home... Cheers for now...
  15. Saul McDonald

    e34 Drivers door lock cylinder removal! HELP NEEDED!

    Cheers Boiliebasher, looks like there is no quick way to do this, great how to thread though, really appreciate the reply... Just got to figure out how to perform the "Rain Man" part as I have to assemble the new cylinder and fit all the lock tumblers and springs exactly the same as the old one...